Review – Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB hard drive OEM

My review of the Toshiba 1TB hard drive I purchased from Microcenter


S C says:

Lol “1 gb hard drive”

kyleplier says:

I have the same HDD. And it seems faulty. It is extremely vulnerable to sudden power fall-offs and even accidental bumps to my Thermaltake case is enough to cause a disk read error. And it always affects the registry sub key for the profile. The latest power fall-off did it in it seems. Can’t boot past the POST. And the HDD is actually shit for gaming even if it worked right. 32MB of cache is not enough to be of any decent use. You need at least 64MB cache. I’d recommend a Western Digital Black Performance HDD. they come in 64mb and 128mb cache and they come to up to 6TB with the 128MB cache for approximately $260

Dijana Andjelkovic says:

@Raj2986 do you happen to have the driver for this HDD? i have been looking everywhere and I can’t even find it on Toshiba’s website.

IdK says:

if you wanted to use it as in internal hdd then you should’ve got a internal hdd those have a usb cable but this with this toshiba hdd you need to use a sata cable

TheBetito123 says:

is this drive good for gaming?

Chaz5756 says:

Don’t know if you’re still monitoring this thread but if you are you certainly can connect it (or any 3.5″ sata drive) to a laptop/notebook with something like this:
C&E 2020 SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter on Amazon. There are other brands available also (even Walmart sells similar items). Hope this helps someone.

UndeadProdigy says:

Is a 2.5 inch 1TB ok to use in an old ps3?

faith says:

I don’t mean to use the drive as an internal drive for a laptop. I meant connect it via USB to a laptop. What cables do you use?

IdK says:

You can’t

ayehjh says:

Just curious, is this drive still running well?

Miljan Janto says:

i have the same hdd as you 😀

MrMagee78 says:

What rating do you get with this drive on windows assessment  test? I think my rating went down.

q7wasp7 says:

1-07-2016 – – – – – My DT01ACA100 HD “reads and writes” almost constantly and hangs the system. Browser and desktop functions cursed with the spinning blue circle (Windows 10 machine). Can’t tell if it’s the HD or something else causing the constant read/write – Task Manager shows the graph of Disk 0 (C:) up to the top at 100% nearly all the time. Need clues how to find out what’s the hang-up. RSVP if you have an answer.

Umar Azmat says:

Hi i hope you can help me. As Toshiba HDD is 32mb cache and  Seagate barracuda 1TB 64mb cache. which one is better and how. does have 64mb cache matters and in what ways.
sure the warranty of Toshiba is 1yr compare to seagate 1+1 .
As i have WD green 64mb cache 250gb and using that as my main drive while seagate 32mb cache 250gb is my secondary storage drive only.

is they any benchmark or others reviews i can look at?

faith says:

What cables do you use to connect the hard drive to the computer? I just got this drive yesterday and have no idea how to connect it my laptop.

daPSI112 says:

You cannot connect this HDD to a notebook… You need 2.5 inch instead of 3.5

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