WD Blue vs. Black vs. Green – Best HDD for Gaming

This WD Blue / Black / Green comparison looks at the best HDD for gaming tasks. Full article here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/1741-wd-blue-vs-black-comparison-best-drive-for-gaming

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wallman117 says:

the newer bigger blue drives only run at 5400rpm versus the black 7200rpm does that make a significant difference?

XX302 Agent der Resistance Hamburg says:

Well… now there are WD Blues in 2TB 😮

Chinga3000 says:

Great stuff ! Your hair is looking rad man , much better than the biker mullet thing bra ha-ha ! Happy Christmas !

Tom Hanks says:

im installing a solid state drive and also a hard disk drive thats fine right

Samual Williams says:

The biggest con to WD Black drives is noise. Those things are freaking loud!!!

Sgtred Sgtred says:

shave your head

stefan Noreiga says:

this video was very informative …..loved it!

Evan Rodriguez says:

Dude great job on this video learned a lot and you very good on your explanations

FruitCakeTech says:

dude cut your hair

David Demery says:

Just wanted to say thank you . I had some questions that a could not find the answers to and you answered all of them .

Jomari Co says:

But there’s already WD blue 4 tb now

WoNd3R T0A5T says:

Thx! My WD blue 1TB has a virus that ate all my space, so i’m about to buy the WD black 6 TB, manually download everything again that I had from the 1TB, and format it

GameBuster says:

Hi guys, I’m building a gaming pc for my sons Xmas, It will have the Artillery Motherboard with GTX 750ti GC. with the WD Blue 2TB HD, do you think that will work ok or will I need to go for the WD Black, or an SSD or Both. thanks

pushthepanic85 says:

is that the columbine class phote on your wall lol

Bomb Voyage says:

I’m deciding if I should get either a WD Green 3tb or a WD Black 1tb, they are both the same price , I am a gamer, and this would be a secondary drive for steam games… What should I get?

Alex Romero says:

can’t the slower rpm get more data than the faster rpm?

mark hustler says:

a tb is too small of a storage this days. ill go for black. currently have 500gb intel 530 ssd and 256 950pro and now im out of disk space i think ill downgrade to hdd 4 tb wd black 🙂

robert denor says:

Good video, answered some very interesting questions I have always wondered. I’ll just save some cash and get a blue drive since they now have them at higher storage capacity. Thank you though!!

BlikenavE says:

This video is exactly what I was looking for, thank you. I’ve decided on the Blue.

Nepu-Tech USA says:

Please guys don’t fall for marketing, the Black is a great design and all but it’s NOT worth TWICE the price for Half the storage of other brands like Toshiba. First of all the difference in technology is not that drastic, a HDD is an HDD, as long as it spins at 7,200 and has 64MBs of cache or more the difference shouldn’t be that great as to cost so fucking munch!

And WD Black for gamers? wtf are you smoking? any hardcore gamer runs their games from an SSD! Samsung has 500GB SSDs that are cheaper and MUCH faster! Green, Blue, Red, Black it’s all marketing BS so they can have 5-6 different trims and price points. Don’t fall for it.

Metin Can Tepe says:

Thanks for mentioning the operating angle. My drive is vertical, now I will fix it. 🙂

jhon doe says:

#1 Blue spins at only 5400rpm
#2 blue has frequent park times

Jokersd360 says:

which one should i get 1tb 7200rpm wd Black (2013) or Seagate 2tb 7200rpm (2016)

Andrew says:

you look like betty whites mom

Yahtadi Shidiq says:

Tf, i thought it was new video. The hell youtube

Gabriel Sánchez says:

Pretty clear answer. Thank you so much.

mit4c says:

dont forget black has 5 year warranty but after 5 years the drive is done because of its high performance and high wear, i would say that lifespan of blue or even green might be longer due to less agressive behaviour

HolyOrderofDragons says:

+Gamers Nexus Nice to watch one of Your older videos. Already very high quality as far as alot more indepth and informative than most others. Also a bonus was the cool hairdo dude !!! 🙂

DankRight says:

lol greens

Jay says:

get a haircut hippie


will wd blue beat Seagate hardisk

Daevon Jackson says:

i just upgraded from my 2011 wd green hard drive i pulled from an old hp back up drive to install into my desktop (because i was really broke) i got a 250 gb ssd and 2tb seagate barracuda omg i can load into my windows in under 15 sec and watch a youtube video it used to take me 14min to do that on my wd green

Lukiel666 says:

Adata sp550 SSDs are cheap OS / start-up drives with good quality.
Then there is the matter of Hybrid drives, slightly more $ but faster than regular HD and much higher capacity than SSDs.

Sebastián Luraghi says:

many thanks. very helpfull

Joshua Xiong says:

Black is best out of those three but Solid State Drive(SSD) is best. I have Solid State Drive (SSD).

VR Composers says:

this was very informative. you make very good videos

Nicholas Strick says:

Subbed, very informational and easy to digest. Helped make my decision way less stressful.

Edgard de Paiva Melo Filho says:

Mannn, great video… helped a lot ! O.o
the differences between prices are much bigger in other countries like here at Brazil, it gets over R$ 350 difference, you almost can buy another blue with it.

Thx for the help ^^

ItzZebHD says:

how much fps more does the black drive get more than the blue drive. is it worth the 19 dollars usd to get the black drive instead of the blue drive?

C. Costa says:

Every video, your hair gets more epic.

iReturnV1deotapes says:

If I’m ripping all of my movies onto a hard drive so I can hook it up to an android box and play them through Kodi, which would be the best option?

mike johnston says:

bro you a hot mess lol

stephen frank says:

solid information bro ! will the enterprise grade WD 2tb drive work ok in a ps4 ?

Jerzyslugga says:

I’m currently gaming on a green hdd and OMG is it SLOW sometime when I’m playing csgo the load time takes so long all the slots are took and I can get in the game lol smh that’s bad I plan to get a WD black this week tho lol

Y.M.G says:

My playstation 4 storage space is full and I can’t download more games but with the new playstation update 4.5 we finally will be able to have an ‬external hdd with maximum 8TB space, could you please recommend for me the best hdd to get ?

Joshua Xiong says:

I was looking for a boot up and performance test.

goldy nadian says:

What if i just buy 2x1TB WD blue instead of 1x2TB WD black? Is there will be any problem for the system.

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