Seagate Barracuda Pro 10TB Helium HDD Review

Could this hard drive help shrink the amount of space you need to store all of your files?


Twistar Gaming says:

I bought one and will buy another soon to run in raid. When my caselabs magnum sth 10 shows up. I will use it for my Retro game collect. Running Launchbox. The best retro front end ever made

tingokuman says:


Decan Andersen says:

i use 8TB as my movie storage, and now that 4k is getting more out there, we need a lot more space.
you didn’t mention temperatures, could be useful in sound damping.

Ichabaud Craine says:

Thanks for covering this – to those of us with big media libraries / general data hoarders, big capacity mechanicals are still relevant. I need to add another pair to my drive pool soon so I’m hoping this will start to push prices down. I bought four 4TB drives about three years ago and they’re still at the same pricing now.

Stephen Clementson says:

10 zettabyte ssd.

mark James says:

the noise tells you it’s working and doing its job.

thereddog223 says:

Games sadly my 2 tb is almost full

RedRingRico says:

The most epic anime stash in history is what I would use it for!

Sirckel Brad says:


PhilsComputerLab says:

Very nice! It’s good to see capacities go up, but prices don’t seem to come down. I got some 4 TB drives a year ago so, but they aren’t really any cheaper these days.


Nice video dude

William Chang says:

Great review as always, thinking about picking up a smaller version of this. seems sturdy enough and for a data backup drive, it looks quite good.

Ryan Reeves says:

Tom, ever fancied putting together an unRAID server like Linus did for all your media? I use one at home with 60TB of drives and it’s a fantastic system complete with Plex, Emby, caching etc. FreeNAS is also good, but expanding is a headache, whereas unRAID is simply slot a new disk in

Cyberpunk Computing says:

Is it normal for these drives to run too hot to handle?

lordferius says:

If 5400rpm makes the drive have a longer life span and reduce the noise by half, i think i would prefer that considering it will only be used to archive files.

wyzemann says:

I would love 2 of those for nothing more than a simple NAS for all backups in my household (7+ PCs running at any given time). All my PCs have on average 256GB of SSD storage plus a plethora of non-OS drives stuffed with over a decade’s worth of “stuff”. A 10TB RAID1NAS would be ideal at this point.

TSLMachine says:

5:45 The little black remote control on the left edge of the table (viewer’s perspective) moved!

Apex says:

“It’s big. It’s fast. It’s reliable. The Seagate Barracuda Compute Pro 10TB is the zenith of HDD technology” – Am sorry how can it be said to be reliable, this is seagate after all with a new product on the market only time will really tell on this front.

This should not have been named with ‘Review’ in the title because it was anything but a paid advertisement for Seagate imho

phoenix7289 says:


I probably need this. *rolls eyes*

Richard Scarlett says:

mega what? is that 7200.00 rpm or equivelent to what you said first?

colin m says:

dont take this wrong, your video is great. but why is your whole set up so dull? even your shirt was grey…

John - Orbiter says:

If it’s got 7 discs it’s likely got 14 heads.. As each platter will have a read/write head per side.

lilboi630 says:

7200 meg a second, rip SSDs

Sajjad Akram says:

Can this be configured as RAID.

Richard Green says:

wonder how much streaming /cloud £450 would get me ?
as usual tooooooo exspensive

Aurimas Knieža says:

250megaseconds 😀

Deepz88 says:

You are wrong… writing closer to the middle of the disk is faster than writing on the outer edges of the disc….

Theo de Raadt says:

thats neat, but i dont know if i want to trust all my porn to one disk

larrysmithfilms says:

RED 5k RAW footage at 4:1 compression ratio lol that would fill up fast 10TB

Peter Rostkjær says:

Small enclosures are easier to hide, so a 2-way RAID1 would be perfekt for an OwnCloud project.
Enough space to serve your self, the family and possibly some friends.
I bet an Octacore atom-CPU would fit that scenario perfect – a homemade cloud server with a power draw of less than 40 watts at full load.

Gamingman says:

Well little part of my porn colection could fit there, would need couple of those 1 is too small 🙂

Matt says:

there SMR scare the hell out of me… And with 10 TB you need to get 2 and run it in RAID 1 if you have 1 fail your screwed…

Excal abur says:

Does it give you your data in a high pitched funny voice? :p

Kyle Hewitt says:

Seagate equals high failure rate. And the helium will eventually leak out.

Dubzac says:

10TB drives are already in New zealand more storage is always good.
Poor people need not apply lel.

austinsguitar says:

im actually very interested in their iron wolf drives. seatgate is trying to change things up a little. hope it goes well!

Vincent the Raccoon holyfield says:

Nice drive I think the hard disk drives have some good advantages over solid state drives and it seems like solid state drives could lose there data permanently so much easier regular hard disk drives
It seems store your data on a inclosed metal disk and the data is magnetically imbedded
On that disk even if the disk was removed from the case
Most if not all of the data should still be there what if a power surge hit your solid state drive it could probably or will fry every chip on the drive
A regular hard disk drive yes it may fry a lot of the drive but most likely the disk in the hard drive with the data is fine and all or most of all the data can still be retrieved

andrewesquivel says:

I’ll never trust Seagate

Gunnz Akimbo says:

g’day mate.
seems the 4k porn industry is fueling higher storage demands! kek. OR the 4K HDR BD rips!

bradmonk69 says:

any chance of some updated mid-range GPU reviews now that drivers had matured a little? cheers.

Larry White says:

thanks Tom, personaly I would never buy a Seagate drive again too many failures I only use Western Digital I stil have IDE drives that work

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