SSHD Seagate 2.5″ vs HDD vs SSD (Is it Worth It?)

SSHD Seagate 1TB vs HDD vs SSD Prices & Availability:

Seagate SSHD 2.5″ Hybrid Hard Drive review and opinion.

Hey guys, so here i am sharing my tests and comparison between the Seagate SSHD 2.5″ Hard Drive vs a mechanical Hard Drive and a SSD

Results are really nice specially when we consider the prices that we pay for a SSHD vs a SSD with the same capacity.

In terms of real world usage as you guys can see on the graphics and on the recorded videos with timings, the SSHD from Seagate can reach almost the same performance than the SSD in situations such as boot times and opening aps. And compared with a mechanical HDD the difference and the user experience is huge.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and that its helpful for those that are in the same situation as i was.
All the Best


62 BOSTON MA North East Corner says:

raid (0) 2-2 tb fire cuda sshd

Lenny Shaw says:

2.4GHz MacBook Pro (MD313LL/A)
2.8GHz MacBook Pro (MD314LL/A)

Precision aluminum unibody

2.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i7

L3 cache
3MB shared
4MB shared

4GB (two 2GB SO-DIMMs) of 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM; supports up to 8GB

Hard drive6
500GB Serial ATA; 5400 rpm
750GB Serial ATA; 5400 rpm

Slot-loading optical drive
8x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

DSM Dallas says:

Good stuff. SUB + bell

KajiRider1997 says:

Does an SSHD 1tb for €60 combined with an HDD 3TB for €99 sound like a good thing in my HP Compaq 6370b laptop? I’m going all out on this thing xD the 3tb hdd is going in the DVD expansion with an adapter.

Andre Pacheco says:

GREAT SONG who is the band?

touchpower says:

thank you. and you have good english)

Andre Pacheco says:

Hey great video, I purchased this drive for my PS4 Pro a couple of days ago and it just works great. Load time has decreased  a fair amount, but it’s dropping all the time. Would love to try them in an nas to see how fast they are. Although nowadays they are becoming scarce in stores. Great drives if you can get your hands on them.

Robert w says:

A HDD sees the blocks and not the files…

Gabriel Felipe says:

Esse cara é brasileiro né não olha esse sotaque

tvalchev says:

Nice video. Not sure why y’all folks been tripping about some 10s tho… It is true that large SSDs are expensive, but 250-500Gb are pretty affordable. Sit tight and save up for a few months to get you a better drive, not a hybrid. Also with some laptops replacing the DVD drive with a hard drive is available (Asus, Lenovo, etc).

steve harris says:

Thanks for the information, my computer is in dire need for new c drive, it keeps nagging to buy new one with more space.

Do you have tutorial how to install new c drive?

sedgewicksage says:

Sorry, but ssd prices put me in primary os territory, particularly where we are speaking of quantity and not quality. My money goes to primary os and not gaming systems.

Jarod Skaff says:

Flash memory? ? !!! Oh the NAND is 8 gigabytes for most frequently used! I understand what you’re referring 8GB to.

Froffey says:

so should i get the sshd or ssd + hdd?

Stevens Garage says:

SSHD all the way, they are dirt cheap now. I picked up a brand new 1 TB Seagate Hybrid on craigslist for 40 bucks. My old 7200 1TB took 36 seconds to boot windows 10. After 5 reboots my SSHD is down to 16 seconds.

Jarod Skaff says:

How about you stop talking about price vs performance and start talking about performance and LIFESPAN!!! Why isn’t anyone talking about SSHD lifespan on the internet!!!

Christian Geerts says:

Ver y smart hard drive great

Jarod Skaff says:

I know SSDs and SSHDs perform better and that’s all I need to know in terms of speed. I just want to know an average lifespan comparison between all 3 drive types. As far as I’m concerned, I need to know whether SSDs or SSHDs last longer.

Dorian Williams says:

Save your money and get a WD Black, Firecuda was poop

Hector Wang says:

your voice is giving me hard time to listen….so what’s your conclusion?

JoshTheBoss says:

Don’t SSHD just constantly write to the disk in the background?

Shashank Sharma says:

I have been using the same SSHD with I7 processor for past 2 year and working on heavy architectural softwares, although previously it was working just good, now i feel like i need a faster processor, and even photoshop is getting hang sometimes. Do you think SSHD is still a better solution for heavy softwares?

Wassim Jelassi says:

The music is badass!!

Lenny Shaw says:

is it compatible with mac book pro late 2011

Jasper Foekens says:

Can you combine a SSHD with a SSD?

Dominic San says:


Md Sabbir Ahmed says:

WD 4TB BLUE SSHD (5400 rpm) vs SEAGATE FIRECUDA 2TB SSHD (7200 rpm) vs WD 4TB BLACK HDD (7200rpm), which is faster?

waleed afandi says:

Which one is better?
1 TB HDD 7200RPM
1 TB + 8 GB SSHD 5400RPM

BebopMansion says:

Very good compromise. Just tried to get an info if they were worth it and everybody are claiming it’s better to get an ssd while I’m sure they never even had or tested an sshd themselves. Also everybody are claiming stuff about the sshd that are completely false such as they are not that much faster than an hdd. I mean, according to your speed test, they are way closer to an ssd than an hdd. Also, if you can get the 4 times the capacity for the same price of an ssd, they are totally worth it imo. I think I’ll get one at some point. Cheap ssd for windows, sshd for games and apps, hdd for files.

K Kzm says:

hi how can I find out my laptop hard is sshd or hdd?!! help me please

Neo says:

Nice video, subbed. I’ll go for SSHD, because SSD is shit, I need some time to eat at least.

Henry Ellers says:

The Seagate will increase load time of applications once it realizes you use those frequently and it is stored in the internal nand. Plus you get 8x the storage capacity.

Neil Riley says:

Can anybody recommend an SSHD at either 1tb or 2tb that still has a 7200RPM speed? What is the speed of the seagate tested here in the video?

Richard Exiled says:

i have 256gb ssd and a 1tb harddrive..shud i get 2tb sshd firecuda hardrive or 4tb hdd??

Julah Mayfield says:

Is it worth to add SSD in my setup? I have HDD 1TB 5400rpm with 8gb ram and intel i7 6500u. I mostly use my laptop for multimedia.

HornyTrolllololololool says:

If this is faster than regular mechanical hdd then it would be best value

Mayank Rahate says:

I am using 1TB 8gb sshd right now since 1.5yrs on my laptop .
I dnt care about capacity I only need speed so I am thinking about 256gb ssd.
So does it worth?
I mean new 8gb RAM or 256Gb SSD which will be more beneficial to me?

current specification : 1X8gb ram 1 slot empty

C MJ says:

Is the SSHD worth it, Well I can say No. At least in my system the SSHD by Seagate is like watching paint dry. SSD for the boot drive or even better M.2 for boot and if one is going to use a mechanical HDD I would use a 1 TB WD Velocity Raptor they are faster than the SSHD, but sadly no longer manufactured so 1 TB SSD instead.

iggytse says:

My laptop only had 1 bay so was looking at sshd. But since I will also want to transfer big videos files from an external source, eg 70gb, I think I will have to bite the bullet and spend the money on an ssd.

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