Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA3 6Gb/s Hard Drive Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips


Interfaces are always being updated. Now we finally have a mainstream hard drive that runs at SATA3 6.0Gb/s!



I’ve never had any drive I bought new fail on me. I’ve got a 12 year old WD PATA drive from my first build that still works as well as a 9 year old Seagate SATA, a 7 year old WD SATA and 3 WD External USB drive that all still function normally. I’m not sure if some of you guys are just really unlucky or you just trash your drives.

FrosTy theNoob says:

I have the blue WD10EZEX 64mb cache version. Thing is silent no noise and very fast. My 9 year old 80gb WD just died and was sooo slow lmao

Jake Beaty says:

why do hard drives get delivered in anti static bags? Couldn’t they put them in the bags in boxes?

Eddy Thehero says:

wait wait im a first time pc builder and next week im gonna buy some 1tera hdd (wd) do i need to buy an ssd im confused pls reply asap

IamRazorsharp89 says:

6 gb/s

lightningsmokerXx says:

Which Drives are More Reliable WD Blue or Black?

I know black is faster………….but i don’t care about faster.

I am more interested in which is more reliable?

I did hear the black’s run hotter due to the fact they are faster.

Annoying Catz says:

who else is watching this in 2019?

Nikhil Kashyap says:

can i use it with asus p7h55-m motherboard?

Machinet says:

Is there a difference beetwen WD Caviar Blue and WD BLUE Pc hard drive????

RedLandGaming says:

Whats the point of the whole 6gb/s, even the fastest sata 3 ssd’s cant manage even 1gb/s, or am i completely missing something?

harv says:

This one or the 1000GB or the 1000GB Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003 32MB ?

BOLO YOO says:

+LinusTechTips  Is your drive, it seems strange, pulsating sounds? This quiet but clear sound like the plates rub against something. Is this normal, or replace it with a new one?

155575mark says:

Im selling terabyte hard drives and other parts

KingMacintosh says:

I’ll never understand why other people in the IT world praise WD so much. 

Ryan Baier says:

Hey Linus, i’m building a new computer and was looking at the WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB, which is just like this one. Would you say this is a good and reliable hard drive? will it last long? Thnaks!

FiVeRowZ says:

Western Digital suck

urstin says:

I ate the desiccant pouch, and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

Muilisx says:

i get the black series

Dieu Tran Quang says:

I got one , but Idk why they not sell with the box and send to us like that , I was thinking the website I was buy they had sold me a second hand . >< LOL

Luis Ramirez says:

It looks like WD is releasing Blue Drives up to 6TB now!????? Are they Now taking GREEN drives and slapping Blue stickers on them!? For backup purposes only, should I “Upgrade” my Wd Green Backup Drive to a NEW WD 4-6TB and without concern?!? Great work btw!

Sanket Gadhvi says:

I’m buying purple one

Rubin Oussoren says:

can you use this for ps4 upgrade

Brit Gilpin says:

WOW SATA 3 6GB/S!!!!!!!!! lol funny to see how far we’ve come in only 5 years

cams nsat says:

How to do limit it to Sata 3. I didn’t quite understood what Linus said about the jumpers.

Aleksandar Smith says:

almost 6 years after and they still sell the very same drive. I had the unfortunate privilege to hook up this piece of hi-tech equipment to my pc today right next to seagate baracuda 2TB. They both preform same in terms of speed (approx 190MB/s r/w transfers) but the noise is different. Baracuda spinning sound is louder (it hums more) while WD clicks a lot noiser when copying small files. Baracuda vibrates a lot more than WD.

while WD is coffee grinder while Seagate has psu vent…

vibration_level(seagate) = 5*vibration_level(WD)
clicking_random_seek_head_noise(seagate) = 1/4*clicking_random_seek_head_noise(WD)

Solution? SSD I guess. (which slows down when gets filled up)

Really hi tech times ….

Marshall Ferguson says:

In order to utilize the Western Digital Blue and Black HDD for prolonged life and efficiency, I highly recommend using them as secondary drive and use the SSD as a Windows Booting Drive.

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