Hybrid Drives As Fast As Possible

If you’re trying to decide between a fast but expensive SSD, and a slower but cheaper and more spacious HDD, could hybrid drives be a good compromise?

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Fernando Salazar says:

I need a Hybrid Drive with 120GB SSD memory at least, and 540MB Cache.

A G says:

I watched at 2x speed, seems like normal to me

Renegade0056 says:

Linus can you please become a teacher after you retire from YouTube? You’d be he most popular professor on campus.

Layarion says:

wait did the Cards on the right always pop out at the end or does the author need to do something for them to do that?

CYPRN says:


QuantumBraced says:

“Having your cake and eating it too” is a little ambiguous and confusing. It should be “Keeping your cake and eating it too”. 🙂

kred 31 says:

brain tree doesnt have douge coin

Said Bakr says:

Could you talk about mixing the two storage types in one machine? In such machines, could we able to specify the SWAP to be utilized via the HDD, specially for Windows machines, to save the life time of SSD from the extensive write of SWAP.

Ryan Anscombe says:

this doesnt tell me if i should defrag or run trim, just wanna confirm that i will be defragging the sacks of sh*t im getting.

ElAlexxis says:

i have a hp laptop with such a drive, can i just take it out and put in a single ssd ?

Scott Walters says:

I’m using a SSHD for my boot and regular use and a big 5tb for my game library, I do wish my hybrid drive had a bit more flash storage though

SadnessMachine says:

What about HDD

Henry Heisig says:

But is there a way to maybe partition/choose which drive you are sending to? P.S. Tech Noob

Кирилл Медведев says:

Why did no one thought of an RDD (RAM disk drive)?
Like, a hybrid drive with big RAM-like module and SSD in one shell!
Technically, a RAMDISK that doesn’t eat your mobo ram!

Pachungulo says:

1: 20 they use the same tuna half

iobevokofola says:

hello friend, i saw on the Internet some pcie boards that work as an external controller, same as the controller between nand flash and hdd inside an sshd…

do you know something about that?


Shazwan Dzulkefli says:


iBoolGuy says:

10/24/2016 | 20:41

Nick Karsten says:

as fast as possible, just a hdd and an ssd but automatically divides the programs installed on it

Jake Miller says:

okay so I’m planning to get a 1tb hdd bed for my laptop that already has an ssd. the laptop is bran new so i don’t habe much on it, so can someone give me an idea as to what needs to me fast and what doesnt?

CRS Productions says:

If we have a laptop the hybrid drives are using a 3.5 inch form factor how how can you fit that in a laptop

Doug Sellers says:

Can you do a video on why the RAM state can’t be saved to the storage on shutdown and reloaded when the computer boots again? Especially if you can temporarily allocate ram as system storage.

denvera1g1 says:

There is actually at least one hybrid drive on the market where the SSD and HDD are viewed seperately, though to use it you must install windows first on the SSD, install the drivers, and then activate the HDD, you end up with a 128GB SSD, and a 1TB HDD in a single 2.5 inch drive, i just wish they would have offered it in a 256+2TB option, because both of them filled up fast on my laptop

Sisteelin says:

SSDs are much cheaper now, just get a 1 TB SSD.

øyvind berg says:

Can you please explain PCle SSD, PCle m.2 and SATA m.2?

Aiddog10 Gaming says:

What is that computer chassis website to advertise? I need it

BackHand Snipe says:

So since you can’t manually put things on the SSD will it just always load the operating system onto the SSD portion?

Daniel Haulsey says:

Is there a way to make a hybrid system using a regular hard drive and a separate SSD and have it do the same things as an SSHD. Almost like some raid config but with the perks of automatically determining which files are placed on the SSD?

Julio Cesar (Pessoal) says:

Can I make raid 0 with SSHD? How would it behave?

StandardSharing says:

how you made your son as fast as possible

GameProdigy_ says:

So is it a pro or con to have it in a laptop?

GuvernorDave says:

so if i wanted a hybrid drive to launch a particular game super fast i’d have to “train” it by running that application a few times? And it’d forget if I ran a different game a few times? Sorry …my storage solutions trying to be “smart” and ultimately “cache-ing” certain files to the flash memory sounds fucking stupid. Hybrid drives might be good for office documents but they SOUND utterly garbage for anything else.

I suck Patrick dick says:

Braintree I don’t give a fuck about it

Rathinavel N says:

You guys are of doing your job simply amazing. Thump’s up to you guys.

HeroBix Gaming says:

prius has drivers? damn, id better make sure mine are up to date

Randall Bowman says:

Shit put This actually looks like pretty habulousqueen 8‑D

Card Wallets says:

What video the dennis burning shit from?

AgentFuge says:


Sam Th3R4nd0mGir1 says:

Thank you! This sounds great for my computer build I’m working on!

Rathinavel N says:

You guys are doing your job simply amazing. Thumb’s up to you guys.

F1RM_H4ND5H4K3 says:

Is it weird im literally sitting here with a cake eating it, as i clicked on this video….it was my birthday today, (technically yesterday 3:00a.m.)

Andrew Edwards says:

couldn’t you just use a partition?

Shirlohka says:

Can you defragment them?

KeweKrypto 12 says:

Fast as possible, why don’t the magnets inside a hard drive wipe the data?

RunsWithKniefs says:

I want to see the source
Why is Dennis observing an open flame?

Syed Ilhan says:

API as fast as possible please.

Akshay P V says:

Why is there no video about external hard drive?

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