Aegis Custom Mechanical Keyboard Build & Review

Today we check out the debut custom mechanical keyboard from AEboards – the Aegis. And I gotta say, I’m extremely impressed!

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Zack says:

Good as always

John Loon says:

I want that!!!! Got the rog claymore.. due to the left num pad.

Commodorefan64 says:

Awesome, I would love a layout like this in an old school IBM styled case. I use a fullsize IBM at my work, but a tenkeyless at home, and this would get me to fullsize at home for sure.

Ramen-Powered Shit Factory says:

This is the peak layout.

Jack Hart says:

Those captions are cancerous…

Joshua Jackson says:

This is exactly the layout I want in a full size board. Good video

Kevadu says:

I would prefer a 75% + left numpad. I don’t like the way the arrow keys mess up the bottom left of the main keys.

mohammed reda says:


Brian R says:

What’s your RL rank?

kbam sam says:

Honestly would prefer it on the left side because the right side has the mouse

Niels Hood says:

Dream layout, I want to try for sure! But I’m Lefty and use my right hand predominantly for my mousing.

Having the extra left enter key is amazing for switching it up with left hand mousing I learned for fun but now use to combat RSI (which has almost disapeared :). Although the left hand windows shortcuts and gaming habits make it not worth it to switch to Lefty permanently.

For for further info. I use a 75% and am already used to maneuver my right thumb over one row to hit the enter key which is worth it for the homing keys for now. Use a macro to put FN on ESC for my media keys in the f-row, ESC on tab for a huge button to rage quit and would love all the extra keys in my left hand reach.

Might be very specific though

lewis nicholson says:

i love your videos. Tae, you’ve inspired me to want to customise my mechanical keyboard. just because, im going to order new stabilisers and kailh speed pink switches (drevo gramr 84 key outemu browns)

sen hlep says:

heavy b o i

Crok says:

can’t wait to introduce my 2 next layouts! think you’ll love em if you dig this

Jordan Fish says:

The flipped numpad is what’s up. You need that enter key on the edge for a truly left-handed board.

Miller Reid says:

Lack of left standard shift is a deal breaker for me. And I know I’m not the only one

Innocuous Handle says:

Sorry I’m having a hard time hearing what you say at 6:28 “but that has become kind of a ???”

Woody Jang says:

i game with TFGH so this would be great for that.

Temur Akhmedov says:

I was such a dumbass for not joining the buy

Jonathan Leidhold says:

if it had a full size left shift i’d be ready to buy right now, so close to my ideal, still gorgeous
can anyone explain the point of limiting the length that much if the extra would be shifted to the left instead of impacting the mouse space?

- - says:

Howdy kangoo gamer

a potato says:

Left handed as in people who use their mouse with their left hand or what?

The keyboard itself on the other hand has a pretty cool layout, would be easy to get to the numpad and arrow keys, giving extra space for the mouse (I use my keyboard with my left and mouse with my right.)

MrMirofl [Purcy aka Cusor] says:

The numpad on the left is great. I absolutely agree with you here 8:27

Osprey Gaming says:


jeremy gunkel says:

I run an TKL board with a standalone num pad on the left. It’s so freeing… Being able to use the mouse in my right and type numbers with my left. It took a bit to get used to for sure but I can’t go back.

lostaerie says:

as a right handed person
i would prefer this layout, its exactly what i do with my external numpad… as I prefer numpad for gaming
nvm they fuckeed up the modifier keys and the enter key is on the left, ew

darnoc says:

Im lefty I need this

julian23561 says:

That keyboard’s heavy doc!

Daequan Fangirl says:

what type of super lube was that?

BoyBalastog says:

I had a left handed friend, but he never had any problems using right handed peripherals, and I’ve never really seen anyone first-hand who ever needed to have the keyboard flipped around. A4 Bloody’s been making versions of their optical keyboards with just the numpad on the left specifically for the WASD-to-mouse spacing benefit without having to chop the numpad off. I think that’s probably the better way to go for gamers who just HAVE to have that much more room for their mouse while still having the numpad.

Anyway, really cool how you get to show us all these exotic or odd keyboards recently, like Chyrosran22 but for modern and DIY keyboards. I’ve been looking forward to your uploads a lot.

Noah Barrett says:

Would honestly prefer something more like a reversed TKL. This layout cuts off the left shift and control keys with the arrow keys, making it not that good for gaming unless you’re a lefty, but then it defeats the purpose of flipping the numpad cause it moves it to your mouse side and it’s in your way again.

aeryxz says:

Thanks for the video Tae! I’ve currently got my setup for gaming a bit different, I’ve got “up” arrow as shift , the left arrow for “m” (opens up map), and the “down” and “right” as control (crouch). Been playing apex with it, but yeah, our next design will merge the beauty of the aegis and have a bit more familiarity with normal left side mods. Stay tuned!

BlinkTWICE says:

twice in the background <3

JYMV says:

Great video!

KiloSierraAlpha says:

That just feels so damn WRONG. Kill it with fire!

jeremy gunkel says:

How much do I’ll this be?

packo says:


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