The Guardian Series – Seagate’s 10TB Hard Drives

New from Seagate – the Guardian Series of 10TB hard drives with 3 different models. The BarraCuda Pro for standard desktop usage, the IronWolf for use in a NAS, and the SkyHawk for security and surveillance. Check out the video for more info! | Hard Drives

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– Credits –
Camera: Daniel Gradilla
Producer: Mark Harwood
Post-Production: Kejah Murray


xxnike629xx says:

From my experience of using external and internal HDDs, I tend to stick with Western Digital.
I’ve heard enough stories online and from friends who have had their Seagate HDDs fail.
Sure Seagate is releasing a big HDD capacity first, but that just gives Western Digital (for example) time to examine what they can do to improve their HDD line in a larger capacity while still retaining performance and reliability.

With that said, I’ll be waiting for Western Digital.

Gamerswag says:

SSD for life… But not 10 tb

Joshua Duff says:

I’ve had a Seagate Barracuda 3.5 1TB for 7 years now, hasn’t failed on me yet. used it for games, several operating installations, editing footage, editing footage, Etc. Treated me well and has never slowed down on me.

SlashDot.R00T.exe says:

So does the name suggest that these drives go to heaven prematurely

userbosco says:

I’ve only had two drives crap out in the last 2-3 years. Both were Seagate.

kiddo san says:


William Gray says:

I want two

Byte My Bits says:

I’ll get excited when these prove to be much more reliable than previous generation drives. I want to give seagate another chance, but have had too many fail on me. I have only had one WD drive fail on me and it was a super old 500GB drive…If I can get that reliability with these, I’m down. Hopefully some good testing will come out showing what they can handle. I’d love to have this kind of capacity!

Birdie McChicken says:

The thing the video missed is that the 10TB drives have an inherently faster R/W speed due to higher data density (i.e. the bits are much closer together compared to, say, a 500GB drive)

Joshua Lua says:

10TB of data?!? i cant even trust seagate with just 500gb of data without it breaking…

Seth Anderson says:

They might be 10TB, but they still suck. Seagate makes the worst HDDs.

Thomas Hibbard says:

Funny thing is, only seagate that failed on me was like an 8 year old drive that was mounted like shit, thought I had another fail once, but it turned out to be bad RAM, and I’ve dealt with mostly Seagate Drives (About 10 separate drives over about 10 years). Plus, if you look at the stats, seagate’s drive failure percentages have been going down, also, these drives come with 5 year warranties.

RockerMan503 says:

price points?



-SakiSkai- says:

Well that’s a lot of porn

xasuma-Osu! says:

shut up and take my money!

esszino says:

Lots of *Ahem* to download.

esszino says:

Is there gonna be an SSD version.

Frank Jr. says:

…might be a dumb questing but can this be used to download games

马健彬 says:

I want to build a pc ,and I come up with this list: ,do you think it is ok????? By the way I am wondering if I should wait for the BlackFriday , will the BlackFriday have a huge discount on these component I choose? What is your suggestion ?

TaserTester says:

After owning many of Seagate’s 3tb… never again

UberDurable says:

Can the Skyhawk be used for normal desktop purposes?

justl33t says:

firecooter ftw

Josh Breese says:

Lot of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to download… If you know what I says…. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

HCkev says:

So much hate about Seagate… Been using Seagate drives in my clients computers in the last two years and half as well as my own computers, never had a client coming back with a failed drive. In fact, in the latest failures statistics by Backblaze, Seagate drives turned out to be more reliable than Western Digital drives(in fact, WD was the worst). But anyway, keep in mind that whatever the brand you buy, hard drives are very prone failure, and every single hard drive will fail soon or later. It’s just a matter of how lucky or unlucky you are.

kobyaustin1 says:

give away? XD i aint gonna pay that much

gonace says:

I don’t get it, why 10 Tb, Seagate drive as know to fail often and within a few years or even less.

Gartner Studio Official says:

what is the difference between ironwolf and skyhawk in NAS system ? or there is any difference between them in the operation of a NAS system?

Evilfisher3 says:

well better than just calling it “NAS Drive”

Indigo Bourn says:

Can’t find them in your store.

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