Hitachi Deskstar 0S03208 3TB SATA3 7200RPM 3.5IN Hard Drive Unbagging & First Look Linus Tech Tips

This is the 7200RPM version. It’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s awesome.


selestial sapien says:

@ckitJake that is because there no box around it

TheGreatDefective says:

I really hate when one of the top comments is a reply to a comment I can’t find.

W0ND3RB0Y says:

True dat. Im actually wondering why nobody ever said that shit out loud.?! I mean 3 TB is a lot of room to waste if the mobos can’t support it.?! Im just thinking why the hell theres no QVL for 3 TB HDD… Cuz i havent seen any yet -except from the mobo Linus just showed us there.?!

eyad kalaji says:

i have a gigabyte p67a-ud7 , does it support this hard drive ?

zeldazackman says:

DeskStar? More Like DeathStar, They Are Going To Make A Killing In The Data Restoration Market

Iron Bill says:

@ExtremeEn3rgy ok this is a month ago comment. watch the new tech tip of linus. he explaines how to do it

GTRagnarok says:


It’s funny you should bring that up. The Velociraptor drives are as dead as a dinosaur these days. Barely faster than a 2TB 7200RPM, yet costs several times more per gigabyte. You’d be hard pressed to notice any difference in actual usage too. For the price of the 600GB Velociraptor, you can get a 120GB SSD for your main drive and a 2TB for storage. Performance wise, this rips apart the Velociraptor.


2017 Oh my gosh look at that hair!!

ckitJake says:

Is this the first ‘Unbagging video’?

Erick Perez Cruz says:

oh boy i cry cuz he unbox a hdd U_U i cant support that ;(

Edvinas Kilbauskas says:

Who the fuck cares how do you pronounce it

victor wu says:

for more unboxing review and other computer videos…

Ivory Eats The World says:

@GTRagnarok yes, i accept this, hitachi have 3 TB and 7200 RPM, is much.. But velociraptor have 10.000 RPM, but, I was talking about speed, not space or performance

keithpetro says:

@SmallBoyzzz I guess you could also put the two into RAID for data redundancy, but don’t you just keep backups? Not to mention, what if you want 6TB or 9TB? It’d be much more efficient to get 3TB drives.

nagasako7 says:

Why did you look British in this video?

ozzstriker101 says:

Edward Norton?

GqFq says:

can someone explain to me , how can i identify if my motherboard can handle 3tb? and what about 3tb sata 2 drives? please help.

TefaTronix says:

1) You need to know your motherboard’s manufacturer and type/model!!!
2) Use google. Try to find your motherboard’s maximum HDD size limit.

A 3TB SATA-2 HDD should work fine (if your mobo supports >= 3TB HDDs)

greenjoe420 says:

33.000 solid

Matt Halpain says:

good to know not all mother boards support 3 TB HDD’s. Thanks for the tip Linus 🙂

DeAd says:

@keithpetro yes, if i want 10TB i would go for 3TB, but if just 3Tb i would want Dual 1.5TB thats what i meant.
1TB = dual 500gb or just go with Dual 1TB

AzimSobri says:

Go to HELL the 16 dislike

DeAd says:

@ubxp ohh, maybe i heard of 1.5TB before, it depends on your harddrive speed to compare 3TB with dual 1.5TB??

icebreakertech says:

Another hitachi ‘death’star. I have replaced a lot of those drives because the motor of them failed.

matthewrs7 says:

Got a question. Why is it that Green HDDs (such as the Green Segate Barracuda) is not recommended for use as a primary drive?

you no says:

I dont think so.

papalitson jr says:

danm past and present

Shehryar Hussain says:

I have the same hard drive which i bought at the start of this year.

WeAreTwoDoorsDown says:

Hitachi FTW!!!

Hawaiianspawn says:

@ImTheAsianGamer Still not enough for me

Ivory Eats The World says:

Velociraptor kill Hitachi Deskstar

Luke Harmer says:

$400 is not cheap.

Eflat Productions says:

Stupid question time!!!! Would it be wise to partition these drives? They are mainly going to be used for video storage, as this is going to be my editing machine.

Ryan Roberts says:

Hitachi? It’ll fail in less than 2 years.

gck86 says:

i can save alot of porn video!

Southbayable says:

Has anyone ever told you that your voice makes watching your videos more interesting? Because it does.

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