Newegg TV: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5″ SATA Internal Hard Drive Overview

Here we have a Barracuda 2TB 3.5″ SATA Internal Hard Drive, made by Seagate, Model: ST2000DM001. Check out the video for more info!

Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5″ SATA 6.0Gb/s Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive


– Credits –
Presenter: Paul
Producer: Lam
Camera: Kyle
Post-Production: Kyle


locant23 says:

Yeah they are hardcore Western Digital fan will disagree, but there allot cheaper and i have never had one Fail on me, but i have had 2 Western Digital drives Fail.

Suyash Chhabra says:

china product 😛

DjLongCock says:

No, This is 3.5″, you Need a 2.5″ drive!

Jinn Engeroff says:

work almost 3 years. d.e.a.d.

Douglas says:

+EmOtiiONL3ss this is a desktop drive 

Chris Richardsen says:

@BroknSircut went up to 190 wtf

KingMacintosh says:

@Truthhurtz4u Are you a fucking retard? You didn’t notice the price hikes. Google “Thailand floods, WDC. You’re talking to me and you’re that stupid.

Truthhurtz4u says:

@KingMacintosh Proof or it never happened!

TheOneHalf says:

@jinrage Mine have always worked fine o.O it’s still going in fact (3 years down the line)

jinrage says:

@1and1isme Lucky you

Truthhurtz4u says:

@KingMacintosh HA u just got owned!

EmOtiiONL3ss says:

Is this hard drive compatible with my HP Pavilion dv7-4180us laptop??

jinrage says:

@KingMacintosh lol its funny how your such a smartass. i needed that, thanks!

KingMacintosh says:

@jinrage Good, and you can pay WDC the extra 50 dollars too, it’s just that next time they get flooded I hope it finishes them.

Wilfredo Coronado says:

i need a hard drive for my cctv (3.5) can i use this?

Truthhurtz4u says:

@KingMacintosh Oh ok so all in all you are just butt it. hope ur lil out cry made u feel better. its good to let it all out = )
what bothers me is why would u keep buying the same name brand if it kept failing on u? w/e. also when u come at me like a ranting child im going to treat u like one. and get better content on ur channel, its so boring and shows ur somehow fearful to even talk in them.

jinrage says:

@KingMacintosh Yea well there is more fail with seagate then WDC, so i will keep buying from products that have the lesser failure.

aqw409 says:

im getting this hard drive as my second hard drive for my new computer…

OshMMf says:

Are Seagate hdds reliable and good compared to the Western Digital ones ?

KingMacintosh says:

@jinrage That’s because you were too busy sucking my dick to formulate an argument, now go laugh and create another useless comment.

Dutch Troll says:

Ah so that is with you father did. Now I know how your pig of a father died.

EmOtiiONL3ss says:

Not only was the question asked over 3 months ago, qqqqhuz already already mentioned that I’ll need a 2.5 I don’t know how someone could be considered dumb for asking a question about something they are unsure of…

CATAHA says:

i have 4 of them in drobo and they still work for lesser then a year ALREADY
you know something that i don’t??

Dutch Troll says:

And you can suck my willy.

Truthhurtz4u says:

@KingMacintosh When u stop feeding me i will. u “disproved” me only by going around my points, u should be in politic’s. ur too easy to troll, the only point u have proven is that the little things get u upset. the only flaw i have is my grammar. what else can u point out on me Mr.Captain Obvious?

Sindre says:

You would like that, wouldn’t you? If that’s your logic, never speak again, do a bunch of sleeping pills, pour acid all over you, drink bleach and fall off a bridge.

Sindre says:

Your ignorance is saddening.

rashid almaazmi says:

does it work on ps4

mark todd says:

do’s this work with the sony ps4

jinrage says:

@KingMacintosh Aww does the cry baby want his bo bo back? you fail as a troll just as to seagates HDD’s lmao.

KingMacintosh says:

@Truthhurtz4u Why am I passionate? Go fuck yourself you little 17-year-old. And if you ain’t, then you certainly type like one. Anyways, I lost HUNDREDS of gigs of data due to WDC. My friends and family have had countless WDC failures. About 90% of the HDD failures in my fairly big family are WDC, like 9% Maxtor and 1% else. Quality products? We live throughout the country but our data certainly isn’t getting treated fairly by WDC HDDs, no other HDDs gives anyone I know problems as much as WDC.

Dutch Troll says:

Are you dumb? It’s for desktops only.

LordDanko says:

I was so surprised when i saw paul

Truthhurtz4u says:

@KingMacintosh My point is clear as day and u know it. ur just trying to get the last laugh and make urself look like a smartass. yes i can give my opinion on about anything. thats whats the comment section is for, sameway about ur channel. dont like it? then block me and disable all comment on ur channel. problem solved. everytime u name called me it just makes ur credibility more slim. xoxo

Dutch Troll says:

Bla bla bla, piss off jacob dubble.

vBDKv says:

Avoid these drives like the plague.

computermech says:

I have 3 Seagate Barracuda 2 TB Hard Drives around a year old that DIED with family memories.  Back up Seagate also DIED. According to this article Hitachi brand makes the most reliable Hard Drives. Seagate makes the most unreliable hard drives.

ShiftyAmatoYT says:

Very nice overview! This is the same hard drive for my build.

jinrage says:

@KingMacintosh Sorry all i understood was, Blah Blah Blah Blah…

Ruflcopta says:

Nice to see they got this guy back, that woman was annoying to listen to.

180+ MB/s is really fast. I wonder how fast they are towards the end of the drive though, my Samsung F3 got around 150MB/s out of the box, but now being almost full it is closer to 100MB/s.

Truthhurtz4u says:

@KingMacintosh Wow you cant hold a convo for the life of you. we talking quality of products, not pricing! try again..try harder plz

KingMacintosh says:

@jinrage I say the same thing about WDC. Guess what, it doesn’t mean shit for the other millions of people buying products from their favorite company.

Kit says:

Damn straight. My OS drive is a Seagate 1.5TB drive which has worked out just beautifully. I had a 2TB Caviar Black put in from an older system and that drive is loud sometimes and it’s now officially failed, even with 3 years left on my warranty… I am totally getting a Barracuda now.

tracy smith says:

Your office makes me sad.

Barack Lasagna says:

worst time ever to buy a hd… and I read they won’t go back to normal till june of 2012 ;'(

Liangshi Xu says:

中国产品 if you ever wonder what is that there and dont know how to type

TheOneHalf says:

@RenegadeFury Right when I wanted to buy an SSD….. 🙁

Mopbop says:

Bestbuy actually has cheap hard drives.

Truthhurtz4u says:

@KingMacintosh Hm funny cuz once again im talking about whats being talked on this channel. not “WDC community” and fact sheets but users opinions. guess what, turns out mostly WD users had bad exp. with seagate. why are u so passionate over this?

Rigs83 says:

I will name my first born Ooops

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