BenQ Zowie Celeritas II Optical Switch Keyboard Review (with sound test)

This keyboard uses an extremely smooth and quiet switch and goes well with the BenQ Zowie line up (mice, pads, bungee, monitors), but while it’s great in some ways, it seems to fall a bit in others.

Apparently the price isn’t going to be too high so we’ll have to wait to see that, but that would explain the quality on some things. Not yet available so no links just yet, will have to get back to this one.


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Rocket Jump Ninja 1070:

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DoNn Meechooarth says:

could u please tell me which one is more quiet between silent switch and this zowie switch? or is it the same level as romer g switch ? thank for the info

Bob johnson says:

I was thinking about buying a cheap keyboard with modular switches. It comes with replacement switches, but they are Kailh switches and I want to use Cherry MX and Gateron switches. My question is should I buy plate mounted or PCB mounted switches?

dMn 420 says:

Can you make video about TOP ,CHEAP mechanical keyboards

Thiendao97 says:

Great video Zy, Keep up the good content!

Joshbert & Friends says:

That Rocket Jumps at the end xD!!!!!

JustSnowglow says:

You want smooth simple high quality TKL? REEEEEALFORCE

joris yauw says:

Sounds like mexican food

Armand Morvai says:

Wow the sound is so quiet, I have cherry MX blues and the keyboard sounds like a typewriter.

Deksas says:

Hard to pick both HyperX and Zowie products are black&Red ;/

Kyle Mellick says:

love your videos.. check out the g pro keyboard. I have mixed feelings about it. it makes a weird spring noise when typing that reverberating through the whole board. I don’t know how to fix.

Sebastian Thomasson says:

Just wish they made one TKL-version, was happy when logitech announced G pro TKL keyboard, to bad it was only US layout, not nordic :/

Austin Robinson says:


StylerGamingHD4KI5GTX9708GBDDR3550W1TBHDD120GBSSD says:

4:25 lol, he was like, wtf

Al Capown says:

If it had media keys to fill out the void in the upper right-hand side I’d buy it instantly. I’d love the smooth switches if they really are better than cherry reds.

t1m3gl1tch says:

m8, i dont think theres a lack of TKL keyboards in the market. like, a whole lot. even really expensive? or cheap ones. maybe try 60%, or shi 40%.

Koeras says:

This keyboard would be more interesting if Zowie would sell it for around 70 to 90 bucks.

Tönis Sild says:

Are you going to review new zowie gsr hltv edition?

Marshall Thomas says:

I’d love to see you review something from the guys at WASD keyboards. ( ), Maybe make a custom one and see how the quality of the keycaps are?

Bahadır Narin says:

i think you need to make “mouses for hybrid grips” video. (mouses for palm-claw hybrid, claw-fingertip hybrid etc.)

Chris Benn says:

So is it not more like the MX speed?

krissthebliss says:

Those jumps tho

qwergg says:

The mech keyboard market is so saturated, I can’t imagine companies making much profit.

Lefteris Dragatakis says:

Hey ZY!! do you have any info on when it is going to be avaliable or the pricing?

whomad15 says:

New cherry reds are scratchy. Once they wear in they’re quieter (which does take time).
Gateron reds are smoother than cherry reds.

Sooraj Sharma says:

Can you review the Sennheiser gsp 300’s? Thanks:)

TheWarTube says:

4:25 Zy, the only guy able to kill someone while trying to RocketJump… I guess the RocketJumpNinja name is well earned now.

Game3d says:


Danny Billy says:

Wonder how much they will charge for am rgb one when it’s out.

mosk11tto says:

Why the hell does it have a bigass enter

baazvisuals says:

what is that keyboard at 2:37?

jpagee says:

Companies really need to stop putting all this work into keyboards. I’m pretty sure most of us would have liked to see a Zowie mouse with a 3360 sensor instead of a gimmicky keyboard with switches that make absolutely no difference in gaming.

Evil Crush says:

Lovely setup I should have less trash laying around! By the way please review the new Zowie mousepads : G-SR Mouse Pad BLUE (special edition for HLTV)+ blue !

HustleBerry says:

i want them ti make a shorter keyvoard but at the same time ive been dying for a zowie set up

Evil_Ninja says:

what is the response time on this keyboard Zowie claim its faster than 1 ms

NorwegianKicks says:

What kind of switches did the previous celeritas have?

Dsean Rivers says:

+Rock Jump Ninja What keyboard do you personally use?

thabit Purwanto says:


StreamGaming Alex says:

Need heros fall book 3!

Marek Rokam says:

corsair k70 red is perfect for red zowie set up

기장일 says:

really zowie? your main buyers are fps gamers, but your “first” keyboard is not a tkl? whoever made this happen needs to be fired.

Exinator says:

Not sure about this. I know Zowie wouldn’t do RGB, but if they don’t then they shouldn’t charge as much as a keyboard that does. I’m also not really sure about optical switches. They seem gimmicky. I’m sure there’s innovation left in the traditional keyswitch space without needing to go for this new and unproven stuff.

Gabriel Trane says:

You’re so good at fingering those keys.

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