Seagate 600 Desktop Solid State Hybrid Drives vs SSD vs HDD – Showdown

Seagate has a new lineup of desktop grade SSHDs. This new hard drive has built in SSD storage which can be used for quick reads and writes. We put it head to head in Operating system and game boot times to see what the benefits are, and how quickly you can benefit from this SSHD.



kal m says:

hybrid ?? You mean mutant ! kill em !

GamingTV says:

does SSHD use a disc?

John Stevens Obungen says:

either a 256gb bootdrive 960 evo ssd plus 4tb of sshd goodness pr make that ssd a 1tb mx300

GeneraL_LOL says:

My laptop have an SSHD,500GB of it…it is not that big but damn it is fast

J Sub says:

I just discovered last week that there is a SSHD, so now i’m getting one soon!
SSD for boot drive and SSHD for game storage XD!

Hypastpist says:

does the SSHD come with both laptop and desktops sizes? and do the standard SSD bracket fit with laptop sized SSHDs?


I am having this

YOU 기꺼이 웃다 says:

how much memorywill the ssd use?

Bandit King says:

I used to have a separate 120GB SSD for OS and other vital programs, while I installed other programs in another HDD. The SSD eventually filled up. What I did was put the OS on a brand new HDD and then cache it using Intel’s pseudo SSD/HDD hybrid system. I’m not sure though which is better; hybrid SSHD with built in flash memory but with only 8GB of cache, or HDD/SSD duo system managed by software but has 64GB available for cache.

toot1231 says:

got one
no regrets i love it

apix intel says:

its not a hard drive, its your wife’s pussy!

MuckoMan says:

He looks baked lol. Always great info though.

Flyky says:

Hey guys! So I am thinking about getting a sshd and i was wondering does it automatically use the ssd for booting? (Loading time on games. Booting computer etc.) or do you have to assign it manually? Thanks guys!

Pachungulo says:

hi. I have a question. I am getting a Dell inspiron 15 7559 with a 1tb 8gb cache sshd. will i get a massive improvement if I get a hybrid 32 gb because my budget is tight so if possible I want to save my money for other stuff. thanks 🙂

Fernando Salazar says:

That is the perfect upgrade for an XBOXONE, for speed and longevity.

Phillip Puffle says:

Can you manually control what your SSD and Hard Drive loads on a SSHD? Like say I want to put booting up my computer on the SSD part, and have internet browsing on the Hard Drive.

Gnar says:

now the question is: 500gb ssd for $109 or 1tb sshd for $80?

Cats Dogs says:

ssd Dies in 3 years 10 years for hdd

shinkueagle says:

3:41 – “I’m thinking of my mom…”

OMG! Linus is thinking of his mom after making remarks/innuendos that are sexual at the beginning!!!! LINUS YOU ARE A SICK SICK PERSON!!!!!

Mirsyis says:

I’ve been using an hybrid drive as i can’t afford an ssd and wanted a bit more out of my hard drive so it’s a decent compromise. I’ll get an ssd for booting windows at some point and a regular hard drive with more storage (only sprung for a terrabyte which i now regret)

Liquid Fire says:

I’m using a laptop with 254Gb of SSD storage, and it’s not enough to download my game library 😛 It’s 100% silent and i love that, but should I buy 1Tb SSD to keep it silent, or 2x4Tb HDD for the same price?

Alvir Francisco says:

question: my MOBO h81 doesnt support RAID and Smart Resp Tech. therefore my HDD cannot bennefit from ssd. Is it the same if I buy a 1TB sshd replacing my 1TBHDD. will i benefit from the speed of SSHD? or should i just buy a better mobo.

Kernel_PaniK says:

I’ve heard that SSHDs suck for games that have big files (such as textures packs), is that still the case (or ever true)?


do you guys think SSD for OS, SSHD for Games and HDD for other files is the best combo when you dont want to pay for an 1TB ssd?

Kei Sinclair says:

I’m a fan of sshds because it is really cost efficient. that being said, it is COST efficient. and only the most used FILES will be stored on the cache portion. So, boot files mostly. it isn’t like ssd’s where u store the entire software and it will self select so u can say that its speed boost is selective. Still, average users care mostly about boot time and to a further extend, gaming boot. the extra 5seconds ~10 seconds for photoshop to open isn’t a deal breaker and u save yourself couple of hundreds.

Johny bravo says:

what is processes are called writing and reading on a hard drive ?

Chase Track says:

Whats better for gaming

Foebane72 says:

Cool! An SSHD is my next PC purchase!

Nathaniel Olsen says:

Now we need Helium-filled SSHDs!

Gerard Kok says:

Does sshd need disk defragmentation or chkdsk?

InsGadJeT says:

I have bought a Seagate 1TB / 8GB SSHD, but it doesn’t seems to be running any faster than my old Seagate 500GB HDD…
I guess, that I’m doing something wrong here? I confess, I haven’t set up anything related to the built in SSD, because I thought it’s going to run automatically? Oh, I forgot to mention, that my mother board has a SATA II connectors on it.

Eluki says:

SSHD would be good for making content type of use. Run programs from ssd and save files to hdd. But is 8GB enough to support OS and run programs?

Rhys Briggs says:

dat handover tho

Marge Roehrbach says:

i’m someone’s mother, not sure what that was about. pretty sure your mom can keep track of where she puts her shit same as you do – but i won’t tell her you said that . i just swapped out my hdd for a hybrid – i bought a seagate fire cuda 1 TB to fit everything i need (aside from backups). also this is for a laptop and i don’t have a second HD bay, although i confess i did have a couple drives hooked up when i used a desktop, because i’m a data hog, and never throw anything out. i’m just hoping that i don’t experience the poor quality i’ve read about in some reviews, and even a bump in speed would be great – along with the additional ram i also installed (merry xmas to me).

C MJ says:

The SSD cache in these are too small at 8gb. I put a 60GB SSD cache drive in my HP desktop and it was a lot faster than the SSHD drive. Probably because Windows could fit in the cache along with my most used programs. I figure if you want SSD performance then get an SSD. The prices are getting much better now and will be even cheaper as time goes.

Jeff Fassbender says:

Here I always thought SSHDs were crap. After watching this my view of it changed. Awesome vid Linus!

Andy Lee says:

Is autosave in gaming considered as ‘writing’?
If so I’ll definitely stay away from SSD and get SSHD, even though SSD loading speed kills and I only play few games.

donovan strawhacker says:


Santanu Panda says:

please do a test on (SDHD) VS (Optane+SSHD) VS (optane+HDD) VS (SSD)…….

Raveen Bouy says:

^Time ^To ^Buy ^A ^SSHD

roket gamer says:

the bad thing is, they don’t last much over 3 years. I had a 3TB SSHD seagate and now it won’t read the boot files from it.

C MJ says:

Mine could only muster 114 mbps in my desktop with a SATA 3 connection. The same port my Raptor 10K HDD did 209mbps. So I replaced the Seagate SSHD with two Raptors for storage.

dinu mihai says:

great help for my knowledge thnx dude

Mid West says:

Someone help me what is a better combo, 1 SSD and a HDD or SSHD and or HDD, SSD. Would it even make since to have a SSHD and SSD both in one rig?

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