Western Digital GOLD 8TB HDD REVIEW

SCALE IT IN GOLD. UP TO TEN TIMES THE WORKLOAD CAPACITY OF DESKTOP DRIVES.Reliability, capacity, power efficiency and performance for a multitude of Datacenter-specific applications. Robust storage with 24/7 premium customer support. Full Range of Nearline CapacitiesFor the most demanding datacenter environments, from entry-level servers to high end enterprise storage systems. High Workload Capability Designed to handle workloads up to 550TB per year, which is among the highest workload capability of any 3.5-inch hard drive. High Level of Reliability.One of the highest levels of reliability and durability for 24x7x365 operation within the most demanding storage environments. https://www.wdc.com/products/business-internal-storage/wd-gold.html

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Ali says:

Is this better then the black hard drive?
and if so, are these great for gaming?

Morzy says:

The 4TB version is literally less than $20 more than the 4TB Black. I was gonig to go Black for the warranty but I may as well go Gold..

C MJ says:

Yea they are good for a NAS. These are what I run in my NAS. I skipped the RED. I also used the Raptor 10K sata6 HDD’s.

The0xvxvx0 says:

Please record onoff cicle work noise

Firehell says:

Hello! I need a new hard drive to store my videos and photos. Can I use WD RE and SE for PC? Thank you so much.

Tai says:

Can you record that floppy when it turned into a solid state? You got Tai really hot and bothered for a second.

D.E.B. B says:

For the cost of one of these, I can buy TWO other good 8TB drives. So, basically I have a backup for free. No HD is better than a backup. Sure, they will replace the gold drive for you free when it fails. They won’t replace your data. I believe that TLER isn’t as important with mirrored drives as it is in an array. So if you have raid 1 NAS with only two drives, perhaps you should be fine with non TLER drives? Let us know what you think.

Pan Szafa says:

How loud is this drive? How Black or better?

Cheezles says:

I’m only watching ur vid now but your explanation of this hard drive is the funniest thing I’ve ever watched XD

LookHere3 says:

you mentioned the WD black a lot but forgot completely about the WD velociraptor. its much better than WD black

Andy Lee says:

Wow lol i just thoght of the same movie then you mentioned it

Twin Turbo says:

How is this drive compared to others in terms of noise ?

kokos NH says:

I just bought one of those WD GOLD 8TB, and put it in FD R5 as you did Western Gents United, please tell me how much vibration did you get out of these drives ?
I’m getting slight vibration in my case, even though they sits in rubberised mount, so I’m curious if it’s normal, that the FD R5 mount can’t stop all the vibration with these drive?

Tony Tran says:

Does the WD Gold 1TB & 2Tb have dual cpu processor like the WD Black?

Btw do all 2Tb HDD Drive have Dual CPU Processor inside or just the WD Black only?

andyhello23 says:

At least he is honest enough to admit, its way overkill, for what he uses it for.

Nice drive, but like others have said, for home users a bit over the top, in terms of what you get for the price.

adam smith says:

Fuck u

Brian Ward says:

My samsung 840pro 512gb. just died, so im thinking of replacing it with one of these.

cornbreadman says:

Can I use this as a stand alone/single HDD? (I worry about TLRF)

Eddie P says:

I have a 4TB WD black. I would like to upgrade to 2x 10TB WD gold in RAID1 (yes I know $$$… blah blah blah… .. )

Currently, the gold drives are almost the same price as the blacks!

I would prefer the gold it would seem, even for a slightly higher price, but, will there be possible driver issues?

yes, I will use every bit of their 10TB goodness 🙂

cataria pega says:

if an hdd doesn’t have vibration safe guards u might as well burn it and slap the company, that dared to produce this shit, oh wait seagate is daring to sell SMR drives to consumers? well i guess it can be way worse…..
this drive is more than likely manufactured by hgst u know the company, that got bought/merged with western digital, the ones that actually made good hdds.
i really would like to see the comparison to the 8 TB hgst drive, i doubt there will be any 😀 or maybe a tiny bit.

