Seagate Firecuda 2TB Review: The Ultimate PS4 Upgrade?

Tom reviews the Seagate Firecuda 2TB. It combines 2TB of storage with hybrid SSD functionality. Can it drastically reduce PS4 and PS4 Pro loading times? We’ve got all the metrics here.

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方森焱 says:

这个可以有 就是不知道国行pro什么时候上市

Dan Olejniczak says:

I have a 2tb Seagate in my PS4 pro already. Is it worth getting this for the load times, or is there not a huge difference to justify the purchase?

kambion says:

Wait, did he say it doesn’t fit properly?

nbadj says:

I keep getting code ps4 ce-34788-0 I just bought this hard drive and I’m not sure why it’s not working with it any help please???

bloxyman22 says:

In other words completely useless except with games where you replay the same map/area/load file several times.
If you play a linear game just once then there is no improvement at all except for maybe loading the game menu itself.

Narred Darr says:

I like the idea of replacing my 2TB HDD w a Firacuda. That’s pretty nice speed up after cache build up.
I was gonna buy a Samsung 2TB but i never imagined it would cost £500. That’s way way too much for a lousy 2 TB SSD. i KNOW that the EVO is the best SSD but, at that price? it’s too good. i just don’t need to spend that much on an average size SSD. Well, i wouldn’t spend THAT much out of principle alone. That’s an outrageous price!

What is the WRITE speed of the Fireacuda? and does the same ‘caching’ apply? Load times are READing data but what about installing [Write] data from a blu ray/DVD or download? I’d guess the write speed is pretty much the same as the crappy PS4 Pro HDD. I can’t see how it could be any faster [although, as crappy as that PS4 HDD is, it seems to be the best HDD in terms of compatibility… must be some kind of optimisation for that build/make of HD?].

Also, what effect does defragmenting the drive have upon that ‘caching’? i’m guessing it resets it to zero so you’d have to reload it 4 times again to get that speed back to normal. The average family wouldn’t benefit from using a ‘hybrid’ drive on a PC. If you have 2 kids and a wife then it’s v.importante to defrag at least every week.. kids piss around with all kinds of crap online so the only advantage it offers is lost after an auto-defrag. Win10 will defrag whether you like it or not.. Suddenly it doesn’t sound such a good idea.

BUT this IS the hard drive for *consoles* tho, wo a doubt.

M$ and Sony HAVE to use THIS hybrid HD instead of the old obsolete HDDs that have marginally better specs than the XB360 and PS3 HDDs. From SATA2 to EIDE is not such a great leap in performance.

It’s not really ‘hybrid functionality’ if the only advantage is ‘read’ speed. it should be Read AND Write but that’s obviously not possible as you only install once… It’s more of a ‘boosted’ HDD. A temporary boost.
nah, i need a fast ‘write’ speed too.

Ta Sunti says:

when cache file memory is full. it possible to clear?
or ps4 can clear automatically?

DaUsher says:

The mustard rice in the comments showing once again why they’re a detriment to gaming.

Rebel91 says:

ssd 2TB, usable 1,5TB 😀 if u know what i mean

Thomas Kings says:

So SSHDs are only good if you fail a level and have to reload a lot…

XtremeConditions says:

I just wish they put more solid state cache into these drives, maybe 16GB or so? I believe they only put in 8GB, and these drives could really flex their muscle with just a bit more caching capacity. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for that…


Restarts the game for 5th time. “yupp, it’s very fast now! it sure saved me a lot of time!”

Goldsnip says:

Thanks man , good review . I take it !

Sylon HD says:

What about replacing your stock PS4 Pro HDD with a ~500GB SSD, then using your stock HDD (or different) as external storage? Now that the PS4 offers external storage support, I don’t think the need for large drives in your PS4 is required anymore.

Sir Richard says:

ive had a 2tb hard drive for about 6 months now in my ps4 using a external drive from seagate.

D Sek7or says:

Just got today PS4 Pro and Firecuda 2Gigs… guys you’ve made this day 4me) tnx 4 your channel

Michael Dellar says:

how many times are you going to load the same mission though haha? when playing that is

Rich Dee says:

New to the whole hdd ssd computer type upgrading stuff, so if i don’t care about loading times i should get a seagate 2tb hdd for my ps4?

VIsubby says:

External HDD up to 8gb now for PS4 and Pro so doesn’t matter anymore

Markus says:

Just bought it for 100 euros 🙂

John Connor says:

Super informative video. DF is awesome when it comes to benchmarks like these! Now I know which drive to get for my PS4 🙂

Patryk Wychowałek says:

It’s all fine, but will it cut loading times if I play 2-3 games interchangeably?

Dream Messenger says:

Can we have a YouTube video host without a foreign accent please?


so gouda

Ajay Vailaya says:

Can this HDD give same speed when used as external HDD (by using 2.5inch bracket connected to USB 3.0) .? That could be awesome, am tired of 5200RPM external HDD’s

RawLu says:

Mine is in the mail, TY DF! 😉

Actually hard to get, sold out everywhere here in Canada.

stuffandthings says:

can anyone link me to the Amazon page for this

William Lavery says:

Do you have an other hard drive of 2tb for ps4 for less than 150$?

Hijynx87 says:

bf1 takes this long to load on console?!?! I was just about to buy it for my ps4 pro…..screw that! I already own it on pc with an SSD…figured i’d buy it because it’s on sale.

Jonathan Quesada says:

I don’t like to wait his “learning” curve, SSD works at the first time.

Dustin Solis says:

I got one of these drives and love it! It’s great for multiplayer FPS games where your maps get switched up between matches. I’ve been seeing it on sale lately for as low as $81 USD.

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