PS4 External Hard Drive – Is it any good?

With update 4.50 on the PlayStation 4, users have the ability now to use an external hard drive to store game content. As expected, it’s not as fast as the internal hard drive, but let me know in the comments if the times I got in the video would be a deal breaker for you.

Tested drive –


Rick Parker says:

I have a 6t external. I download everything to it. And I bought a ps4 pro and gave my 500 gig ps4 to a friend.

Jesse Watson says:

I’ve got a fairly small, rather old (from 2011) 500GB SSD that I use, and I’m going to get a 4TB external as well. I’ll keep all my stuff on the external and just transfer over whatever I’m currently playing.

Omni Zevvo says:

I’m your 1,000th subscriber!!!


what you don’t say is if the external hdd is a 5400, 7200, SSD, SSHD, I believe that the the Pro has a Hybrid

darkshadows-_- says:

you my good sir have earned a subscriber I’ll be sure to check out more of your content

Gin Tonic says:

Maybe test with a quicker external drive, like the WD Elements desktop, instead of this 5400rpm mobile one?

Rages says:

If I use a 500GB external hard drive with the internal hard drive will it be like I have a 1tb?

Haris Praba Aditya says:

what format does the PS4 use for the drive? if i do that will i still be able to use the external hdd as an external storage for other device, like PC? thanks.

Thomas N says:

I don’t play a lot of games, so I’ve been using an internal SSD for a bit now and I like it. Good to know if I expand my library, I don’t necessarily need to buy a bigger SSD which would probably cost as much as the console.

tevi blekhman says:

Why can’t they make a 2TB hardrive

Demontay Ben Israel says:

Great review man.

Darkteku1 says:

OK I’m so confused so if I download a Game from the PlayStation network to my external hard drive can I play the game? Or does it need to be on my internal hard drive. Also if I have a disc game I can save the file onto my external and put the disc in and play from the external?

J Taylor says:

I have a 5tb on my ps4 no problems works fine

human#error says:

I’m sticking to my external might move to internal later ssd, keep my online games like bf1 on internal.

Carlos -Alv- says:

the 4tb Western Digital is awesome

funnyman1995103 says:

I got a 4 terabyte one for 50% off
and it’s great

Colton Wood FAKE service dog says:

If you can’t even be bothered to swap an internal harddrive, your console will die sooner. Unless you can afford a maid to dust and vacuum your place habitually, you will have to take your ps4 at least somewhat apart to clear the dust out.

John Oonincx says:

Is it possible to use the external drive for photo’s and movies after it’s formatted for use with the PS4?

Gabriel says:

do I have to reinstall everything back again????


I just ordered a 3tb passport

Abdullah Bin Omer Zia says:

It takes you 96 seconds to download 1.5 gigs?! Can I move in with you?

Louis rodriguez says:

Yes now moving on.

The Paranoid Blues Man says:

My PS4’s internal HDD seems to have lost space. I always used to have about 408GB available, but it’s gone down to 364… I tried to rebuild the database, but it hasn’t fixed the problem.

DASamX5453 says:

Wonder if the speeds are any different with the 1st version of the PS4, initial release version when compared to the Pro..?? I have the launch version so this could go into my decision on that as well…

Adriell Ramos says:

I just need extra space lmao

willywhonka says:

Its the update files that are the real pain the ass when you re-install a game. I got a 5 TB external drive and I’ll probably never have to re-install another game for the entire life cycle for my PS4.


Good video. But what a stupid question!! “Are you happy w/ the size of the stock HDD?”
That 500GB HDD was a joke from the beginning. I own 158 games for PS4, and I can only hold 30-ish games on that HDD. Am I happy w/ the stock HDD? F**k you. (Just playin’. But the rant was serious)

Maira Herrera says:

Legit vid

German saucedo says:

Such fast internet speed, for me it took 6 hours to update farcry4

IMDRanged says:

I’m going to find and purchase the Limited Red Gears of War Seagate External Hard Drive for my PS4.


please guys what name intro song please

Marc Gooding says:

just an fyi – using a ssd does not make much of a difference, because of the slow sata controller the ps4 uses. take a look at digital foundry videos on ssd improvements for ps4 for further information.

Daniel Cesar Cambay says:

Should I just get an external drive than buying and upgrading my ps4 hahaha. It will be cheaper to get an external drive than buying a 4tb HDD and a Nyko Data Bank. Plus going to the process of backing up your PS4 and Re-installing your OS then restore your backup 😀 The only thing I see that is bad with the external drive is the loading time.

Zophzi says:

1000 subscriber ❤️

Jeremy Freeman says:

Buy the Seagate, which actually has a Samsung drive in it. Works MUCH better than the WD. I know i tried both.


what name that song in video when he start

Robert Sullivan says:

i have a question about external hard drive can you save your games on it because i have a 1 TB on my pro, can i use a 2 TB to have more space so i can save more games. because on a 1 TB i only have 6 GB left so will i be able to use a 2 TB external hard drive for more space thank you as always forever young god bless bobby lee 007 at

LENNY2535 says:

i need one usb hard drives

Mohammad Hijazi says:

so far my games have been crashing after about 1 hour, when using my external drive

Kaizensan says:

So keep games needing fast response on the Internal and others to External Drive.

Rogue heero says:

I got 2 terr bits pen drive

Alpha the Omega says:

Where’s the link to the external hard drive

TheSUPERburrito99 says:

I haven’t read below, but I do wonder if you can play the games directly from the usb hd? With the disc loaded, of course!

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