Seagate 8000GB (8TB) Archive Hard Drive (Test & Review)

This video if a review of the Seagate 8TB Archive HDD with some real world speed test benchmarks and also Crystal Disk Mark (CDM) Test. This Hard Drive uses SMR Shingled Magnetic Recording technology.

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Jason Hill says:

Nice video. Where do you get your icons from?

Absolute History says:

How is it running now ?

Fabio Giehl says:

read so slow

Talkative Tech says:

I just bought this hard drive.

Paul C says:

The karaoke version of this video is in the right audio channel. Add your own review!

SvenOkonomi says:

I do like your video, but the fact that your voice is coming from behind my left ear is a bit creepy. :’) Im wearing a headset and it feels like you are whispering into my ear.

Chris Wheeler says:

i thought the 8tb was a hoax. almost nobody needs this

TheDorapapi321 says:

fuckin piece of dog turd, low endurance, low write speed, low reliability, high temperature, high sensitivity to vibrations, almos same price as a PMR drive, This is a really advanced piece of tech with its SMR technology inside LOL

Sergio Mason says:

The seagate 8tb Archive is crap I have bought several of them and I use 2 as a backup for one of them, and they randomly crash and lose all the data. anyone of them can crash, do not touch them, do not buy them.

I bought 6 of them and 5 have crashed, the only reason the 6th hasn’t crashed is because I haven’t used it yet

Troy Graham says:

That read speed is pitiful. Definitely not going to get that. Guess it is an “archive” drive. Seems like it dumps the data anywhere as quickly as possible then spends its time getting it back. Now off to a HGST 8TB review!

Davethreshold says:

Hi Teknowledgy.
Are you aware that this is a brand new technology for hard drive storage? I think it shows a TON of promise, but if you read on, it’s inherently limited. That may be o.k. for archiving though. Many people on Newegg says it’s fast enough to stream Blu-ray rips, Thank you for this. 🙂

Marcos Benedito says:

The Western Digital green version and this seagate at at the same performance level i think or not?? i always use western digitals harddrives, can i trust on seagate 8TB to mount on my pc just for storare and see movies? or not??

NdokGames says:

HI how does the noise of the hard drive itself? does it noticeable?

• ಪರ್ಮಿ • says:

hi can you please tell me this archive drive can be used for Android media player?

Grace Kelly says:

Why does the whites in your desktop have a more relaxing color?

HeliDragon510 says:

Thanks for the video, really well done and informative. Do you know if it would be possible to put this in a FreeNAS setup as a 3rd drive (I have 2 4TB enterprise drives in Raid 1) that will be sync’ed to say once a week or once a night? Thanks again. Cheers.

nkth6ars says:

Willing to bet the slow read speeds are intentionally limited in the firmware just so they have another product line to sell.

Jason DiLaurentis says:

How could you still trust in Seagate if the 5TB failed in just 13 months?

Box Mods says:

what format did u format this drive to? i just got mine n imtrying to format it to fat32 so my computer reads it and also for my dvd player?

Jeff Tjernagel says:

I made the mistake and installed two in a Drobo5n… Don’t do it! It will not support the SMR technology this drive is using. Almost immediately they started to fail. I was lucky since I always run dual-drive redundancy and didn’t loose any data. One I was able to return but I’m stuck with one.  Guess I’ll find some use for it but don’t make the same mistake I did…

Witnaaay says:


You got read/write performance the wrong way round . This drive uses shingled magnetic recording, which results in slow WRITES and acceptable READS. Not the other way around as you claim.

To quote storagereview:

” The Archive HDD’s read performance was on par, and even ahead of, the other drives tested. In the 4K tests, the drive had performance of 138 IOPS in throughput, an average latency of 1,839.62ms, a max latency of 5,088ms, and a standard deviation of 499.25ms. The write performance numbers were, unsurprisingly, far below the results of the other drives.”


This squares with all the other reviews I’ve seen, and my own personal experience with the drive. The performance numbers in this review are wrong. They’re the wrong way round.

Anyway. I own one of these drives and they are perfectly acceptable for backup and media archives. Sequential read is still fast enough for streaming content over a gigabit network, and the cost/GB is the best out there. Its just not suited to being an OS drive.

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