WD Blue vs. Black vs. Red & Purple HDD & SSD Differences (2017)

We revisit the differences between WD Blue, Black, Red, & Purple HDDs for 2017, then talk WD Green, Blue, & Black SSD comparisons.

Article: http://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2796-wd-blue-vs-black-vs-red-in-2017

WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM ($50): https://bit.ly/2jNEUI5
WD Black 4TB 7200RPM ($210): https://bit.ly/2jRpn9Y
WD Red 8TB 5400RPM ($330): https://bit.ly/2jRz6NI
WD Purple 6TB ($240): https://bit.ly/2ldDR06

WD Green SSD 240GB ($75): https://bit.ly/2ldvz8v
WD Blue 1TB SSD: https://bit.ly/2li7I7L
WD Black 256GB SSD: https://bit.ly/2lioX99

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Research/writing: Eric Hamilton


noisywan says:

why helium instead of vacuum?

Canabal says:

I got a 3tb WD HD 5400 rpm not going say its the best but had it two years now and have all my games on it. never had a problem a lil slower load times but doesnt bug me.

nateo200 says:

I could see Purple drives being great for a home DVR or for people who do a lot of capture card stuff that need capacity.

Error989 says:

I’ve been using WD RE4 for 6+ years and it’s still working like new. They’re still on the market (RE4) so I’m kinda sad that you didnt include them. They’re supposed to be above Black and ment for RAID just like Reds (but better)

Schiken says:

I live in Latvia and retailers here aren’t as diverse as they might be elsewhere. WD Blues are only available in 5400rpm variants.Although there is an 1TB Caviar Blue 7200rpm. Which should I buy? I’m thinking of upgrading the old 500GB Blue because it will soon be 7 years old and I’m a bit anxious about something happening. I have been writing quite a lot everyday like 10-15gb min

92kosta says:

I am quite happy with my WD Blue 1TB drive (the famous WD10EZEX) I bought 2 years ago.

Chubbysumo says:

I want to point out something about the purples that you didnt: Their TLER is set to zero. They will literally not attempt error recovery to keep writing and no lose footage, leaving the damage where it is so that the footage can be professional recovered. The reds have TLER set to 7 seconds for hardware RAID compatibility. Software controllers don’t give a single shit, and will just drop the drive if a URE happens regardless of TLER. You should have looked at the golds.

BAD Ben says:

What about the insane we black velociraptor drives? They spin at insanely high speeds. here’s the Newegg link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA67S3GU1384

Paul von Hindenburg says:

You forgot re and gold.

EtrnL_Frost says:

Fantastic run down.

Raccoonus Maximus says:

What about WD Gold/Yellow? they bay be intended for Enterprise/ Data centre use but they still fall within WD’s Colour system

Juan Albert says:

I have WD Pink

Vincent Pampanin says:

keep covering stuff like reds and purple, I for one work in the tech industry and need to know all products, not just mainstream

christopher james says:

I bought a couple HGST MegaScale DC 4000 four Terabyte enterprise grade drives for cheap on Newegg. 5 year warranties. Mostly for simple, temporary archiving. The build quality seems to be much more robust than consumer grade drives. They are 5700 rpm drives.

Jake Miller says:

But….can u use the high capacity storage purple to store all of my steam and other games?.

Andy Lee says:

Gamers Nexus+Wow by the way nice video ,why do you think no one in your audience needs western digital purple hdd you’ld be surprised , so here i am shopping for the perfect five star color night vision poe nvr camera surveillance system within the $450 range with PTZ capability, hey i was watching your video on my TCL ROKU SMART TV 32 INCH and just had to press that button and switch over to hdmi pc to give you a shout out, as soon as i locate the perfect camera system with remote view access for android, ios, linux i’ll be changing out the HDD if its not a WESTERN DIGITAL PURPLE or i’ll be trying to locate a camera system with no HDD and add my own WD PURPLE HDD

Pennywise says:

I use WD drives in all of my builds some are over 4 years old and still running fine Seagate on the other hand I’ve had a few drives fail.

3800Tech says:

I found this interesting article on the reliability of various drive manufactures based on a good data set from a data center.


69aussieguy says:

I have a WD Blue 1TB drive at 7200rpm and a WD Green 2TB at 5400rpm, guess which is the faster drive? The Green beats the Blue in both read and write speed, this is because per revolution of the platter, the 2TB drive packs more data…..so even though it spins slower it moves more data.


Thank you very much. I’m searching for a hard drive for my laptop and came upon the fascinating colors among the Western Digital lines. You cleared my curiosity.

Fosi94 says:

Western Dgital FTW.

pro hacker says:

Which one has a faster boot time

Richard Green says:

once you’ve had black you never go back lol

biteme says:

What about wd40

Infinite Gaming says:

Whatever drive u buy .. stay away from greens

Joshua Mecham says:

TL;DR 3:44

Chubbysumo says:

does a nice article, disregards Gold’s and RE4’s.

kegrv Greyd says:

You do know Western Digital paid 19 billon USD to aquire SanDisk

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