Seagate FireCuda 1TB SSHD – Review

The Seagate FireCuda is all about performance and speed while providing high capacity storage. It’s time for a upgrade!

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Ritchie Plunkett is a tech/gadget reviewer from Melbourne, Australia. or


SessleIsosceles says:

SS Hhhaieych Dee

Syfer says:

Thanks for the info. Love this video. But I wonder which is better and faster for games. This or a 1tb WD Black? Surely one has to be a bit better than the other.

tillbot8 says:

Just got my 2tb 2.5 firecuda delivered, It is going straight into my ps4 pro as soon as it comes, I hope it makes a decent difference 🙂

Dorin B says:

hello, i got an sshdd that whistles, only when its silent i can hear it.. i wonder how is this, is it silent ?

The Dr!fT3r says:

I have a question! Wich one of the 2,5 and the 3,5 version is better in terms of performance?

One Kid says:

My question is if I already have 950Pro boot drive do I need to have an SSD for better speeds for games? I have a feeling as that there is minimal no difference between this fireCuda and wasting more cash on 850Pro.

Crixus The Gaul says:

How does it “work” though? Does it have a tiny SSD built into it, and it knows what common files to put in there?

ANDone says:

How loud is this drive? I have a WD Blue 1TB and its loud af.

Chris Cayer says:

Will it fit the PS4 slim in 2.5″

excite236 says:

my read speed is 140mb but the write speed drops to 1~2mb/s

Mr. Mulle meck says:

Did it sound much???

Rickson Denden says:

Can the 2.5″ version sit in the SSD display bay in a NZXT H440 case?

Francisco Garcia says:

Great video, production quality is right up there with the biggest chamnels

James B says:

Is this good for loading into games quick?

predcon1 says:

So, it’s been several months. The hard questions: Does this drive break the Seagate Curse? Or has it failed already?

Skynepsis says:

You will only get sata2 speeds in a PS4, only the new PS4 pro supports sata3.

ballin_arellano559 says:

i wanna get a 2tb sshd (this same one but in 2.5) for my gaming laptop. Is it reliable? if it is i will also replace my stock one with another same 2tb to have 4tb in total.

karan gambhir says:

which is better for gaming and booting seagate firecuda or wd black

marpo says:

It was really hard to find an rpm rating on this, but it’s 5400. I’m looking for a bigger replacement of my #2 internal drive in my laptop …use it for video storage and editing. Right now I have a 7200rpm. Will this be faster because of its new technology (even though it’s 5400)?

ThePapadumGeek says:

Dat beard though

naim azzouz says:

What’s the difference between this sshd and the 2tb Seagate sshd st2000dx001 7200 rpm 3.5″ ?

Santhosh GSK says:

Hi,Can I put this into an external caddy and install games and play from it?

Abel Matos says:

Can I put a FireCuda SSHD 2.5 on my Desktop? Or is it just for laptop?

JustKevYTP says:

hmmm never even heard of a sshd. sounds good.

ThePapadumGeek says:

I have a secret guys….I’ve yet to put a SSD into my PC rig * Sorry not sorry

MrLincoln87 says:

bulk fast storage for minimal spend =D Time to upgrade ye old 2tb barracuda I thinks… maybe upgrade ye old ssd to a m.2 ssd aswell =P

tralalalalalal13 says:

this one or th wd black?

Reflection Tube says:

My brother got me 2 of these but I don’t know what to do with them since I’m 10

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