Adéwalé says:

old australian cunt

radiantDF says:

Can I choose this for Time Machine on my MAC? I’m going to use it as back-up of a back-up (6TB WD MyStudio) for my movies and portfolio (design: web, graphics and video). 😀 Thanks!

MineCrafterCity says:

You can give this harddrive to your child when you die and he’ll pass it on to his.

Tom Taylor says:

Thanks Gent great video. I may be a knucklehead but bought a WD4002FYYZ http://a.co/gCPkCYb and a WD6002FRYZ http://a.co/1SP6r0u, That’s a WD Gold 4 TB and a WD Gold 6 TB. I bought them for that MTBF 285 year number and if you price compare nothing comes close with those kind of specs. I surely won’t watch a drive take a dump for some quirky reason like Seagate Bent Motor drive shaft and I could go on and on. I will use the 6 TB for Incremental backup period. The 4 TB will get an Acronis Secure Zone, password protected, and boat load of space for Documents Videos and Photos. I am happy with my purchases

John Lauinger says:

I would buy it. Think like this.

Less is more. Better store less and really what you need. Your saved data should be like gold nuggets and have a high value for you. Other wise there are cheap data calories that makes you brain fat.
So if you are too poor to afford better buy only a 2 TB hard drive instead of 8 TB or whatever…
If you loose your data, then you will be sad and recover are backup your data also costs money…

Better less products but no low-quality products. Nowadays the products get even shittier. So it is even more important to buy premium quality. Because premium gold quality or what so ever called is still cheap industrial crap and will not last as long like an old ugly TV which lasts 25 years or longer….

Cairoloves says:

Thanks for the review! I personally went with the WD Red as I heard that they were the quietest drives out of the lot whilst still being suitable for NAS drives. How noisey did you find the Golds vs your older hard drives, I’m guessing they become pretty noisy when hitting 200MB/s?

WizardNumberNext says:

If it is for Data Centre, then it is definitely NOT for NAS.
NAS does not have good cooling at all. NASs are NOT kept in Air Conditioned rooms (yes server room are usually getting AC even when rest of building does not get AC). Just by that we can say for sure this drive is not far NAS

John Hacker says:

Are the parts used in this drive better than the other drives? Are you using it to game? Thinking of picking up 1-10tb maybe more
$458.99 US on cdw.c0m.

7Valletta says:

Opening the drive up and smearing your fingers on the platter doesn’t seem like the best idea

World of AI - Games says:

The high price of these drives can mostly be attributed to the large capacity. 8 – 10TB is seriously way more space than what most people need for a typical consumer PC. Most consumer PCs sold today are around 1 – 2TB at most and the WD Gold version of these drivers cost less than $200. $200 is less than what you would pay for in a SSD.

seppomuppit says:

Good review mate.

darknight0z says:

My 2 4TB gold just arrived. I was surprised there was no bubble wrap in the packaging, just came in the same packaging as yours with those black plastic holders and a flimsy box. My WD Blue came with some bubble wrap!! I am thinking of complaining to Amazon about this.

Kenneth Sch says:

2.500.00 hours / 24h per day / 365.25 days per year
≈ 285 years

nice video 🙂

Videogamemedication says:

These have gotten a hell of a lot cheaper you can get a 10 tb now for 444 bucks or something like that

Prometey rus says:

Нерусь каой-то…

MrCrakCoker says:

WD Gold 8TB now cost only $327.99,and WD release WD GOLD 12TB which cost $521.99 much cheaper then this video release

Mujahed Bardaweel says:

I saw your video awhile ago, and based on your recommendation I bought WD gold 10 TB and DS216J, after installing the hard drive to the NAS yesterday I noticed this “clicky” sound and strong vibration from the hard drive, the sound is really loud and non of my other hard drives produced this sound! the system says the hard drive is OK and it works fine (copying data from and to the drive), should I be concerned ? did you faced this problem? I need your help?
Thanks 🙂

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