Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001 Hard Drive Unboxing Linus Tech Tips

The new drives with 1TB platters are here! Very exciting. Dramatically better sequential performance, good power consumption numbers, and (mind you the HDD market is upside down right now) competitive pricing!


Kamikazi Lucas says:

will they ever make new drives

Raiden X says:

Segate ST2000DM006 2tb drive, is it still 7200rpm and 1tb 2 platter drive? I don’t know why Seagate won’t mention this in their data sheet. It’s a bad business hiding information.

brutalic001 says:

I’ll still never run any Seagate drive on any of my systems.

Jose Izquierdo says:

dont buy these model drives they are not reliable

alan jones says:

dont buy any seagate drive there junk i lost tons of work over these rubbish drives

best drive i ever had Hitachi never let me down

O Pensador Grego says:

In Time: Never…absolutely never buy a Western Digital HD Green Line. Certain data loss 

Naalein Grohiik says:

Whats better a hybrid SSD/HDD 1Tb Seagate or Western Digital Caviar Black 1 Tb
for gaming?

Roki Bro says:

i bought that drive but it makes some whimpering and after a while you get headaches… i will send it back

Queen Gloria says:

Hello there, Pls. can you be able to advice me on my Seagate Barracuda 2000GB not indicating light to power on again and I have lot of data for my classroom teaching of 8 years in it. Help please

kavin ravi says:

u r funny

Dedelbacana says:

This HDD is a piece of SHIT. Never buy them.

computermech says:

I have 3 Seagate Hard Drives around a year old that DIED with family memories.  Back up Seagate also DIED. According to this article Hitachi brand makes the most reliable Hard Drives. Seagate makes the most unreliable hard drives.

Gustavo Neves says:

Too bad those 1Gb platters gave so many problems. Failure kings of the century…

solidsnake2164 says:

Go seagate! My favorite are Seagate & Toshiba, worst is Samsung!

gast128 says:

Mine just died suddenly yesterday. There seems a lot of reliability issues with these Seagate ST2000DM001.

D3NYS MJ20 says:

Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001 vs WD Caviar Black ?

Dakoolguy111 says:

I am looking at this: Seagate 4TB 2-Bay Network Attached Storage – – and I want to have a desktop, expandable storage enclosure that I can access as a storage device, use as extended storage for my desktop. I plan to use it to store my photography library (professional photographer and I have alot of 40-60MB image files) and video large video footage, and work in various Adobe softwares pulling the media directly from the external storage enclosure. Is this the best choice for me (I won’t be doing a huge amount of network-accessing, I plan on mostly having it sit on my desk, connected to my desktop PC) considering speed and reliability that I need, or should I go for something like this: WD My Book Duo 6TB (2x3TB) 7,200 RPM SuperSpeed USB 3.0 3.5″ External RAID Hard Disk Drive —,200_RPM_SuperSpeed_USB_30_35_External_RAID_Hard_Disk_Drive

Ultimacy says:

Only HDD that has ever failed on me completely. Should’ve shelled out a little more for a reliable brand. Constant head parking sounds even with the latest firmware, and in just a few years it just up and dies with no warning whatsoever. A very unreliable, low-quality product, and I would not recommend it, even if you can get it for cheap.

G4yshe says:

i have one of these drives and i was wondering if anyone knew what that button on the top right of the drive is (you can see the button clearly around the 4:35 mark

Kurbs says:

Some guy stole this video calling it the new “ST2000DM006” do a search and you can find it Linus

Uday Aggarwal says:

can you please help me out!! i am totally confused b/w WD Blue and seagate barracuda?

William Rudberg says:

i got a problem i cant seem to be able to use the drive do i need to download a software or some thing

Thomas Hibbard says:

Bought this and the 3TB version and haven’t had any issues with either.

George David says:

that’s why I use Seagate for mass storage and not that pathetic more expensive WD. Also a study shows in the last 5 years showing WD having like 10,1% hdd failures, then Comes Seagate, then Toshiba (funny), then Hitachi rebranded with 4 letters.

Uday Aggarwal says:

is it advisable to buy this in 2016?

Mitchell Hall says:

bought one recently. Didn’t use my computer for a couple of weeks (about 2 months after purchse). Plugged PC back in, booted, got errors. Tried to boot again, then this hard drive shoots sparks and starts smoking. What a wonderful purchase.

Сергей Мельников says:

о чем это Бес пиздит ?

Daniel John says:

Cheap for a reason. I look at the warranty, it’s a 2 year not a 5 year like on the well built HDDs does it tell you something

xEvanMC Minecraft says:

Western Digital is far better

Iqbal Shahid says:

Hey Linus. I like your channel and videos and honestly I never thought you will review craps now. This HDD the seagate one is totally crap. I bought 4 of them and guess what? Within 2 years all went to my garbage box.

Mohammad Thouseef says:

Hello! I upgraded my Pc recently with fx-6300 GTX960 2GB 4gb ram 1tb Seagate barracuda and a PSU Frontech 450w! I have a problem first I had purchased 250gb Seagate HDD which crashed on the next day then I got 1tb Seagate HDD even that. Has crashed! Crashed in the sense some beep sound comes and doesn’t boot up is it because of my psu? Or something else? I wanna know please help me!!! Why are hdd’s getting crashed?

Theyn Smith says:

He is so much more normal and less spasticy in his older videos. Fuck happened to him now

Fatal Potatoe says:

I’m still using a maxtor diamondmax 21 250gb

Alex Boom says:

I have it for almost 3 years….i had only WD drives in the far past, but after a soft-fall failure i turned to Seagate… 

Nikolai Priess says:

Do you still recommend this HDD?

WikiForce says:

it makes a little bit grinding noise for me during boot :/ my other two drives are fine though

Michael Butler says:

So in a decade you would save $12 if you use a 5400 RPM instead of a 7200 RPM. THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY!

John Grayson says:


heads up, your video has been stolen at this link.

Pallab Das says:

what do you think about (ST2000DM006)

solidsnake2164 says:

WD is soooooo soo so sLoW!

Draculax says:

my 2 barracuda 3 tb disk death with click noise. I lost all data !

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