BEST BUDGET RGB MECHANICAL KEYBOARD? Motospeed CK62 Review and Soundtest

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Today, I had the opportunity to take a look at the Motospeed CK62, a 60% RGB, wired/wireless keyboard with either red or blue Mechanical switches. Let’s see what this $30 keyboard can deliver…


Music by drip-133 and hnrk
Watch in 4K

My equipment:
Camera: Sony A6500 (Used Panasonic G7 on videos up to Sept. 12th 2018 )
Lenses: Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Microphone: Samson C01U
Computer: 2017 27 – inch 5K iMac
Editing software: Final Cut Pro X/Premiere Pro CC
Music software: Logic Pro X with Omnisphere
Most grading is done with FilmConvert Pro 2 and ColorFinale

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Aowa Deviantart says:

What about battery like on one charge?

Matthijs Mol says:

Why the fuck did you buy a Mac u stupid??

xJuanPa says:

Skrillex ? xD

f lips says:

Is it good for gaming

jackson coles says:

I have this keyboard and oh god the manual is a nightmare, could you instruct me to how to connect to bluetooth

Joao Victor Peixoto says:

Is the black version the same? Also how is the wireless connection for gaming? You’re the only person to review this keyboard in all of YouTube.

Devronひ says:

Why’s caps lock not changing color

myro says:

Is the Caps always green?

Jokūbas Ruseckas says:

Should i buy it from GearBest ?

M7 Media says:

if only hot swappable

Rhys lewis says:

Do you think I would be able to put a set of cherry mx key caps on this? Thanks great video

The Snowy Guy says:

Skrillex ????

lee zheng han says:

Could you compare it with a cheaper option like the MOTOSPEED CK61 please? 🙂
I wanna get a 60% keyboard but kinda on a tight budget

drazen miskovic says:

At 4:39 I literally DIED!!!!!!!!! Who the fing f in the fcuked mind enjoys that sound!!!!!!!! I’d kill someone wacking that crap next to me, it’s so irritating and distracting. Like when you’re watching a classic show and you hear some granny secretary typing a report… Awful, just awful! Wtf how can someone play a game and hear anything at all with that terrible sound, or even play an online game, talk to the other side, watch a video.

ethan 33 says:

This guy looks freakin gross

Scorpionkiller130 says:

Does it work with ps4??

daNy GAmER says:

I disn’t understood your pronunciation is bad

Spunky Warrior69 says:

What is the latency on this keyboard?????

v0id Riptide says:

I have got the motospeed k87s which is a bit like this. Thanks for the review skrillex

coltan says:

Hi! Just got this keyboard but when I connect it, it won’t work, it just lights up but I can’t type or anything with it. Does someone know what the problem is and how to fix it?

Siddhant Mishra says:

Still holding good.?…btw which looks better? On the photos white sucks and here white looks good…..nice video

NOSHI says:

Music? I really wanna know the songs

Dancing Capsicum says:

He said it’s on a budget but he didn’t say once how much it was

Voo Doo says:

Don’t buy this keyboard. It’s totally useless. To access other layers you have to hold a combination for 5 secs. Let say if you want to use F1-F12 keys, hold Fn+1 for 5 secs then 1-10 keys will turn to F1-F10 keys. Hold Fn+1 for 5 secs to go back to 1-10 keys.

KulKid13 says:

would you recommend switching my blackwidow chroma v1 for this?

Bill Bobert says:

That hair tho

bkids says:

I use a white Redragon K552 with rainbow backlighting.

Flamixng x says:

That outro music though, chill music. Kinda stuff I needa listen to more often. Also thanks for the review. Opens my eyes to a whole ‘nother side of the keyboard realm other than just Ducky. Although I still am feeling like Ducky One 2 Mini is what I want the most. BTW, I didn’t even know Tfue used it until like yesterday so don’t call me a fan boy lol. Great vid! Subbed <3

Keelan phillips says:

What’s the delivery like?

Jokūbas Ruseckas says:

What type of keycaps does this keyboard have?

chainz says:

Does this keyboard respond fast?

biel games says:

Esse cara é viado?

appleone says:

Is this guy gay?

Lyx le says:

So…. Is it worth it?? Should i buy it for gaming??

jackson coles says:

any software found yet boss?

jovet tan says:

my backlight turn off within 10 second how can i prolong the acitve of light

Eirik Gleditsch says:

Doas IT work on a gaming pc

Cream Team says:

is it possible to change the switches after purchase?


Can i use it with wire?

Frost_Six_YT Clan Frost says:

Does this work on PS4?

Bill Bobert says:

Good review tho thx

RYAN [BS] says:

Great review, brother, I’m from Brazil.

David Martínez López says:

Hello skrillex 2.0

DžeikasPolas says:

Hello, does it works with Xbox One S

Panagiotis Tsembekis says:

can you use custom keycaps that are listed for cheery mx switches?

Hiwahiwakeiki says:

very professional video:)

Warren Gontani says:

What do you mean 5k subs?? This channel deserves at least 5 mil subs if you ask me.

Георги Бойчев says:

Didn’t know skrillex does reviews

Bo Riginals says:

Some of the most insane video quality i have ever seen from such a chill video, love your style. Keep. It. Up.

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