Western Digital Red 8TB Full Review – Consumer Helium Hard Disk

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Storage devices for personal computers have always been a tricky proposition. While the majority of computer parts are solid state, the computer industry has spent most of its life storing bits on electromechanical mechanical devices like tapes and floppy disks. Speaking relatively, it was only recently (less than a decade) that solid state storage became mainstream, and even today the costs of flash production make rotating media the better option for bulk data storage. Hard drives are typically vented to atmosphere, as the Bernoulli Effect is necessary as part of what keep the drive heads flying above the rotating platters. With any vented enclosure, there is always the risk of atmospheric contaminants finding their way in. Sure there are HEPA-class filters at the vent holes, but they can’t stop organic vapors that may slightly degrade the disk surface over time.

By filling a hard disk with an inert gas and hermetically sealing the disk housing, we can eliminate those potential issues. An added bonus is that if Helium is used, its lower density enables lower air friction of the rotating platters, which translates to lower power consumption when compared to an equivalent air-filled HDD. Ever since HGST released their Helium filled drives, I’ve been waiting for this technology to trickle down to consumer products, and Western Digital has recently brought such a product to market. Today we will be diving into our full performance review of the Western Digital 8TB Red.


Maurice Orris says:

Dear PCPer staff. Thankyou for all this wonderful content I watch every week. I especially like these more indepth discussions of technology.

realies says:

less cheese pls

D.E.B. B says:

Blah blah blah blah blah. I’m falling asleep listening to a lot of nonsense.

flhines18 says:

Quite rambling!  Get to the point!!!!!

Chritzical plays says:

Hey hope someone can help me , your my last hope. I have a 4 bay NAS without any HDD’s it’s the HP Vault x315 and i would want to buy an 8TB WD Red for it so i have the possibility to add alot of storage without ever changing drives. Now im curious if my NAS has a HDD Controller which can handle 8TB drives. Can’t find anything. How likely is it that it goes well? Thanks in advance for every help. ( The x315 is equivelant to the HP x300 but was sold with 5tb hdd storage installed iirc. ) and what MyCloud does hold the Western Digital Red 8 TB? The pro version is around 600€ in Germany 😮 as far as i see WD only offers 8TB HDD’s in Red,Purple and Gold. So if i buy a Standard single 8TB MyCloud there should be a red installed, right?

Stefan Rettmeyer says:

15 minutest talking and not a single word about loudness, afaik he-filled hdds have a different loudness-behavior and so it would have been very interessing to compare the loudness of all 3 drives!

Narwaro says:

Yo the kids of today don’t know what a ZIP or REV or tape is. Btw tape is still the best for archiving!

Rodrigo Godoy Valenzuela says:

i don’t know… i never have been use more than 300 gb.

AlohaBiatch says:

Please make more videos on hard drives. Unfortunately everybody’s on about SSDs, but for NAS devices, hard drive reviews are primordial.

Game Over says:

I was under the i mpression that HGST is gonna be running WD not WD acquired HGST. It’s a reverse buyout, the main staff leaders from HGST will be replacing the WD equivalent but they will continue to market the 2 brands seperately

Rhy Don says:

This is like the new Computer Chronicles. Dig it. Subscribed!


A lot of space in this HDD but the Price już Kill 😛

PrSpyder says:

can you make videos SHORTER like 10MINS not 15!

cornbreadman says:

I think 6.5TB is the highest air drive since I have a WD 6.5TB Archive drive.

Barney B says:

The guy on the left is so hard to listen to, he seems surprised with every question

Master Mark says:

Only Audio would be enough…”

claatu says:

Hitachi+Seagate suck. WD is catching up in failure since buying Hitachi. End of discussion.

BloodyIron says:

Why didn’t you talk about SMR at all?

mr worm says:

Love the video. Very informative. However I felt like this was a trailer for a “I suck at making charts” website. I had to pause the video and squint for each chart. Rule 1 of charts. White background. Rule 2. Solid fill. But, still love the video. =)

You have 2 cents, Chuck Norris has 1 cent. Chuck Norris has more money than you says:

HDD are dead. Long live SSD. I’ve been using computers since the Mac with a 20MB SCSI at 2MB/s and $1,300. Then 486DX33 200MB 250MB tape drive, being the SysOp of my warez BBS with Fidonet. Continuing to waste resources to produce slow, outdated technology just dumbs everything down. This is as stupid as putting nitrogen in your tires.

flhines18 says:

Quite rambling! It seems a waste of time and money to purchase the helium drive!!!!!

Gabriele Paini says:

i’ve bought a my book duo 16TB (8+8 helium) , with the WD drive
utilities can’t format and change to rad 1/jbod/etc … WD Technical
call center absolutely unuseful … answer people that just speak your
language but they don’t know anything about HDD. I’ve bought it through
on lind WDStore tha works even worst … difficult send back the product
and money back

Justin Brown says:

the guy on the left needs some speech classes…

svampebob007 says:

“this thing is 8TB”
points at a clearly labeled 6TB drive.

Bill Killernic says:

also Intel demos 3D XPoint which will be available next year or so will obliterate all HDDs once and for good it will have speeds faster than SSDs and capacities higher than HCHDDs

Sega Boy says:

I think this guy probably knows more about X-Men than he does HDs… Glad to see that a man-child isn’t relegated to a lifestyle that is analoque with the dark-side of Billy Madison’s life.

Devil'sAdvocate says:

5400rpm? Yuck. I’ll stick with my 6TB 7200rpm X300.

gjin kalla says:

But Why?

PENDANTturnips says:

Why not have a vacuum inside the hard drive case?

Is it so that the air/helium around the disc can act similar to a thermal compound for a cpu and bring some heat towards the metal case?

therminatron says:

wait for blacks to arrive

PAPASNARF!!! says:

$350 for 8TB (ʘ‿ʘ)

Bob Newell says:

The only problem with 8TB drives in a raid: good luck reslivering before something else happens

Bill Killernic says:

Since the PCB is identical I wonder what would happen if you switch the PCBs maybe it consumerversion would work at 7200rpms >:P

Vladislavs Dovgalecs says:

Measuring power as Watts/TB is meaningless. The capacity of the hard drive is not linked to the power consumption. I can take a very old hard drive, say 20GB, and see how the power consumption using this “metric” simply explodes! Using simple Watts, as the definition of the power, is sufficient and correct way measuring the power.

eraldorh says:

Why is the guy on the right kitted out in geek shit yet sits there baffled and looking into the distance every few seconds. Fuck he is a useless and annoying person, why the fuck is he even there!

oogrooq says:

I also am a PCP enthusiast.

Dullishpage says:

“hmmmm…Ok…hmmmh…..ok……….uhmmmm……….ok………….which is better……..hmmmm………ok………ok…….ok…yeah….ok…hmmmmmm…..ok……

resync5000 says:

hgst is best….

Sven Felsl says:

That’s how low you go? Throwing in all the shit you know just to act old ‘n wise? Meh… . 0:08 till 0:27 totally ruined it for me, it was beyond useless… .

helenHTID says:

8TB SSD.. That’s what we want !

TrollingAround says:

Pretty sure Tesla showed quite conclusively that spinning platters are anything but aerodynamically neutral…..

frankmoolah says:

Helium HDDs? Now that’s some space-age tech

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