How to make Internal hard drive External – 2.5 SATA External Case (HDD Enclosure)

All you need is 2.5″ HDD Enclosure also called hard drive external case. You can easily find one on eBay on reasonable price.

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Gulshan Thareja says:

sir ji bekp vapish chhhiy kya ker 2870 micin

stzmon says:

I was wondering how to do this and you showed me that it was a cakewalk–thanks!

Valliyammal Matric Hr Sec School says:

hi i connected the hard disk to computer but it can’t show the external hard disk on my screen
what i do?

Jay Sybrandy says:

can you do te same thing with a SATA 3.5 ?

chakchake naani says:

the instructions are very concise.well done

Ivan snyder says:

You aren’t supposed to use a magnetic screwdriver when working on computer components…. Just gonna say that….

Diogo Almeida says:

My drive  was  working fine on my running computer with windows 8.1 , but when  connect as an external  drive started to beep , i dont get it 😐 Seegate, Momentus 5400.6 500GB

hau5junkie87 says:

what if I currently have a hybrid HDD (16GB SSD cache + 2.5 SATA HDD)? Same process except I lose the cache?

Jaymell says:

Fucked up the internal cable that connects my HD to the motherboard… thank god 4 this solution. ill just the change boot order to usb.

Argiris Papadopoulos says:

If you connect a drive and it doesn’t show up, while another does show up, does it mean the former HDD is busted? Im asking because thats the situation im facing right now. An old IBM 2.1 GB HDD works fine while 80gb WD800 doesnt.

Cata Cata says:

Lol…convert your mum

Hello I'm Brian says:

one question, have you ever dropped your hard drive?


Can you provide the ebay link please? 

aman jain says:

From where I can get that chip

Ahmed Elganiny says:

how i can get the ide 2.5 case?
i can’t find it

Quanzie Boi says:

Can you buy this from somewhere like best buy or radio shack

Mikilito007 says:

hello there, I want to use a WD 2500 BEVT- 60A23TO as a external drive but without the enclosure , What cables do I need?  I bought a universal sata/ide kit on ebay but does not seems to work or I don’t know how to conect it.

Tetros Mines says:


Noah Sapon says:

i just bought one and have tried it with two hard drives.. one of them says that i need to format it to use it and my laptop detects the other but it wont show up.. anyone know why??

esh1 says:

Whatever you say Borat, what about reliability, compatibility and guarantee. It looks like shit from hong kong

Abhijit Kumar Misra says:

I recently bought a led/lcd flat 24 inch Acer monitor. When I installed my monitor at home; I realised that I bought unnecessary size of monitor. Now I started to feel that I bought a quite bigger monitor.
I noticed that I have a HDMI and DVI port – now my question is –  can I use my flat monitor as TV? If you have already discussed on this can you provide a link to your video.
Do you know I have a adapter which I don’t find in my office flat monitor – Why?

TSpider Keeper says:

you cant use magnetic  screw drivers  if the magnet touched your hdd its done or so its said they can mess them up

Gin Geek says:

your hands are shaky but nice tutorial i didn’t know it was possible

Muhammad Syukri says:

one question how to make the “local disk” in hard drive enclosure to be otg ?

Sea Winds says:

i bought this and did not work

seven juicy box of joy says:

my hard drive is a toshiba, it is slithly shorter than yours but i guess its gonna fit, isnt it?

hh Industry says:

its worked with otg

Alexey Zbruev says:

By the way! There is not a bad option dock (with RAID function)
5 pieces inclusive. With a total volume of up to 40 TB. Supports hot
replacement. (That is, during operation, you can get any hard
drive). Description here:

bhargav lanka says:

Thank you so much

Hey Ayno says:

This will work on windows 8?

hal bond says:

Just ordered 2 of these exact enclosures off amazon for 6 bucks a piece . How can you go wrong ? My stock playstation hard drives would just go to waste otherwise .

Aidan Sutherland says:

Just sayin this video could have been 2 1/2 minutes shorter.

Paramveer Yadav says:

what is the proper name of that connector sata to usb….???

solidn6 says:

my god, you could have done this video in 1 and half mins max.


Rebecca Ngu says:

what kind of screw driver do you need for this?

Mr GShocker says:

Good video!!

Valavan Thiru says:

was it OS dependent?

ranjit sawant says:

ThanksIt’s very helpful for me

Hodder says:

Is it Necessary to have the Casing? Cause your really on need Dual sided USB Cables and its set.

Carvalho Carvalho says:

é um animal mesmo!! 10×0 para o parafuso… kkkkkkkkk

Michael Delgado says:

I need this

Achyut Deka says:

Can I use an internal ssd hard drive in this external case?

Cata Cata says:

This is just an fuking converting idiot

Dishant Rai says:

does it work with 2tb hdd?


hi there i made this but it doesnt show up in the divice manager ?why? help me

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