SSDs vs Hard Drives as Fast As Possible

SSD vs HDD or hard drive is a question that I get a lot, so I took a few minutes to answer it for you. Enjoy 🙂

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I have a computer (HP compaq DC 7700) that was once used in an office. I dont have administrator control. I want to wipe the hard drive. how can I wipe the hard drive without administrator control?

geetika virdi says:

A very crisp and clear explanation. Thanks a lot.

Aventanario says:

My Dell Inspiron Hard Disk Drive crashed. I guess it’s also time to upgrade the laptop with a new SSD. Thought it maybe more expensive, sure it’s more worth it than buying a new computer altogether

MrEvol94 says:

SSD for OS, applications and the games you play the most.
HDD for everything else

Selim Surucu says:

senin elini atağını sikerim orospu cocugu

Tim Harris says:

Love your work! Your video really helped me to answer some family tech support and computer purchase questions. 🙂

Out of control crazy says:

I have hard drive 1TB and 4.00 RAM is going fast in my old laptop

Christian Natanael says:

does ssd and hdd use the same sata cable ?

Telisto says:

so if it turned into a dolphin, keep it?

Ethereal Deviant says:

you’re great, now sit down and i’m gonna gently wax the mono brow 🙂

slik T. says:

i have a question that might make for interesting conversation lol …sata 1 ssd or sata 3 hdd in a sata 3 laptop? serious question

Comment_User says:

Best solution: Install all games and OS on hdd and text files, pictures and videos on ssd

Seth Hall says:

this changes alot with raid

Tea Tea says:

Can someone explain to me what he means by “writing?” Hes he talking about stuff like downloading and typinf essays?

Juan Carlos Celestino says:

Does a 1TB SSD exist?

Bence Tóth says:

i am going to build a gaming pc. so what should i buy?: wd caviar 1 tb (for 54€) or a 256gb ssd (for 83€)

zachos 2000 says:

so… what if I just get one of each? is the computer gonna be able to know that it needs to put my windows files, drivers and google chrome browser in the SSD and my files on the hard drive?

Vito Rodriguez says:

Is there any way to use the DATA thing from my Alienware 17 r4 instead of the hard drive? My hard drive is almost full because I downloaded a lot of games and I need atleast 85gb to be able to download the updates and patches from the elder scrolls online and I only have 24.7 gbs available. Should I buy a new hard drive or is there any way to use the other thing it’s called DATA(D:) and I have 931 gbs free. Someone plz help

McWheezy says:

Well I have a 2tb Xbox ssd for 200 – 500

Shah Maeen says:

Hi, Can you suggest me a laptop with ssd and under the budget 600$ ?
Or any othre without ssd

Goody Cat says:

Ssd is the future

Зарастроика says:

Whatever, I don’t like using obsolete stuff, neither doing things partially/divided· When I get the money, I’ll get an 960GB SSD at once· I don’t need to hurry up· Meanwhile, I’ll keep using my 297 GB retail hard drive from my old computer, heh·

OriginsPAP says:

What’s better for playing wii u game backups

Zephyr Official says:

So for a gaming PC should I just get both?

Calocitey says:

Ma dude you can now get a 5TB SSD for $205.85 USD!

Frankie Calizan says:

Will the MBP GET Slow if it’s using all the hard drive, let’s say my MacBook Pro hard drive is 128gb but I’m using most of it do u think that can effect the speed of the hard drive ?

USS Trekky says:

26 views from 1M

Fresh Baked says:

SSD= Ferrari
HDD= Pickup Truck

Ferraris are more expensive and run faster, but Pickup Trucks are cheap and carry more shit

ThalesPo says:

Get an SRAM SSD with battery, this way it won’t deteriorate with writes and will be even faster.

imawhale says:

Thanks for telling me to check my computer hard drive for dolphins, I ended up finding a load of little hamsters inside my fans as I decided to check my whole system as well as dolphins get everywhere

Rusty Shackleford says:

Are 2.5″ HDDs any better or worse than 3.5″? Storage space, speed, price? Either way I’ll probably go 2.5 to match the SSD and appease the OCD demons, but I’m still curious.

Asaf KHAN says:

In need of professional help
I am on a budget and it will save me some bucks if I get a hard drive only. I want to avoid SSD. Will it effect my PC’s performance to the point it becomes unusable ?

Tariq Qureshi says:

what about laptops that does not have ssd? like base model of hp omen.

Death Grimm says:

desktop pc for youtube/twitch makeing/livestreaming. ssd or hdd?

andree1991 says:


Lawrence Riederer says:


Technogramps says:

Damn my hard drive is a dolphin

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