Apple Extended Keyboard (AEK) M0115 review REDUX (Alps SKCM Salmon)

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I’m Thomas and I do keyboard videos and reviews. Today we look at the Apple M0115, also known as the Apple Extended Keyboard or simply AEK. An Alps-made tactile non-clicky keyboard with great build quality and fantastic switches, this is the best keyboard Apple ever made in my opinion.

The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on an Apple Extended Keyboard right now. What a nice keyboard this is, very precise and accurate-feeling. Especially with orange Alps.”


Starfire says:

when you get a new headphones and a person with gods voice uploads a new video.

Toilet Water says:


John Matthias says:

I have a crush on the IIc’s keycaps, but yeah, those salmon Alps sound amazing. How much of that do you think is owed to the thick PBT keycaps?

KiloSierraAlpha says:

I have fond memories of this keyboard.

Architector #4 says:


Flynn banynn says:

Can’t you do a video where you try to gather all your knowledge of keyboards and try to build the perfect one for you? Taking combinations from existing designs, switches etc and maybe something new 🙂

MisterWayne says:


Theo de Raadt says:

man, i would suck your dick for a trip around that scrapyard you visit

Huzaifa Patel says:


Erin Wiebe says:

I’ve been waiting for this one. 🙂

ItsAlt says:


Tyler Younghaus says:

Noice indeed.

Ivan Kolić says:

You could have fooled me those were clicky switches.

Grumskiz says:

What is it with keyboards being called “Model M” ^^

Matthew Palmer says:


Commodorefan64 says:

Nice!! but I would retrobright those boards ASAP to get as much of the yellow out as I could because I noticed of the boards had a chip on the side of the case, and that’s from the yellowing making the plastic brittle sadly.

poq says:

IMO the best keyboard Apple ever made is the M0110, but these are still pretty nice.

Philip Alexander Hassialis says:

Great review as usual. I see that many of the older Alps are quite bassier than later counterparts. In your opinion, which tactile switch is the bassiest and heavier sounding and where one may encounter them?

catawalks says:

Is there anyway to remove the legends from these keycaps without damaging the texture? I really like the feel of the keycaps on the AEKII board but I can’t deal with the home key dots on D and K. I tried switching just the keycaps around to have the dots in the proper location, but too often I had to rethink something when I did need to look down at the board for some reason. If I could just make all the keycaps blank like I have on my other boards then that wouldn’t be an issue as there would be no legends to look at and get confused with.

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