How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Here is a previously unreleased video which was shot almost 2 years ago for our original trailer. Inside a hard drive. Plus a bit of unnecessary destruction.
Shot at 1000fps


Kenny Teague says:

Very cool video. It’s amazing how fast these things function

One thing to note, however:

Disk, not disc. Disk refers to a flat, round object such as the disk platters inside of the hard disk drive, a floppy disk, or a vinyl record. And, while they are disks inside the hard disk drive and they can be called disks, they’re more commonly referred to as platters.

Disc refers to an optical media such as Compact Disc, Blu-ray Disc, etc., coined after the term optic disc.

Andre Carvalho says:

So even if u uninstall something it will still there?

evander nilsen says:

oh no i forgot some files on that harddrive

Satyaprakash Singh says:

You killedd that hard drive…you should be in prison !

The Technical Wizard's World says:

It’s actually a 20GB Quantum Fireball Plus LM for anyone who is wondering, my Gateway E4200 has this drive

Lodzic says:

Im thirsty

SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder says:

Now do Hillary’s hard-drives.

Jens8502 says:

Now this is a wet drive disc.

Alonso Palazuelos says:

poor hard drive xD

ronch550 says:

Newfound respect for hard drive actuator arms.

Fluffy Waffles says:

Who build this?

Владислав Фанатов says:

You moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y 2110 says:

You murderers!

darelet says:

Funny enough, the CPU is not impressed with that speed… Like it has to wait for what feels like 100 CPU years..

[OCB] says:

How exactly does the controller know where on the disc each track is? It must have extremely high precision.

Shaer Alvy Aumi says:

What was the water for huh !?

Zweihander11 says:

Magnetic components are probably waterproof. Obviously not the electronic ones hehe

Astrowixa102 _ says:

Do a video on how a SSD works in slow motion!


Siddhant Mishra says:

Stop at 0:54


on momma

lucky wolf says:

it’s so amazing that technology can move super fast

Vanessa Villanueva says:

crazy to see that

Spongebob Dude says:

RIP HDD…thanks to some dudes who have too much free time

james schwerdtfeger says:

I don’t think that’s what they meant by waterproof

Darian Vereen says:

So the read/write arm was retrieving portions of someone’s diary. Water was poured on it before I could decipher it’s contents.

Source: Trust me

sam Jonathan says:

Stupid people why you do that

Henrique Braun says:


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