SEAGATE Barracuda VS Barracuda | NEW VS OLD

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Just a quick speed test comparing the Barracuda old model to the new model.
Hope the Video its helpful
All the Best
RJ 👍



Raid Storage:





Stewart Craig says:

That’s sux. Probably used cheaper slower motors and heads.

iMeMySelf says:

Uh Roberto you dont use Seagate, please… They are not good.
Use WD and preferably the Blue ones I’ve had my 750GB for 7 years now.

Jeff Merheb says:

Thanks for the test! I heard the old models were pretty bad specially with 3TB (ST3000DM001), the new series is supposed to be much better in terms of reliability, what do you think? And should I take the 2 or 3TB?

8KGAMING says:

THE OLD SEAGATE Barracuda Hardisk is very bad specially in warm condition. i have 6 drive fails . my brother use it as well and he have same issue as these old drives cant handle hot weathers like 40C or above . WD hardisk is much much better and never have any hardisk failed and speed is good . segate hardisk is faster but not reliable at all and even the delaer here in my country inform me they have so many fail hardisk which is very bad ..

Xextreem says:

My drive seagate 30mb is still working with windows 3.11, Not using now duh. But still running with dos programma`s. The drive is from 1983/1984. Still buying Seagate till this day. I have now buy the 12tb drive from them 12000000mb.

Umar Azmat says:

What is test method

bluej511 says:

My new seagate is 20-30MB/s faster then my old one, 1tb vs 2tb even. Using crystal disk mark i hit around 210-215MB/s read and write.

Matheus Avila says:

Brasileiro ?

Marc LaFunk says:

Hello Roberto, I have a question. I see you are using the seagate barracuda’s in a Raid 0 configuration, I actually want to do the same. I want to use 3 x 1Tb in a Raid 0. Off course I have another back-up solution, this raid will only be used for performance on heavy files in programs like Davinci Resolve. I am leaning to the Barracudas cause of there speed, there price and there noise ratio, but people keep telling me that I could better go with the Ironwolf or WD Red, all tho slower, they say they are more reliable. For me speed. on a sort of budget, is pretty important, and the Ironwolf and WD Red are not only slower but also more expensive. What my question is, I see all over the internet speed test in Raid 0 configs, but everyone that does these test do them in the first year of having the drives. So is there a place on the internet where I can see the fail rate of these drives, particular in a Raid 0 config. The Drives will be build in a Hackintosh, and I’m not really sure if I’m going to have a MB Raid 0 or a software Raid 0.

Any help is welcome,

Thanks in advance.
PS: any advice of doing a MB Raid 0 vs a Software Raid 0

Qualitaetspruefer says:

You compare a 7200RPM HD with a 5400RPM HD…

Thuhaib AG says:

what is the best external hard drive or storage for mac… something with thunderbolt 2

Virtuoso TV says:

i’ve been looking for Western Digital blue or black to replaced my failed seagate barracuda 2tb. but i couldn’t find it where i’m from. i found seagate desktop hdd 1tb [year 2015]. please do you think i should take 2 of them if i can’t find a 2tb either WD or Seagate?? i’ll use them for gaming. do you think it’s worth buying?

pixxel says:

Okay I guess my old Seagate 1TB is broke then… It’s rather loud and it is just maybe 50% as fast as yours… And I will check out RAID, I know my Mainboard can do this but I have no clue what it is xD

Золотая Осень says:

Сuz 7200 vs. 5400

Cody Yap says:

LOL I got one from my Dell Inspiron Desktop and it is 250 GB lol

Rick Dielemans says:

What is that laptop stand called?

Darin Steele says:

I have an old model that’s maybe 7 years old, it is a noisy drive and lots of clicks. But has been working non stop since day 1.

sve utripm says:

old models are also more reliable -couple of months ago i got a voltage surge, and all the new HDDs in my comp died, -but the old one didn’t. I was curious why,and i inspected the HDDS: on new one’s el.boards you can see there were missing some components – probably these were for surge protection, and they probably dump them to save some money .
After all if your HDD blows up, it means you have to buy it again from them, its perfect bussines schema, they just have to make its after guarant period!!

Geko Kar says:

Your voice is good…. Classic radio jockey voice…i had used a hard drive which was crash… There any chance to recover data from that SEAGATE Barracuda….?

AMD MR says:

new seagate has lower spin rate i think they saving money

Esthyum says:

TThe point is, the old Seagates are dying really fast, and not the new one, and a bit slower is not a problem.

Esthyum says:

Little bit slower than the old one, but more solid.

Sezer Çelik says:

I have the 2017 model while my friend has a 2016 model.
I’m having 1 MB/s at best (it was 140 MB/s when it was formatted freshly, a week ago i mean)
He’s having +180 MB/s
I don’t know if something’s wrong with my hard drive especially but there’s no chance in hell i’m getting Seagate ever again.

CrazyNoob Studio says:

fastest than WD Black right?

Mr. 2 minutes says:

I’ve 2 barracuda hdd’s, the old one and a new one they both are soooooo slow for a system, idk why.. sometimes when I looking for some file while editing, or open up programs it’s make me mad. I’ll buy some SSD before I pissed off and throw my rig of my window and get to jail cuz i hit someone with it, it’s soooooooooooo stressful and make me comments something stupid here.


Александр Котенко says:

My old barracuda 200gb still works from 2007 😉

dr techtek says:

my old baracuda is now dying after 3 years of use

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