Amstrad KB7 keyboard review 9 (BTC foam and foil, tactile)

Skip to 7:55 for a typing demonstration.

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I’m Thomas and I do keyboard videos and reviews. Today we look at the Amstrad KB7, which shipped with the Amstrad Mega PC. This thing is surprisingly well-made for an Amstrad product (probably because it wasn’t made by them, but by BTC). Still, it has a surprising amount of virtues, and isn’t all that bad.

The practice sentence was: “Hello my name is Thomas and I’m typing on an Amstrad KB7 right now. This is honestly not that bad a keyboard, although it was rather cheaply made. Hope you enjoyed it!”


Wobbled says:

You can’t use the mx mount ones with cherry mx keycaps, at least not the ones I have. The rubber sleeve prevents them from fitting.

Bryce Snell says:

I think it would be cool if you included the decimals that the keyboard made so that we could compare that volume. I mean a rubber dome could sound louder than a buckling spring if you turn it up more.

Sean M. says:

Amstrad, I remember that name….ugh.

nagasee9 says:

are there any rubber dome keyboards with cherry mx stems and ansi layout?

Dylan Veekmans says:

early XD

Ben M says:

48 minutes late

Right Dude Here says:

Almost at 10k!

Jerry says:

this guy is kinda like the ashens of keyboards

Random user #74652819 says:


Onihikage says:

“I mean look at it, I’ve held it for over 10 seconds and it still hasn’t fallen apart.”

top kek

devjock says:

+1 for the yugioh reference

epposh says:

what microphone are you using when you talk?

Andrea Manna says:

Is it possible to use those rubber sleeves on MX switches?

Lachlant1984 says:

I thought I heard somewhere that there was a 486 model of the Mega PC. Quite a few people were still using 386 based PCs back in 1993 I think.

clèwn says:

This video isnt anywhere near 100 minutes. I need longer videos

y11971alex says:


Toumo says:

Im early

Andrzej Luxanna Roztoczynski says:

Wait… Btc dome with sliders are more popular? I have only found their foam and foil designs :C

Jesse Krämer says:

420th viewer……..

EgeSS says:


MezmerizedCA says:

its a keyboard

tanner fox says:

Where can I find coil springs for keytronic keyboards cause the buckling rubber sleeves on mine are rotten

Atari Guy says:

Wake up to Chryosran22. Its going to be a good day.

Jesse H. says:

If I start a petition and get a bunch of your subscribers to sign it, would you consider learning to use your thumbs to push the space bar?

We’re here for you Thomas, it’s for your own good! 🙂

Christian rpQ2#%pcF says:

Whats that black goop on your right hand?

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