Amazing Yamaha low-cost keyboard review

21stcenturymusician reviews the Yamaha YPT-230 (PSR-E233) low-cost digital keyboard.


Isaiah Furrow says:

I’m looking at the Yamaha PSR-E253. This is for children to play with and learn, and hopefully take to music. I realize that it’s pretty basic but if they show genuine interest I am ok buying a better instrument later, or a MIDI keyboard for something like Ableton or Komplete. … my children are 3,6, and 9 years old. It will likely get used by other kids as well as myself. I am mainly just wanting something that isn’t a toy, to see if I can get them interested in music. In our home we already have percussion instruments as well as a 3/4 size guitar and amplifier. Any input would be most welcomed, and thanks for the videos.

Bloody Crowley・King Of Hell ~Kiriko~ says:

I nearly falled asleep when you played the piano sound! Since i can think, i always listen to classic music like the piano.. it’s the HEAVEN!

purerthangold says:

You are a strange man!!!

rodrigo lazcano says:

johnny rotten look alike

Sophine Nijland says:

Does it havetranspose?

SPAN GUN says:

touch sensitive keys setting?

jane doe says:

Thank you for the information !

BakaYad says:

Bajan , !

Stephen Mendes says:

It depends what you want to play….. pop or classics…… if hoping to be a modern day Chopin or Bach by all means get the 88 keys….. if you just want to sing along with pop songs or have a lot of fun with a portable keyboard 61 keys is plenty… I find the 5 octaves quite adequate to play most anything

Amado Moreno says:

can it be use as a midi?

superspatchcock says:

Thanks for that man! Where is your accent from? It’s all over the place, American, Dutch, northern English. It’s great!

Janice Hutchinson says:

Great keyboard for beginner’s

Kubo Steinhauser says:


Sid Nathan Fajardo says:

R u filipino

Sergio Ramirez says:

Is it touch sensitive?

Kirsty Borg says:


jimmy alderson says:

Dat video quality tho

cyberphi says:

can the keyboard change octave or change keys?

Ashley Morse says:

I have this piano and I’m trying to figure out if it can record something and play it in the back round and I can play a different part on the piano at the same time. I can’t read the manual because it don’t see 20/20 etc.

Stephen Mendes says:

Simply press the TEMPO/TAP button and then enter the tempo with the number keys (or use the + or – button if you prefer)


ever tried
Yamaha PSR 200?
its a basic keyboard
one of yamahas first psr series

Jeffrey Restrepo says:

are you a Rastafarian?

Jorge says:

Don Ramon

Sid Nathan Fajardo says:

R u filipino

Brix Nabora says:

“welcome to 20 force century music”

clint4Now says:

Thanks so much!

Facts Rapper says:

The next idubbz

SniperSam says:

heyy leggo of me lucky charms eh 🙂 ..   good review btw

Swagg cristan Cristan says:

I have it

jimmy alderson says:

How many octives does the keyboard have?

Danomite says:

is it able to plug into an amp or speaker fur gigs?

madmomentsgo says:

nice keyboard.

Bkn333 says:

Seu Madruga?

Cole Jackson says:

This guy’s voice is so soothing and amazing.

Let's Game says:

are you a redneck?

Conte D' AlmaMelone says:

8 octives AFAIK

Stephen Mendes says:

Simply press the TEMPO/TAP button and then enter the tempo with the number keys

bovera jos says:

Thanks for this review . We bought one for the child of my cousin.

SRCBora says:

can we connect it to computer such as mac to use it with garage band or other programs and does it have “touch” option. 

M-Cool says:

dose it has a usb plug in at the back to plug in to the computer ?

Stephen Mendes says:

I find touch sensitivity in an un-weighted keyboard very UNDESIRABLE….. if you want to caress the keys with such emotion then get a weighted, hammer-action
model…. this keyboard is about casual FREEDOM…. like going to the beach…. or a barbeque in the woods while camping…. nobody should be using this on stage or in a studio for any serious music….. at a couple hundred bucks…. what do you expect ????

sgo70 says:

This is the real body loaded in the keyboard sound? Nice piano voices. 

Fish Yii says:

Hi, do you know how to on the dual voice?

Janice Hutchinson says:

What kind of accent is that ha.. bit Rastafarion in there !

chetan raval70 says:


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