WD Red Western Digital NAS Hard Drive Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

WD’s Red series of NAS & RAID storage hard drives deliver an unprecedented price to quality ratio for mass storage of files for general consumers!

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aiko nel says:


Super Cassidy says:

WD makes good 3.5 hdd. But as for 2.5, Thats a whole different story …. I have a desktop with the same WD drive it came with for 2 years. No problems. But when I had WDs in my laptop, they didnt last for shit. Point, dont buy A WD 2.5. Those suck. 

Birinha Oliveira says:

which best HD red or black for games?

wmilberry says:

How well would these work as a PC’s primary hard drive? The reliability is a very attractive feature.

Matt McAlinden says:

“not exactly as fast as a black drive” It wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference in a 36TB array, if you have it setup properly. Hell, 4 drives can flood a gigabit Ethernet connection, what kind of operations are you using it for? I really hope it’s a RAID 10 too

misterPAINMAKER says:

Which is the best brand for HDD?

PizzaPete1958 says:

Very helpful.

WunderWuffle says:

Yeah… No.

charles d'Avoine says:

may be the new egg postage (from uk so i wont know) but hdd are sensitive to drops

Jakey PC says:

Gaming = Black

Forget about enterprise drives.. They are not for you.

DrDog says:

Only linus can do a 6 min video about a hard drive

Eric Wu says:

I was going to buy two of these for storage, then I read a bunch of DOA reviews on Newegg.  What gives!?!?!  Also it seems like these Reds also have the same head parking problem present on the greens…

Aaron Burdette says:

Can i use this drive with a home computer and not using NAS functions?

Robert Evangelista says:

Vibration in a more technical name is Resonance…

Frames-Per Games says:

Would you be able to game with this???

David Ekstrom says:

lol packages really get him excited

PG Tips says:

I have one of these drives that I stripped out of the wd network drive case because it was not being recognised on the network. Can you advise how I might go about recovering files that I have stored in it?

Carl Ebbighausen says:

“Packages really get me excited…”

Liger-Zero says:

can i use the red for torrenting?

Wisteria Berlitz says:

Bought this recently at USD$81.45 first hand~

WunderWuffle says:

ONLY TimeToLiveCustoms can do a 1 hour, 30 minutes video on a computer CASE.

Mike Teo says:

1:22 “its like black on steroids” MUHAHAHAHAHA

CentralNintendo1 says:

I love your videos, your reviews, your builds, everything! why you may ask? because you mention things other people wouldn’t even think about, the vibration of other drives and in the other video like your watercooling video, that the thread on the fitting is too long and might close the loop etc. that’s really what makes your videos stand out and make them better! love your videos 😀

Jake Milliken says:

Which is faster and/or has better performance, red or black, and by how much?

Jar Jar Banksy says:

green would be perfect for you. They are reliable, and the high amount of complaints is just do to their success in general. Since they are going to be off for much of the time just keep them safe.

Marauder Shields says:

What should i use if i want a HD for only media? (movies, pictures, music etc). Is WD Green good for this kind of usage?

zucciniknife says:

Not really that much of a price difference for the 4 tb drives

danste01 says:

What raid card can I use for this red drive. I look adaptec or lsi and they are not in compatibility list. Is it only good for motherboard raid?

Gotyam says:

I have tried to read a bit about it, but I don’t really understand. How does these NAS drives work? Can you use them inside your personal desktop computer, or must you have an external storage device?

Harm says:

Because there only fit 4 drives in the Synology Disk Station he was holding. 😉

Misha Sleptsov says:

Ok. What I understand so far.
Green – for environmental inthusiasts (quiet, slow, cheap)
Blue – Standard
Black – Fast performance (expensive), best warranty
Red – most reliable? , slow (better mechanical construction)

Still a little confused on Enterprise? (Xe ,Re, Se)

I have an SSD but that is not enough for storage. I do some gaming would Red drive suck at this task? Basically I am after most reliable HDD.

Spencer Meens says:

HI Linus may you help me with my problem please

I am trying to build a PC using RAID but not sure which hard drive to us,

2TB x4 in raid 0 for performance with one DVD ROM

Tiago de Pádua says:

Think I’m gonna get 3 of these and put on raid5 inside my desktop. Will use the onboard raid controller on Asus Maximus VI Hero. Will I benefit of this “NAS optimization”?

Tera Volt says:

He is a salesman…

Lucas Harmon says:

Would a NAS drive work well as just a pure storage drive in a desktop PC?

Māris Meļņikovs says:

what is IntelliPower.

Alex Ciobanu says:

it’s also good for home storage ?

2535sammy says:

my dad works for WD and the things he tells me and the products he has told me about are amazing.

fucheduck says:

a million hours MTbF does this mean it lasts 100 years instead of 5? would you recommend this for a singular storage drive? does it perform like a black? would like it for a secondary for games on a new PC with a SSD for boot.

Juan Mora Ramírez says:

Hello, I have a question?. i want to build a NAS server with a Core i5 and a Gigabyte motherboard, the WD red drive will function for any motherboad? or only for NAS enclosures?

First Last says:

Does it need to be in a Nas controller, or can I use it in my desktop?

I’m thinking about using it in Raid 0.

Robert Van Gilder says:

Go Green

daknight5 says:

can i use this in my pc?

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