Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap!

Are expensive NAS units your only option to expand your storage reliably? I think not…

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Rohan Kumar Sahu says:

Can you make a video on how to build a server with software

Pat Callahan says:

Uh, Linus? I think your background clock could use a fresh battery upgrade. Maybe you could solder a few together in RAID for timekeeping redundancy! Ooh, OOH! I know… RGB that ol’ clock! Yeah, that’ll snazz it up a bit, hehe!

Frank Concemi says:

I feel like the intro was a shot at PewDiePie lmao

Karthik Vinayan says:

You forgot to do the colour correction…

Tommy Mairo says:

Can tunnel bear be used in China mainland today? XD

Roman Baranovichi says:

or use a pi 3b, and a nas distro… done for 35$

J Chaffin says:


Ahmed Sherif says:


Phillip Craggs says:

most of the time I can work my way through understanding your vids, but this one is a little over my head. I’m looking for a external solution for my photo editing workflow, storage and backup stuff. but everything here is more than a want to get into. So I’m probably going to have to buy a plug and play option.

Sourpatchkid 27 says:

Giga-BIT and Giga-BYTE are different! Giga-BIT is LESS than ONE BYTE!

Waxman says:

You have no room to call anyone “Nerd” with that lame jacket, ear rings, and goofy hair cut. What? You raid your sisters closet?

Romick Vieira says:

Their cheap, can keep your files, if your a pro you can store your work and art there sefely, its just cool the idea of having a “small server” by myself xD I want one for sure, i might not even buy a drive, ill buy a 1tb ssd to use and then use my old 1tb WD blue in a NAS to store shit, music, documents and anything else.OH, and had forgot that, thanks linus, you can acess your NAS files from different PCs, having acess to your cloud stored files everywhere, really like having your private server, thats so fucking cool!! Can work on your files at home and then at work without having to take pen drives and other shit, i dont need that, but its just cool what u can do with one. This video is old, pretty sure you can get a 1 drive nas for like 80€… maybe 100€, cheap. Ok, maybe 150€ still, cheap.

1Kurgan1 says:

Always like Linus’s videos. But his “deal with it” bit here is really off putting. The explanations on why you’re looking at more Sever hardware were fine. The “deal with it’s” were annoying.

Konka Bass says:

I dug this video, what I don’t dig is how many people are getting their panties in a twist about it. He’s showing you options you can use to tackle making a NAS from rock bottom consumer stuff to psycho custom OP build. He literally says in the video, “[I’m interested in] server grade hardware, deal with it.”

Fernando Barranco says:

I still wonder who the hell dislikes these videos!?!?!?!

Nicholas Farmer says:

Could you theoretically put a usb port inside a pc and put and external ssd inside?

Nathan A says:

I own enough tape to make turtles extinct.
Be responsible!

lauren jackson says:

hey how long do you think it will be b4 they make a Peta byte hard drives

Nash Petersville says:

Very important and not mentioned in video, these servers are loud af which makes them impractical for many home use applications. Means you’re going to need a room for servers a/c cooled and preferable soundproof.

Mohammad Faramarzian says:

always the overkill, your like the friend who asks me (the noob) to play CS:GO and then kills me and tea bags me. Linus cheap is not a relative term it means for the least amount of money.

darknessblade says:


just need a itx board with enough sata connectors, then put it in my mozart tx.
so i only need 1 pc case for both gaming and server/nas function.

still need a 7″ car radio/display combi (with camera function)

alex campbell says:

um what if it doesn’t use atx

Emm Wen says:

Linus, can you show us in simple steps?

See What I Did There? says:

You’re a gay.

Artur Zelenko says:

“Deal with it” is a pretty much shitty answer for a dude with such responsibility towards his subscribers… Could use some real modern NAS compare.

Eric Wade says:

Please follow up on building a hotswap NAS from the info given in this video!

thaik56 says:


Jabulani Harvey says:

“Number one, I find it interesting…deal with it…” Hilarious 2:41, 2:56

Austin Brancheau says:

Okay but to just store family photos no one will ever go to access except to add more to the pile, a 1TB external HDD is plenty over kill enough imo

chemicalsam says:

So it’s just putting drives in your computer

Mycroft H says:

Great but could you translate everything you said into English for us mortals who don’t work in the tech industry.

Cortex says:

Is 4k video streaming on your local network easy as Raspberry Pi?

Daniel Momcilovic says:

If you collect media, you will love this space saving & storage system for DVD, and BLURAYS here: demo

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