SSD vs. HDD vs. Seagate Hybrid SSHD



Hybrid Drive:


Y U gaming TR says:

benim hddd em hepinizin ssd sini döner lan

Dettlaff :v says:

i have ssd

Animated gif says:

SSD is the future. HDD is a old technology.

SleagePrv says:

Now I decided to buy an SSD xD

Mikhail Museev says:

ssd makes your monitor even brighter…

7BitHero says:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer.

Best of YouTube - BoY says:

I want HDD, bcz I can see the windows logo there fully at boot!!

McNugget Butts says:

fuck anything other than ssd
once you go solid state yuo cant go back

epic Sucker says:


Artur Emenems says:

i like HDD because i have time eat or make a cofee

Calvin S. says:

I switched my laptop from a crappy hdd to an ssd and the boot time went from 1:30 to 10 seconds

Prol2eMix says:

ese hdd es de 5400 rpm

That One Channel says:

I’m getting a Hybrid fuck SSD its expensive as hell

awesomedavid2012 says:

Would love to see this remade with modern components – and comparing sata ssds and nvme m.2 ssds

Nico NL says:

why the fuck am I watching this

John Test says:

fuckers the fastest web browser is COC COC

Zayx says:

i have a hdd and yah, its real.. shit 😀

Kit SJ says:

Would the results be different if I used both a SSD and HDD?

videoradeon says:

ssd is fast but the price is just terrible for little things….

Yusril Izza Sukwasanah says:

wow crazy SSD procesing 😀

The Real N F K R Z says:

who else thought it said goku vs vegeta super saiyan hybrid HD

Narendra Javvadi - Telugu Tech says:

Nice video…

FunnyCrapAndOthers says:

an SSD will save u so much time is insane

princessa says:

че за дерьмо тут показано. моя 10ка с обычного жесткого диска за 10 сек грузится,

bellcc2 says:

I just use a cheap 60gb SSD for Windows 7, and another cheap 1Tb HDD for all my crap

SAID Edit's says:

hdd is best

BigJigglyNutSack says:

All we have to do is build a wall to stop illegal data coming through, that’ll speed it up.

Lupaz says:

still using a hdd and my pc starts up in around 10 seconds

John Test says:

ssd is low gb dat why it fast to load and Hybrid da best cause it have 500+ GB and it load fast! if it have same value of GB with ssd so it with load fast than ssd

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