PS4 External Storage Loading Time Tests – Upgrade Options Compared!

It works brilliantly, but what are the best ways to use PS4’s extended storage feature? Tom runs through the merits of buying a sizeable 4TB external drive versus a smaller SSD (inserted into a USB enclosure). The results are surprisingly promising all round.

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JayzBeerz says:

I got 3 WD Easyshare 4TB hard drives from Best Buy on Black Friday for $79.99 each. They work great on the Xbox One X and PS4.

jim psas says:

Should I get ps4 500gb and then buy a hdd or buy instead ps4 1tb from the beginning?

Jonathan Kim says:

Just wondering, does it take longer to transfer a game from an external hdd drive to your internal ssd, or does (re)downloading a game from the network directly onto the ssd take longer? I am about to buy a ps4 pro and am considering my options with externals and ssd’s

FatGuyonTheCouch says:

The problem with ssd is they don’t last long.

roccorostagno says:

Can i also use a 1tb thumb drive?

Daniel M says:

I can’t believe that SSD + External enclosure idea didn’t click didn’t even cross my mind til you showed it on the video. Just for that thanks a million.

intalent says:

great video with just the information I wanted to know. Thanks!

Robert Langdon says:

Everyone is talking about loading times, but why is no one talking about horrendous input lag and the totally inadequate and unreliable transfer and connection going through usb? I’ve just bought one of those 4tb Seagate external hdd and the lag rendered Tekken 7 unplayable. Controller randomly froze, lagged and even disconnected. I couldn’t recommend anything external for the ps4 unless you’re connecting an external drive to your PS4 via ethernet cable; I’d like to know which devices allow you to do this, but I’d prefer going the internal route after that shambles.

Jr_ Mrtz says:

Would loading time be affected if I have internal ssd and an external hdd at the same time

esperCELL says:

if only it could support 4x4TB ext HDD in Raid 0 enclosure.

Daniel Burgess says:

I have this game on ps4 & I have bought myself a external hard drive

all my other games as far as I can tell transfer over fine

but with Sonic Forces & only that game it will not transfer over to the external storage I get the error code


I have done much google searching & can’t find anything all I keep coming across is help on how to install a external drive nothing about the above error code or why you can’t transfer certain games

anyone know why & how I can fix this ?

also have same problem with the walking dead collection


mass effect andromeda
shadow of war
south park stick of truth
south park the fractured but whole

transfer fine no issues

senna255 says:

Has anyone had luck formatting a 240GB external SSD in a USB 3.0 enclosure? I got error “Cannot format this USB storage device as extended storage. A USB storage device that meet the following conditions must be used. (CE-41901-5) 1) USB 3.0 or later 2) 250 GB minimum, 8 TB maximum capacity 3) Directly connected to PS4”

Melchisedech85 says:

What about sshd ( hybrid ) ? do they work just like normal hdd / ssd ? plug and play no problems, anyone tried ? thx

Trent Phillips says:

What is the difference between this
Seagate 4TB Game Drive for PlayStation 4 Portable external USB Hard Drive (STGD4000400) and the Seagate Expansion drive Is the Seagate Expansion a 3.5in and the other a 2.5in?

Android Guy says:

Does it matter if I plug my external drive into the back USB port of the ps4 pro? Are they all USB 3.0 ports on the ps4 pro?

dragon banishor says:

Does the 2 TB work the same as the 4TB

kmjansen says:

Is there a way to use a partitioned 1tb external drive for ps4 and xbox one? So 1 partition used for ps4 and the other for x1 when i plug it in the desired console or do they detect it as one drive regarding the partitions present.

KA Boozle says:

I’d be interested to see if there are any benefits to using a hybrid SSD/platter drive, internally and externally. Not sure about the benefits because the file system may not support it. They’re still relatively expensive but can be a compromise between speed and storage size. Definitely a niche product, but it would be nice to see the tests anyways.

deano C says:

nice review good details,
…can I ask what seagate drive you tested as they seem to have 3 slim and 2 fat versions…. are they all the same or are some better?
also in name of scince would adding ssd internal boost load times when using usb drives?

kenyonlake says:

So does loading speeds for the external change for a 2tb and 4tb

izri1 says:

You should used a 3.5” external instead of a 2.5” external.
That 2.5” external you should have put inside the ps4 as replacement of the stock ps4 500gb.

DezFoto says:

Very informative, thank you!

Coby Williams says:

When I ran out of gb on PS4 then had to delete some game

Kackspack0815 says:

And what’s the speed if you put the actual 4 TB hard drive directly into the PS4 to swap the stock HDD❓

alvin banaag says:

Need help on deciding which one to get for my ps4

Seagate BarraCuda ST4000DM005 4TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5″
Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5″

does the barracuda have the same performance in load times compared to the firecuda?
I wanted to get the barracuda 4tb, but i can’t seem to find any reviews of it on the ps4.

Austin Lunbeck says:

If you buy a PS4 which costs like 200 used don’t buy that ssd it’s far too expensive for it

Xellos Metallium says:

bestbuy WD (red) 8TB external $160.
newegg 480GB for $100

this is a good deal?

Brandon Nguyen says:

Quick question, would I want to play games off the external hard drive or keep what I am currently playing in the internal?

N.O.V.A XD {HACK} says:

Good video

STM says:

120 pounds!? That’s a heavy hard drive!

Echo Xane says:

I was thinking about getting a samsung external SSD for my ps4 pro because it’s highly reviewed… At it’s core are external designed ssds any different than a “mounted enclosure” ssd?

It stands to reason that what you’d be buying is probably just a standard ssd premounted in an enclosure instead of requiring the extra step… But you never know what people are selling you these days…

Origami folds says:

Can I download games in it

Noah Willson says:

Hopefully PS5 would support an internal 3.5″ HDD and a much faster CPU. I really hate long loading times.

Austin Lunbeck says:

I have that same segate hardrive except the 3tb and for 80 dollars yes I got 3 terabytes for 80 dollars blows my mind

Praveen bn says:

Just the review I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

German Big says:

Please do this on the Xbox One X. I did these Tests by my self….SSD is the fastest most of the time. Sometimes its the same like the improved internal 7200u/min hdd 1tb.

Andrew Richardson says:

Does anyone know if the frame rate is slower if you use a HDD? I have a 4tb WD easystore for reference

Clint Hoffman says:

Why no 4TB Raid 0 test? I bought mine months ago and use it with my Pro. Faster than a single drive and way lower cost than an SSD.

Myla Berry says:

What is the noise like on the 4tb? Is it comparable to the first model ps4?

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