TOSHIBA N300 vs WD Red | WOW !!!

Toshiba N300:

Review and Speed Tests on the NEW TOSHIBA N300 NAS Grade Hard Drives comparing with the WD Red NAS Hard Drives
Tech Specifications:

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Toshiba N300:
WD Red:
Qnap 231+:
Terramaster D2-310:
Inateck Dock:

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QNAP TS 453:
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ZYXEL 540:

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Dan Panaete says:

Hi! How is the durability on toshiba n300 after a year of usage? The price is ok and i was thinking to buy one for my pc, i want something to last and a decent price. Thx!

Joaquim Santos says:

hi Roberto how do you compare the disks in sound noise? Need to fill a NAS but I need silent drives and the WD REDs look better since they’re only 5400rpm

Pete Davis says:

Roberto, Link aggregation is not really designed for home use, it is mainly for servers. Also Windows 10 does not support it.

Erl88 says:

Someone teach this guy to say NAS please.

lboymusic says:

Do you think it can be used for video editing? Can it be plug via USB 3.0? Data reliability is very important for me…

Unique Photo and Video says:

WD Red (non-pro) are 5400 RPM Drives, while the Toshiba drives are 7200 RPM. Still the Reds are quite fast for 5400 RPM, but are quieter and produce less heat than Red Pros.
Roberto can you test the WD Red Pros and Toshiba drives in a future video? Great video comparison!

Mods & Tweaks says:

Smaller tighter enclosure’s like Nas or DVR, red 5400 will be better!

arpcpro says:

Why not use the NAS drive as single? I’ve read it is not optimal to use NAS drives as single Desktop drives.
Usually they have a different firmware than a normal desktop drive. It makes them not continuously trying to read a sector when there is an error in order to prevent the NAS from becoming unresponsive. Since it has less error correction, you may have data corruption issues with using WD red (and the N300) drives on their own in a non RAID environment.

Zsavage1 says:

unfortunately Seagate has the highest failure rate of the top 4 makers.. 🙁

KaZi BisHal says:

I want to buy a 1TB heard drive. So which one is best . Toshiba or Western digital ?

Maxim Golan says:

hi Roberto,the real question that remains is the life expectancy and how soon the errors start to appeare?

Zak Super says:

This is a very noisy hard drive

Miguel Silva says:

What about temperature?
I’m running out of space for family pics and videos so in the last 2 years I’ve been waitng for 8TB drives to get cheaper but I think they got more expensive 🙁 but I think I want to put one of theese drives inside a USB3 case to plug it just once per month to backup, but when drive is running I don’t like to hear noise and would prefer it to be fanless and the less heat produced the best…
BTW, I’m a portuguese looking for best HD to store data and found this video, but I also understand english – thanks for your videos 😉

Charles Wilder says:

Have you been using the Toshiba N300 still? How is it performing after 6 months?

PaulC Techsupport says:

Fantastic channel; your reviews are always top notch, technically detailed and well produced. Thanks

Alex Santos says:

You pronounced the word NAJ with a soft J, I suppose you mean NAS, a soft S. I was a little confused. Thanks for the video.

Darek R says:

Hello Roberto, thank you for your test. Now I try to buy 6TB or 4TB disc for my Synology. I have two 2TB disc and I wanted to change one of them to bigger one. I bought 6TB WD red and then 4TB and both of them have the same problem. They are very loud when I want to read or write something. Head clicking is quite loud. In idle mode discs are very quiet. Could you write if Toshiba N300 has the same problem. How loud is this disc in idle mode and when receives or sends data. Do you hear head noise?

attentionaddicts says:

Great review. Also you have a relaxing voice.

Matt Soul says:

+Roberto Jorge I don’t know if you’ve already done this, but do you have a comparison with the seagate ironwolf vs wd red vs toshiba n300 vs HGST deskstar?

There is a HGST deskstar, 4tb model with the same general spec as the toshiba, 7200rpm and 128mb cache which seems like it will be faster than the WD red and segate ironwolf. but i can’t find any real comparisons.

SyndicateIsTheBest1 says:

Roberto i have 8 Nas devices, thecus 7 bay, qnap 5 bay, and synology 12 bay.. without a doubt the synology is fastest most reliable id suggest you grab one..

Notjo King says:

why do you keep saying NASH? It’s NAS

Brazil Uluwita says:

Hello Roberto, Cheers for the videos. Can you kindly let me know if the Toshiba Hard Drive is as good as WD Hard Drive. Appreciate it a lot. Cheers my friend.

Alex Santos says:

1 year in, how are the Toshiba’s keeping up in terms of reliability?

ThrobbinHood says:

Great video, thank you!!

hytlerson says:

NAZH… your pronunciation is awesome but this one word…. got me confused ☮️

Kodiak and Grizzly Bears says:

Why do you pronounce ‘NAS’ like ‘Nash’??

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