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sku: 22-236-622 (4TB)

sku: 22-236-623 (3TB)

sku: 22-236-624 (2TB)

sku: 22-236-625 (1TB)

For the creators, the gamers and those that demand the best, we delivered the next generation of hard drives to enlarge your PC playground. The latest WD Black desktop hard drives offer enhanced features that maximize system performance, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love most and less time waiting. WD Black is designed to intensify your PC experience with generous capacity and incredible performance, pushing the boundaries of personalization.

WD BLACK SERIES WD4003FZEX 4TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive

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Camera: Steve
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LuminatX says:

is the black magic test only for mac? I can’t seem to find a windows version

radori1992 says:

Wow these hard drives are impressive

Coouge says:

I have this and is it normal for it to make a little noise?

Obvi123 says:

Do most motherboards come with the parts I need to hook it up? If not, what do I need to buy?

Hyori tan says:

Personally if I was going to spend a lot of money for a hard drive I’d probably get one designed for an enterprise , where it can be read and written to 24×7.

Hence why I still prefer Seagate’s Constellation drives. 128mb cache nuff said.

Shubham Rastogi says:

How long does it take to boot window 7

Dyzzy says:

Are failure rates a concern for high storage drives in this brand?

Muilisx says:

black drives are the best…if u say diff then u dumb

Mark Williams says:

But how is the noise levels on these new drives?

Tielhor says:

I just bought one! 😀

ross06187 says:

does wd not say explicitly you should not raid these drives

IntoTheFray says:

looks like paul was having a bad day

Michael Mansour says:

Is that 3570k at 6.3 GHz the multiplier went up to 63!!

Rory says:

Is it true that these are incredibly loud? I watched a video where it quite literally sounded as if someone was making popcorn.

DoGeR says:

whats the different betwen these ones and the normal and cheaper ones

Aint1S says:

Still, I feel that WD is just filling a tiny gap between SSD, mSATA, and the mechanical market.
They should know, they’re the primary reason people needed to jump ship & go with an SSD. The black drives are not as outstanding as their 400-600 Velociraptors. The whole allure of the VRaptor is disk access, 10k rpm, & the IOPS in general.
WD Black drives are just hopped up consumer drives with the same old umpteen year old 7.2k rpm. It’s not a flattering thing, but somehow they sell it as if it were the bottom line for speed.

WD needs to use the enterprise drives, mass produce a few variants, & then sell that instead. It’s a wild idea, but it’s been done before with success by an old company that should know better, “Western Digital.”

Who’s WD, when did Western Digital lose a pair… of letters & a couple of other things too. I hate to say it, but Seagate is doing it with more than a few various drives…

GlacierTrak says:


adminmovie says:

I ll take the pink !

Misael David says:

For my main drive should I use black or blue drive?

paulmariani says:

My WD Caviar Black 500GB HDD just died after 7.5 years. I was happy to get a new WD Black 1 TB HDD as a replacement. I have always used WD HDD, and I have been consistently pleased with the performance, and reliability.

TTP says:

Is it necessary for the 8 pin power supply port to be connected?

HeadCrash24 says:

There is also a 500GB version

I have a long user name on youtube that is 100% pointless because i dont want to use my full name says:


Muck Henderson says:

I can see from CrystalDisk (10:00 onward) that you’re testing on bare drives, which will give you the nice inflated numbers. I have the 2 and 3 Tb versions, both just over a year old, both about 75 % full.

Testing now with ATTO, the 2Tb shows max 148 MB/s Read, and 139 MB/s Write. It’s dropped about 35 MB/s from a year ago when it was about 25 % full.

The 3 Tb is about the same, slightly slower. Testing now with ATTO I get 146MB/s Read and 137 MB/s Write.

My rig is for vid editing (17 4790 32 GB RAM) and my OS and software are on an SSD.

Thinking about it now, it just makes no sense to buy large capacity black drives. For gaming or vid editing 2 Tb is enough as a source drive. It’s large enough for games or source media for editing. If you need additional raw footage media space, as is my case with vid footage, the larger drives get slower as you go up. It really makes no sense for me to be using the blacks for storage, at the higher cost. You get the benefit of the 5 year warranty, but you also get that with the black Enterprise class drives for NAS and scaled out architectures, or red’s which are cheaper and will work fine for just accessing media raw footage.. Several 2 Tb drives are a better option or a RAID configuration of some sort. I wouldn’t buy another black > 2 Tb’s.

Josh Davidson says:


Great deal on my old hard drive. Perfect for a gaming drive. Loads fast!

jay t says:

fact is the one on the left and in the middle are junk they have no upper lip for the cables to snug up or lock against which makes it easy for the cables to fall right off just from vibration and the one in the middle and right are the same size and rpm just different serial numbers

Andrea Galet says:

The 1TB hard drive is a fake or now make them so ?

Tronnus says:

Has the 1TB drive a better benchmark as the 2TB drive?

Frank CG says:

Whats that 8-pin connector on the drive? 

Lars Reviews says:

They have a dual core inside. Wow I guess the drive alone will be faster then my grandmas PC.

FoodOnCrack says:

Fragile hard drive: Comes in antistatic bag
SSD: Delivered in The president’s car. Packed in 4 cardboard boxes, guarded by the queen’s royal guard. 7 layers of styrofoam and comes in a bullet proof case.

calvin tanner says:

Somebody mentioned that if a hard drive is more expensive that means that it’ll run faster, does this go for the Microsoft Xbox One 1TB External hard drives, and when will these external hard drives be released in stores by microsoft.

kerny7678 says:

What was the over clock I thought I saw on CPU-z?

Shubham Rastogi says:

How long does it take to boot windows7

glenn scott says:

lol love the video happy new year to everyone at newegg

Raz griz says:

2TB Hybrid Drive could give way better performance … with lower price 
I’m sure the choice is obvious 

SSJ4 Kleio says:

lol im hitting 120mbs read/write on drives about 2 years old from seagate im not to impressed with these numbers for price your paying for the drives

Dan L says:

Is this true that having more platter disks will decrease read & write performance? 

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