Seagate 14TB Barracuda Pro Review – 1 Day Stress Test + Thermals

Here is a quick review on the Seagate 14TB and running it through some stress tests, and it passed with flying colors, the build quality seems really solid and comes with a 5 year warranty…. nothing really to critique here except the price, it is expensive, but then again 14TB is a lot of data to fit in a 3.5″ form factor.

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speedphlux says:

Finally a hard drive which can house my entire hentai collection !

Peter Anderson says:

I remember I thought I was shit hot with my 40MB drive in my brand new 486 33Mhz

Thomas s says:

At one time in 2010 I almost went out and bought 2 2tb drives that I was going to call my monolithic brick.
That never happened of course. I ended up with a 1tb western digital green hdd 1 year later.

Really between my 250gb and 128gb ssd, 1tb western digital black, and even a 2td hitachi deskstar I bought a year or so ago I never need to worry about space.
in all honestly I rarely write or even access files on my hdds, my 250ssd is my main driver for games with my 128gb ssd for os, apps. When I’m not playing a game I simply uninstall the game. With internet speeds at 100mbps these days I can easily redownload my games from steam.

Fabien Poux says:

What I will do with a single 14TB drive ? I will transfer all my data from my 4x3TB HDD and my single 2TB, then I will ditch my 2TB so I will have 12TB free for my next video editing files :p

Veritas says:

What a stupid price. wouldn’t pay half that, u’d think these company’s would want to sell hdd’s while they can.

Siba Smith says:

sata AF

Joseph Kaneaster says:

what does yes tech say about the ryzen 1600??

Joseph Kaneaster says:

just one porn photo and the whole damn thing is destroyed, promised

Injected_Pie says:

SSDs should catch up in 10 years in cost per tb also 100tb in 3.5 should work with todays technology

Zubair Saifi says:

I wish I had that much of storage.

MagicAnvil says:

What’s the comparison to WD Gold drives

Whis says:

Today is no unlike anyday from past, 14TB is not enough even, I’ve got 2x 12TB, still there is some disconnect issue when the drive reaching almost full, hmm not sure this 14TB got the same problem?

Joseph Kaneaster says:

14 tb id take a tb screening at the docs

Dean Barrett says:

I just grabbed one of their 12 tb drives a few weeks ago myself and have been quite impressed with the performance also. great drive handles all my games without any issues.

Lawrence Timme says:

14tb of spinning rust.

Sand Man says:

There is actually a 15.4tb ssd called Samsung PM1633a and just happens to cost as many dollars as it has gb’s

Omsui Skies says:

I dont trust seagate. All of my dead drive are seagate.

Ali107 says:

*999th like.*

Paul Beavis says:

Like your you need!!! Seeing your lounge room puts me off…

Robeight says:

Seagate…. Hmmm.. Nah

Cpt_Wolf says:

So much porn on one drive!

Leo G says:

I just dont need 14TB for 500 $.

Daniel Son says:

Great review I wonder how it would perform if it was set up as a hybrid drive with an ssd to be used as a games drive 🙂

Lunaria nerino says:

I would download 13 tb of “homework” and den 1tb for “kinky homework”

MeatVision says:

Looks awesome but I will never going to buy a Seagate product again. The last Seagate external HDD broke while doing THE FIRST BACK UP. Nope

Zerox Gaming says:

0:14 SeaGays

Vlad Ionescu says:

Here is a 60 tb SSD Linus showed last year

Bitter Cynic says:

Probably not practical for price/capacity, media PCs are better off using a stack of drives but it’s a compromise option for fancy desktop builds with often only room for one or two 3.5 drives.

1sonyzz says:

wd gold 12tb which i have does have same sound sometimes – wd says its normal because its adjusting head height on the fly or sometimes it goes tr tr tr tr tr tr for like 10s meaning its testing its heads and calibrating them

Geleber Kasten says:

Strange. that ~255 MB/s over the length is quite irritating. There must be significant cache effects of the (probably sample i guess) sequential 4K read/writes, as a drive like that can usually not maintain that rate at full sequential writes/reads of large blocks. Just on the outer tracks that works and then the rate is going down on a curve on the travel of the heads of the inner tracks.
Even it’s cut here at ~10TB, so we do not see the most inner zone, i dont believe that the drive can maintain >250 MB/s on full scale seq read/write until it reaches 10TB track area.
Strange chart.

Andrew Preston says:

what would I do?
WD black m.2 1tb ssd OS, Intel optane m.2 for cache, 14TB steam library.

John Leonard says:

Link for the thermometer / stope watch / whatever else it is thing?

Tazboy says:

U are terrorizing me

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