What is the Best Hard Drive?

Backblaze tested over 41,000 hard drives. Find out what the best hard drive is to buy and which ones have the highest failure rates!

Backblaze study: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/best-hard-drive/

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Zak Super says:

Thanks for the video. PS you remind me of Ryan Reynolds

Barrosy says:

So I ran a S.M.A.R.T. tool to see if my hard drive was causing computer issues and it seems I have to replace it. It was a Seagate Barracuda. What other (new) hard drive would any one of you suggest me to buy now for my (gaming setup) desktop pc?

ray sha says:

My HGST only managed a year before it died! They seem to be HP’s standard choice of hard drives nowadays.

DO IT PERFECT!!!!!!! says:

Well everyone, I have the best hard drive in the universe.
My wireless US dime sized hard drive can store up to mega super ultra hyper decillion yottabytes In storage space.
It’s very durable because it’s hard to break it and it survives an airbus a380 landing on it.
It has only one disk that rotates about a billion RPM because the motor is so great.
The read write arm moves incredibly fast that it has a top speed of mega super ultra hyper sextillion light years per microsecond.

Cap†ain ace says:

which one is the best 2tb what do you suggest for me guys

Cat. says:

Fuck seagate -__-

mrjang05 says:

Wd= hdd samsung evo/pro =ssd

expattaffy1 says:

Hi there, an answer as soon as possible please. Ten years ago I moved from the UK to Thailand, and I brought my computer with me. I hag two different hard drives at first, Maxtor, an senate and never had any problems, however they were only 160 gig, so I had them changed here in Thailnd, the new ones being Sata, in the last ten years I have had three of these and they have all failed after just about one year, I am getting pissed off, I can’t go two weeks without my computer failing to start. What do you think of Sata? Thanks.

Aleksandar Martinov says:

why are you reading YOUR review….?

Chris Walters says:

I feel like i should buy a 10 TB hard drive so i can play on ark survival max settings no lag and run around streaming on twitch and doing things that are apparently things that cause tons of lag and just do it and have a small bit of lag XD Jk but they do exist.

Rachel Hutchinson says:

So i recently got a Segate 3TB external backup plus does that mean it has 40 percent failure rate? getting slightly worried lol? +Matthew Moniz 

Tito Nogueira says:

I travel around with my laptop in my backup.
How susceptable are HDD to eventual failure due to slight bumps?

Geri Greviews says:

Awesome! Great info as aways. I have a hitachi and is still working for 7/6 years now. It’s 2 discs with 80 gb but, that’s what was most common before and I still use them.

Buhnanafone Youtube says:

it bugs me that you keep reading off the notes and its very noticeable lol!

human says:

seagate r the worst in the study coz … most of the people having seagate
it’s really a stuped study !

Dorin B says:

hi, what can i do with my sshdd , this model https://www.evomag.ro/COMPONENTE-PC-Hard-Disk-Drive-HDD-Desktop/Seagate-HDD-Desktop-Seagate-SSHD-SATA-III-1TB-8GB-SSD-3.5-113193.html , i can hear smal cricket noises, i send it to the store but the new that ive recieved does the same sounds , what can i do please help

D Jam says:

Hi i need to replace my drive but not sure what to go with. i use a samsung 840 evo SSD for my OS , a WD Black ! TB and a samsungSP2504 that needs replacing. .should i go with a WD blue and get more capacity for a cheaper or another Black? i want to use it for gaming and main storage drive.

AsRebel says:

Watching this and my Seagate died on me.

asad ilyas says:

Nice outro
Great video
And that lava lamp in the background is just like derp

linkinmetalica says:

what a useless video, who the fuck is gonna spend more than $100 for a hard drive or get more than one Terabite? I don’t think this guy builds computers or has the general knowledge if he’s reading off the screen. Watch a different video folks.

Michael Rinkle says:

great video! answered my question!

cirmothe9 says:

seagate is facing a class action lawsuit due to the high failure rates of their 3tb drives as shown in this video.

Zak Super says:

Obviously the hgst would have the lowest rate as it is a enterprise class . Seagate models are desktop class .

Cole S. says:

I have a 1tb WD Black. I had a 750 for about r years and had no problems. I just sold it to a friend to get some cash for my 1tb. You should do some SSD reviews, that is were it is at! BTW I liked and subbed.

Young Fish Official says:

Seagate sold me a broken hard drive and I couldn’t get a refund. they’re bullshit

Ameer Qan says:

never buy samsung hdd mine only last for 3 yrs hitachi hdd is better

Valkyrie says:

I work at a data recovery company. For the love of god don’t just buy a 4 TB hard drive if you’re not going to be using that much space, it’s not fun trying to replace a head stack with 8 heads.

vishal Sharma says:

i have to buy a 2tb or 3tb hard drive so i should ignore 3tb wd blue 5400 rpm then which 2tb hard drive should i get that has low failure rate because i will backup everything in that since seagate has a high failure rate then which 2tb hard drive would you recommend ?

JorgitoYokiro says:

Don’t know in your country but Hitachi are not more available here, only Toshiba instead.
So the decision is Toshiba vs Sigueit (Seagate) vs WD

Snafu2346 says:

From what I know as of July 2016 the Seagate that failed are now discontinued. The 4TB seagate seems reasonable. There is one on newegg for $120. The HGST listed on backblaze are Ultrastar HD’s while I can only find Deskstars which are not listed at all.

3iviN0 says:

_You Look like a dead person..

amer darwish says:

hgst best

Diet Coke Killer says:

I only want 1tb hdd.

Ksk Royal says:

Hey maty nice video as always ?/ I want 1TB Harddisk which one should i look HGST or WD

RyanDub3 says:

I wouldn’t recommend Seagate at all

shubham das says:

wanna buy 2tb hard drive which is best seagate or wd

EehKayBee says:

Could someone link me to the fastest 3TB internal HDD and the fastest 120GB internal SSD? Thanks

Magicalwafflez says:

I guessing I shouldn’t have bought a Toshiba then?

รณรงค์ ยามี says:

your sound like a jarkon72 lol

Clash Potter says:

is these are for pc???

Sir Antidote says:

DADA centre Lol…… Data

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