What is a NAS Drive? (External Hard Drive VS. NAS Explained)

What is a NAS Drive or NAS Computer? In this video I explain the different between NAS and external hard drives and talk about the PROS and CONS of each on them. ***** Check out tips about video editing computers, workflow and backing up your data in this video series ➡️ http://bit.ly/ThinkVideoEditing

📒 Show Notes, Video Gear List and Resources 📒

1. Synology 6 Bay NAS DiskStation – DS1618+

2. Seagate IronWolf NAS Internal SATA Hard Drive 12TB

** These are the drives we are using in our Synology DiskStation

** NOTE: Make sure to us “NAS” hard drives and not standard hard drives

3. (Video) Review of the 4K Video Editing PC We Use

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(Video Gear I Use) 4K YouTube Home YouTube Studio Setup

This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a PC.

This VIDEO was quickly color graded with Gorilla Grade LUTs. Check out a video about them here: https://youtu.be/8FzX0Sz6-7Q

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**** About This Video ****
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media reviews the best table tripod and mini tripod solutions. This video covers the best small tripods and best smartphone tripod options on the market.


International Worshiper says:

In order to keep the costs low I normally backup my files in LaCies Hard-drives of 4TB and purchase more as they get full. I use two hard-drives one for Daily basises storage and one for redundancy, I consider the quality of LaCies hard-drive good and reliable at least I never had a problem before. The cost of each hard-drive here in UK is approximately £100. I am happy with the current solution although I consider purchasing one of the Synology NAS solution in the near future.

Gerard's Horticulture Culture says:

Im sold ☺☺thank you kind sir

Mimi Kutu says:

So helpful . Thinkmedia saves us once again ❤

Adam Chazam says:


Ravi Sharma says:

I love your voice ❤️

anitha shanthivan says:

Thank you so much you are very helpful to have to keep our channel at the top and bring more views thank you

South Carolina Farm Life says:

Just starting on youtube South Carolina Farm Life “SCFL”. Teaching and showing how things are done around the farm. Thanks for all your advice

House of Essence says:

Great videos

GetMorrOutdoors says:

Hey Sean! I found your channel about 2 months ago; about the time I took the plunge and started my YT channel not knowing how to do any thing relating to video, editing, social media, etc. You and Video Influencers have become my go to source for advice! Thank you so very much, I really appreciate you, and the advice you share, as well as the inspiration!!!! Thanks a lot!!-Jason

JD3doesit says:

Lol de-complex-ify… all facts, great info. I personally own 4 Mycloud Western Digital Nas drives, 1 seagate nas, and a Q-nap nas… all in different locations, and family members houses with backed up family videos and music.

Great video bro! I am probably going to upgrade soon and this got me thinking of standardizing content creation for the new year to grow.

Cheesehead Vaping says:

Really appreciate you showing this. I think this would be perfect for transferring all of my audio files from my laptop that I use strictly for recording. Also, I typically work out of 2 separate offices so remote access is a huge bonus on this. Thanks man

QueAquatics says:

Thanks for the information!! I have been struggling with this issue for months and it is getting paralyzing. Guess what? I am getting an NAS in 2 days and I chose Synology!!! Thank you again!!

Tantra Massage Dubai Kundalini Yoga Tantric says:

Love your advice.. Educational positive. Every video is the ultimate guide. Still struggling with a new channel and yours are the first videos on my go to list. Tech and You Tube authority thanks.
Saving up for Nas.

GetMorrOutdoors says:

Hey Sean, hope you and yours are well! I’ve been going through the videos you did on affiliate marketing and I’m wondering if I should wait until I hit a certain level of subs to start this[I’m kinda struggling with 14 subs, but I’m gonna keep plugging away at it! 🙂 ]. And what about merch? your thoughts; is it worth it? certain level of subs to start? best merch companies to get with? I’m really getting a lot from your vids…keep crushing it!! ;)-Jason

Builder Brothers says:

I recently switched to a Qnap NAS. Great product. They have regular updates.

SophieFxlls says:

Thank you for the advice!! I’m thinking of using a NAS computer! (I’m in your YouTube Studio Giveaway! <3)

anitha shanthivan says:

I upload my video and I search it in the search list to with another mobile but it is in the bottom of the search list I can’t find it on the search list so tell me how to keep my video at the first in the search list

GoHomeRog says:

this would be nice to have for a large personal business.

RacerRed says:

why is it that we have mini sd cards that can hold 256gb of data and are nearly indestructible. Get an external hard drive, sneeze on it wrong, it explodes and your data is lost.

anitha shanthivan says:

Hey can you tell me how to keep our videos at the first in the search list

Rusty Brown Photography says:

As a small YouTuber and Hobbyist, I’m still using external hard drives for back up and redundancy. USB powered 4TB at ~$100 makes it super easy. I have one external I travel with and 2 I use for back up and redundancy. I fully get the benefits of NAS, but it’s still too pricey for me – and a 6 bay unit is only using 3 drives (truly) because of the one for one backup. Great video. I may get there (NAS) one day. Cheers.

Evatronic says:

Great video on one of the many ways of backing up. I think as a content creator storage space is constantly running out and especially thinking about backing up with some sort of redundancy. I currently have a Drobo as my main back up hub with 2 other external portable hard drives as backups too.

ellstacker adventures says:

This is so helpful thanks

Small World Outdoors says:

Excellent information on the NAS system. Since I am new to content creating I use smaller portable external hard drives to store my data that I carry around, and a larger hard drive that I back that data up on. I have considered a NAS, but don’t really have a need for it now. I will be upgrading to one in the future though!

techron mattic says:

There’s nothing worse than having your production put on hold while your trying to delete files that you would rather keep to make room on your phone memory, I have a file on my desktop simply titled temporary files, before starting a new project or group of projects I copy the contents of my sd card into the temp file then format my sd card and I’m good to go

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