Asus ROG Claymore Review – The £200 Keyboard!

At £200, this is a mighty expensive RGB keyboard. Can it possibly be worth such large expense? Join PC Centric for the full review…
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Asus Keyboard Feature List:

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TEMPORARY 폭탄 says:

Who else waited for the sound test

FallingTitan says:

TERRIBLE ENTER BUTTON SIZE!!!! i would always miss it cuz its so short.

Alex Squishy says:

loser there is a keyboard with 1000

Bungis Gumbis says:

anyone know where you can find the cherry mx blue version of this board? I would really appreciate it.

Itsyoboi Skinnypenis says:

damn , you have grown abit my dude

LukeRoys says:

Overpriced trash

Fidan Ukaj says:

u are gay

Calvin Dang says:

I LOVE the look. This is one of the few exceptions where the “gamer” look of a peripheral looks pretty slick. I especially like the exposed frame showing off the white switches.

Jay Gaines says:

It only cost $160

OK says:

“Most expensive yet” the Model F adjusted to inflation was like $1000 and even back then it was more than “£200” so that’s just plain false. Topre’s RGB board is also £250. Just bollocks.

Sunshine Starcraft says:

Lol. Asus sounds like anus. Coincidence ? I think not.

SRAVAN S says:


BionicJohn says:

200 bucks for a keyboard without macros or numpads. Seems legit

N i s s a n G t r Lb Walk says:

Legit that is the ugliest looking piece of shit dude legit my Razer Ultimate is better then that shit

hardcoras apotinazaret says:

never seem a keyboard like this. this is masterpoece in terms of appearence…

ThriftyDonut says:

For £200 you don’t even get a numpad…

MaxDiff Gameplays says:

who cares about price, if ya can afford it, then buy it, if ya cant then dont buy it, simple

hhh says:

all these razer and corsair dipshits shitting on this while supporting another terrible brand.

Pio Day says:



whats your monitor?

SRAVAN S says:

Get a k95

Dookmyugen says:

asus always overpriced with their “gaymer” theme that only kids would want.
kids that dont have money to afford it. asus marketing logic.

Eunerxx says:

Razer Deathstalker: ”sweet.”

Mustafa Tosun says:

no numpad, thanks

Wimpy Mike says:

OOoh I like the keyboard, any keyboards out there that look like this??

It'sYaboy_Jack says:

*sees the price
*coughs up blood

Bro Bone says:

mrbeast has 1000$ keyboarf

MPSecare says:

I don’t like that floating key design I have a metal razer like that and I hate it, I use an ornata.

hhh says:

it’s not ” the most expensive keyboard yet” you dipshit. going to guess that you probably know NOTHING about keyboards.

ShortBanana CsGoPro says:

No, just no. FUCK NO.

Creepycactus1 says:

And everyone calls razer overpriced, meanwhile asus mobos, gpus, and peripherals etc are extremely overpriced

Nova Speed says:

Like for razor

Vacious * says:

We got a cool number pad even though it’s a gaming keyboard.You can label it as macro keys.

Deathcode360 says:

a razer blackwidow v2 is better

Hells Wind says:

Sure looks _sturdy._ Nice & compact. _Classy._


zomgl2pnoobffs says:

In Japan I saw a keyboard that was hand-made from cherry tree wood. It was more than 200 pounds 😉

the light is awesome says:

White privilege! #BLM!!!

Ken Chaichana says:

Can this keyboard raise my MMR from 1400 to 9800?

rooneye says:

£200 is way too much for this. Asus/ROG need to get over themselves, they’re not the best gaming brand on the planet yet they seem to think they are…

Jhonnys Shãkur says:

and people say razer’s shit is overpriced…

Jonathan Lee says:


manic .miner says:

You can’t choose what switch you want, I wanted cherry blue but it’s not available in the uk and Asus say they have no plans to release one either so they lost a customer there.

Dimitris Kutridis says:

Strike 7 is more expensive lol

EBear225 says:

or you could save 90£ by not skipping out on the numpad

Soft says:

in my country its cheaper

Mirokism says:

Lol I came here thinking I was gonna see a $1000 keyboard because of the thumbnail, turns out it’s just the same price as my K70…

StickerHappie says:

Waste of money…Logitech G413…you’re welcome.

熊海燕 says:


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