0.01 Z70 Keyboard Review – 2 Space Bars?

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Daxad SW Sx says:

+1 with clearing out your audience pitch.

Patrick Faulk says:

Nice build but a fake keyboard unless it also ha the 10-Key pad.

HueHue boi says:

those 47 10 year olds

Losov H. Nemilson says:

jesus this comment section is so simple minded lmao

imG01D1E says:

r u gunna review the new k95?

L8IRUSI says:

I’m a gamer, and I’m not even a keyboard enthusiastic, but I want this keyboard already. Its case is just simply beautiful, and for an fps player like me, compact keyboard is just fine provide my desk is pretty much small.
The only thing I’m hesitate is that after all the tax, shipping fee, and switch choices is over, the keyboard price jump from around 150 bucks to 200+ bucks. Rip my wallet at that point.

megadisc1982 says:


where the promotion ???

Ludvig Axelsten says:

this keyboard sounds much more plastic than my steelseries apex m500

David B says:

the bass level in this video are mess up (?

johnyjoe2k says:

$159 Which is what would throw me off. I could care less about programmable keys, there are programs that can already do that for existing keyboards.

If anything, I think the Ajazz AK33 60% keyboards are still dope and are about $40 – $50.

ANGRYmuffin9000 says:

Are the profiles loaded into the keyboard or do I need to install the software in every computer I use it on?

Arch says:

I kind of wish this had a full keyboard layout and media keys – then it would be a must buy for me.

John Falvey says:

I would swap the Ctrl and the function keys instantly.

Call_Me_Mad says:


sota says:

I had this really old keyboard like super old… and It had 2 of the bars. One was backspace but It was super good for gaming!

Pack Pvpers321 says:

Hey frank can you please do a vid on the best gaming pc’s on a budget?

Flowmoshun says:

A split spacebar would be great. Left space bar programmed to backspace would be much better than me becoming a better typist.

David Karlsson says:

I love these reviews.
Still looking for a keyboard that can trump my HHKB-Pro 2.. Unfortunately, that seems to be a hard find.
My Whitefox is just collecting dust. 🙁

Bongman 420 says:

whats up guys im scheduled frank g

Agrrox says:

10k osu!mania

radil says:

Really not comfortable about you making this video and not even once saying that you are getting payed (either by each purchase or by the video itself)
that effy as f*ck, I’m not sure if it’s legal where you are, I know for sure it’s not in England for example, but regardless of the legality it really doesn’t make me trust what you say at all.
I figured it out because your massdrop link has your referral name on it, shitty way to learn it that way.

Xavier Carman says:

Can you do a video of top cheap rgb keyboards? keep up the good work <3

NothingButTech88 says:

Your background looks amazing!

TinBin - Craig says:

no too expensive u can get better

L Wong says:

wtf are those keycaps lmao

CyberNinjaX says:

im suppose to be watching youtube but this one player keeps kicking my ass

ANGRYmuffin9000 says:

Waiting for this video to decide if I get it or not. Tnx man

supreme84x says:

Looks small….

Elikstar says:

The keycaps sound quite cheap, but the Gateron switches are a fantastic touch. Linear Gaterons feel so much smoother than linear Cherry MX switches, I own both Gateron Reds and Gateron Blacks and I also own Cherry MX Reds and Cherry MX Blacks, I’d pick Gateron over Cherry any day.

Zach P says:

Frank wheres that CES coverage?

kinggornox says:

Fantastic perspective insight at the end and I’m sure it would make people who don’t take pride in their keyboards understand how great having an enthusiast keyboard is. I love my mini-van and I programmed it completely.

Alex Fontes says:

Can you review the Azio mk retro?

ThatAce Avery says:

Anyone else find the sound of that space bar switch really annoying?

ConceptNull says:

2 space bars is great for gaming!

Noaksey says:

Hey random person scrolling through the comments!
I hope you have a great Day !
From a smaller youtuber whose dream is to hit 1k subs .help ♡

British Twat says:

You should review the azio mk retro

Amg00322 says:

Those fucking spacebars are soooooo shitty sounding.

aha says:

why the hell is that usb in the side

Makha says:

You are the best <3

Brannan DI says:

Oh wow, those stab rattle a lot, I recommend clipping and lubing the stabs

Brannan DI says:

I wish it had a high profile case

Benny N says:

massdrop is shit

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