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Need an upgrade for your Playstation 4? The Data Bank from Nyko might have you covered!

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Reggie Noori says:

I am a bit confused on what I need to purchase other then the data bank please help


Dont buy, it has problems

Mo Hicks676 says:

This Video Proves that Sony is better thsn Microsoft i mean 6 FREAKING TERABYTES xbox couldn’t even get half of that

Heinrich Bautista says:


Cabby Cabby says:

Just an update to anyone looking to increase storage in 2018. You can now use a USB 3 external hard drive with PS4 simply using a single cable. Up to 8TB.

billythekid21able says:

I have a few questions if anyone would be able/ willing to answer:
1) I have the ‘classical’ PS4 (not pro or slim), would the Nyko Data Bank work?
2) Since we are in 2018, I know the PS4 now support higher TB of memory. What is the recommended number (4 TB, 6 TB, etc….)?
3) I currently have a 2TB hard drive in my PS 4 (this was a few years back before the software updates). Would I need to remove that and put in the black piece that would replace the stock drive (or in my case the 2TB) hard drive? I am starting to run out of space, and do not know what other games may come out in the future.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers my questions.

Gina Lanier says:

Where do I buy 6tb drive

Caden 1 says:

Can I lose current storage from this

You Tuber says:

Can Ps4 pro support 8tb hard drive

nick knickle says:

That looks cool I want this cuz ps4 games take up so much space

funny gamer says:

You’re not a boxer you’re a bitch that talk too much

Tomas Pedersén says:

Hi is it possible to have a server system to a ps4 slim when i can not use a nyko system becuase my ps4 that i got in a contest is a 500 GB slim but i want more space for my games and new games so can it be done ???

posey matt says:

My ps4 has 12tb works great!

Loop Smash says:

Best “How to” video I’ve ever seen keep up the good work guys

salamurhaaja 27 says:

Thanks bro

BrandyKoopa says:

why even get 6 TB for a PS4 XD

Muhammad Ibrahim says:

What is the price?

el Gato Rockanrolero says:

Is there a specific reason why WD Black was used rather than the Baracuda Pro series? I wanna compare both and need some support, for the 2,5″ though unless there’s a 3,5″ data bank solution for the PS4 slim as well

Uriel Arriaga says:

Does it delete my storage that I already have?

Chrisfragger1 says:

Lmao… Look at that stinkin’ brick.

Salvatore De Vito says:

I have the ps4 6tb harddrive like this one and its not good. I always have to redo the system software update using the thumbdrive and I lose all of my saved data games. I would recommend the 4 tb external harddrive instead with the usb connection. Theres no hassle.

You Tuber says:

What’s The Maximum PS4 Pro Internal Hardrive Support?

Alexia Lisy says:

If I have pre downloaded games and i do this will it save them once i install this?

Raven Dark says:

Got 8tb drive in mine..

Hamidon Hasan says:

Can it work on ps4 slim

Owem Smith says:

So what happens when I install this is loose everything on my stock drive the games I’ve already got on their

Salvatore De Vito says:

Don’t do it. They don’t talk about how the saved data always gets currupt and having to re format everything. I waisted my money doing this to my ps4

Lehaeman says:

How does this work with the original PS4 model, (if at all)?

Jeremy John says:

This is terrible idea without an updated cooling system. Your shit will overheat and burn up.


I can’t see your hard drive

beetleguese1209 says:



Does it work if I use a SATA extension cable, connect one end to the ps4 motherboard HDDs connector and the other to the hard drive and not use the ac mains that’s connected to the back of the nyko

Majestic Xpress says:

unbox can the this work with ps4 slim 500 gb

MrHandss says:

if anyone is still watching this, don’t worry about 3.5 HDDs. For awhile now it IS possible to use usb external drives on ps4.

Elated Boi says:

u should record 4k 60

Swayto says:

Does it work on the slim?

Damien Lagahn says:

So first of all I want to say thank you for the great tutorial on how to do anHDD upgrade. I used the same exact one you did in the video but here is my issue… when I put my PS4 in rest mode it gets stuck in a safe mode loop where I have to either reset the settings to default or rebuild the database in order for it to turn on. I’ve had to do this constantly for the past few weeks the upgrade itself is only a few months old. Please help this is becoming a real nuisance

Catsindawall _ says:

I got 2 terabyte ps4

Robert Zimmer says:

is it compatible with the other versions of the ps4

Max Logan says:

Can you also add that on a ps4 pro?

Justin Wright says:

I have a 8 TB monster lol

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