$99 K3 Windows 10 keyboard PC review

Reviewing the K3 Wintel Keyboard PC, an entire Windows 10 computer built into a mini keyboard.

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5:55 It does support a headset mic through the headphone jack.
8:48 The previous build of Windows 10 was taking up 10 GB. Using the cleanup utility I was able to free up that space.

To buy one or just read the Engrish ads:

To see what’s inside:


Isaac Wright says:

Is this your everyday computer in 2017?

TheSerius Youtuber says:

you watch LTT

El Gato Dany says:

need a mouse for the keyboard :V

Jonathan Hatting says:

Honestly, great videos, but you should stop wasting your money on these dumb products… instead, put it towards a better camera.

Nicholas Tobolski says:

OOBE stands for Out of Box Experience

Mike Lemire says:

“the only option is the built in mic” ~what’s wrong with USB mic?

Lester004 Playz says:

is it free shipping on Philippines since China is near

RyanWake bradtelle says:

why would you get a keyboard for $100 when you can get a laptop with similar specs for $100

Arie Copley-Radder says:

Why are you using IE if you don’t like Chrome then Firefox is better but IE has compatibility issues with many websites.

TheZooman22 says:

That is actually kind of cool… a Windows 10 PC for about $ 99. I guess if you have an HD monitor you would be good to go. Not sure what all you could really do with it… maybe plug it into an HD TV. Thanks for taking one for the team and checking it out VWestlife 🙂  I am still more of a desktop kind of guy, but I do  have several laptops that I like.

Furry _420 says:

I think oobe means out of box experience or something like thatt

Nuke Edits says:

Lol I see linus in this video

Aaron Mitchem says:

I can’t seem to find this keyboard pc anymore. I clicked your links a while ago but now they are dead links. I wonder if you have a new website link that still sells the k3 windows 10 PC.

OSFirsttimer USA says:

i use windows 8.1 on my computer and i do have the classic menu even though i like the start screen so how about installing 8 on it

Theenemy38 says:

oobe stands for out of box experience I think.

demonpotatojacob says:

out of box experience is oobe

code beat says:

It is a tablet without screen and a keyboard. But hay, it works! Pretty nice actually, like it.

Clive says:

That touchpad is fine for the 90% who bash the Bishop with their right hand, but for us lefties it’s not great. For $99 I’d rather stuff a Pi 3 inside an IBM Model M.

Asian Arawana says:

Looks new with windows10.good with a game console or a smart phone internet, 2014 tv monitor .

Michael Albanese says:

What happens if you plug a keyboard into a keyboard?

JailerGaming says:

Out of box experience = OOBE

John Smith says:

OOBE = Out of Box experience?

CRONIN says:

Ok so is windows 10 already on it

Cosmic Horizon says:

Or you could just buy a laptop

Vertigo 101 says:

that is not windows 10 lmao, it’s xp with win 10 skin LOL

Max Headrom says:

Seems a nice option for support people!

Stianofp says:

This would be a wonderful MAME machine

Makarov Fox says:

well is fine for normal use

CoolCreeper - Games And More! says:

it took up 10 GB cuz its windows 10


Jere says:

I think this and a wireless hdmi dongle would be an amazing media center pc

Anton Rahbek says:

That computer is cheaper than I can buy Windows 10 home for on Microsoft’s website, and it comes preinstalled?!
Also way cheaper than my gaming keyboard, and there’s a computer inside

ThatsNiceGuy - Technology and More says:

OOBE means out of box experience?

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