Anne Pro 2 Review! Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?

Anne Pro 2 Review! Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard!

What’s up guys the highly requested review of the Obins Anne Pro 2 has arrived. It’s feature packed with great software and bluetooth capabilities so find out today if it lives up to the hype it’s been getting!

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ErelBlog says:

hi Brandon!
I considering buying Anne pro 2 but the arrow keys are must have in my keyboard
I can use the “arrows keys” without press fn button?
Note: sorry if my grammar suck I’m only 14

Baka says:

How do I buy this thing? Bang good is out of stock and I can’t find it anywhere else online

Lane says:

Loving the vid

Todd Burtis says:

And I subbed

Tachankieツ says:

Check out the Corsair k63 compact mechanical keyboard

Feerfs Dommy says:

vortex pok3r

Bronco - Fortnite says:

Id love to win one of those!

Jay jj games Xxx says:

You are the best you tuber

Todd Burtis says:

I love your chanal

veer patel says:

6:16 $75 ain’t cheap for a keyboard

Frxnkkie says:

where’s the best place to buy this ?

SketchBait says:

pleas can i get one keyboard cuase mine is broken so i have like a 1999 keyboard

Todd Burtis says:

Pleasssssss I realy want those keyboard pleas

Hyper Galican says:

Crispy video man

Jasybae says:

I think the keyboard would look better in white

100 subs with no videos Oh yeah yeah says:

Like for ducky
Reply for anne

Dreamerskatee says:

can anyone tell me what switches he was using in this video

Logan Gaspar says:

does this come with a cable in case you would want to use it as a wired keyboard? Or is the cable in the thumbnail just for charging?

MysticY S says:

Can I join the giveaway I really need a keyboard

Stefanos Nickolaou says:

Ducky one 2 mini or anne pro 2

skrt skrt says:

i hope to win the keyboard becuse my table is so little and half of my keyboard is sticking out the table. so when i press the numpad flips my keyboard 🙁

UnknownAsian says:

when you buy it on amazon does it come with the colorful key caps?

TheLegendary Husky says:

Oh yeah yeah

bobscho3310 says:

I’m new to pc and stuff but how do u quit games with it?

Liam De Mets says:

very good video. keep up the hard work:)

Bryaneey says:

Who won the giveaway.

RaGedFaZe says:

does it ship with a Bluetooth dongle, or would i Need to buy one if i dont own one yet?

Spiral _ Flame says:

it is fucking GA- TA- RON

Toby Cohen says:

I just found u and u are great keep it up

Archie SulavamN says:

I need a new keyboard I broke my

mr_Night says:

Let me Get IT

The Gain Domain says:

does this software to control the lighting work with the ducky miya pro rgb?

TrueCanadianYT says:

Can you use this keyboard wired? And if so what’s the response time?

joseph rosenberg says:

Compare the ducky one 2 mini and the Anne pro 2

martinpi123 says:

Hey Nice vid new sub I hope I win the giveaway

Trey Timmerman says:

I really love your channel bro I really want this keyboard I have old dell keyboard

Jamil Vints says:

Quick Question, When connected to the pc, wired, will it function as wired or wireless?

#fortnite plays says:

what mic do you use love your vids xd

Flashteenz says:

Yo, realised you were using a blue Divina series Zowie mouse in some of your b-roll, are those the S or EC series? Been meaning to cop the S2s but they’re soooo limited territorially as of now, and I have almost no chance of grabbing one without some hood ass third party shipping from US to my country.

Maro Allen Lago says:

I really like to have a 60% keeb coz my desk is so small

Darth Luckie says:

Is this as good as the ducky one 2 mini

MLGwidow says:

Vortex poker?

Preston Reed says:


Uri Ramirez says:

subbed 🙂 great review, man.

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