$39 RGB Keyboard Say What? | Rosewill Neon K51 Review

The Rosewill Neon K51 is an interesting product. With full RGB backlighting, “mem-chanical” hybrid switches, and 2 color options, there’s definitely a lot to admire. But will gamers give up their beloved mechanical switches to save a few bucks?

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angel me says:

Your video isn’t stored in a nice area of YouTube storage… It’s waaaaayyy too laggy…. Kept buffering like crazy…

ArdaBaşar94 says:


Adyn Is The Sauce God says:

Is this mechanical?

Bonnie Dang says:

I got mines for around $25 shipped from Newegg a few days ago

J Doe says:

That was a pretty good review.  One key thing missing…get it?….is I’d like to have been able to hear the keyboard as you were typing on it, get a sense of how quiet/loud it is.  Other than that – good review.

Gavin Ewen says:

thank you sir

TheGai says:

Really digging the channel

ΖꓥΞOͶ says:

anyone know where i can get that wrist rest that he has?

Thomas Donofri says:

Bought mine for 28.99$

ΖꓥΞOͶ says:

and i dont care what you say, i will buy this for my birthday in february

Noah W says:

Thanks bro, I may get this now! (even though you don’t like it)

Kay Pang says:

Great video,btw you should check out the redragon kumara(k552).It is mechanical for just 31 dollars on amazon.

TheW9Gamer says:

I have a question. I hope someone may be able to answer this question. I am looking for something like this keyboard but with the RGB breath a little more calm. any idea on the keyboard for me who doesn’t want to spend too much?

other155 says:

Papa Bless

savecityofheroes savecityofheroes says:

neweggg $40.00 when paying for shipping cost can jack 65.00 to $75.00 I rather use software for LEDs my mind will go nuts over the hot keys to change color and special effect too much fiddle diddle

Jordan Bowes says:

Really digging the music

ZIPPER says:

Mechanical key snob

UnknownTimelord says:

The clickity clack, without the tickity tax!

ETOLIT says:

ima buy it rn! thx @techfox

Kiet Nguyen says:

yall think this keyboard is worth for $28?

SnowBash says:

this keyboard costs 11$ at ebay

Henry Mellor says:

Where do you get those lit backgrounds for your PC?

Jedi Jeb says:

3:38 Just look at this keybaord. Look at it and say, “$40?” Im already on my way to buying this thing. Great Video!

Gamma says:

this was released on my 14th birthday lmao’

LoganBub01 says:

Can you review the velocifire vm70 keyboard

init2wn says:

great vid

pickle rick says:

The keyboard looks cool, so…………. i’ll probably buy it.

bobby ornelas says:

I got mine yesterday the shipping is bad bc it comes in 2 weeks 🙁

Dissonance says:

No sound test?

Nitin Kumar says:

Really digging the hole

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