Hard disk Drive Failure rates HGST Toshiba Western Digital and Seagate

interesting statistics on the Failure Rate of Mechanical Hard Drives from 4 different brands, note that SSD’s are not in this chart, but overall seam to have lower failure rates


Geoweb35 says:

Wd 1tb Toshiba 1tb or seagate 1tb? I want to buy but i dont know what brand last longer

GooNAce says:

Nice to know, make more vid like this is very helpful

Steve McNally says:

From Wikipedia… On October 19, 2015, Western Digital Corporation announced a decision from China’s Ministry of Commerce (“MOFCOM”)
which enabled the company to integrate substantial portions of its HGST
and WD subsidiaries under Western Digital Corporation (“Western Digital”),
but they must offer both HGST and WD product brands in the market and
maintain separate sales teams for two years from the date of the
decision.[12][13][14] As such, as of October 19, 2015, HGST is a Western Digital brand, and no longer a separate entity.

أبناء القبضة الأحمدية says:

HGST is the best one??

traumaticholler says:

totally disagree. i have bad luck with wd. whenever bought a wd drive, it failed in one year. i use maxtor/seagate drives at least for two decades and never failed single one. i never used hgst and/or toshiba, probably never will.

Jack Flynn says:

This is data collected from Backblaze, and to solely look at that chart without a full explanation and breakdown is misleading. Here’s the full breakdown where the chart is from:

To say that any one brand has a % failure rate doesn’t specify which of that particular brands drives you’re collecting the data on. Backblaze collects their data from NAS Enterprise drives that they use in their massive storage arrays. For example the Western Digital drives used on the chart you show are specifically the 2, 3 & 4 TB Red’s (WDx0EFRX) and 1 TB Greens (WD10EADS) – and those are crap drives as their collected data confirms. Enthusiasts, pro’s and even mainstream consumers buying pre-builds wouldn’t have a NAS drive as a primary, or even as a secondary internal companion to an SSD. More commonly you’d see Blue’s or Blacks – that is _if_ they’re using WD’s. WD Blacks have a much lower failure rate and offer the 5 year warranty. I’m an editor. I have 12 TB’s of Blacks for multimedia drives companion to a primary SSD. For backup I do use the HGST’s for the exact reason that Backblaze reports – _the_ _low_ _failure_ _rate_ _of_ _specific_ _HGST’s_ _as_ _backup_ _drives_ . If you’re looking at the data to make HDD drive choices then you need those choices to be made specific to use and application.

You can go through each brand in the Backblaze study, and look at which specific drive the data is collected from, including that drive’s capacity. Then it tells a much different story. With the Seagate drives, the annualized failure rate on a 3 TB ST300DM001 is a whopping 28%. However Backblaze reports a 1.42 % three year annualized failure rate on the 6 TB ST6000DX000 Seagate (sample population 1,882 drives) Seagate has two drives with extremely high failure rates that drive the average numbers up. For example Raptors have lower failure rates. This also speaks to a problem with using only averages and not a mean rate to present the data. You can go through brand by brand, drive by drive and then it becomes a much different story. The full story on the particular brand and specific drive for this study is broken down and looked at in much more depth in the full study – for the drives used.

To be a truly fair comparison you’d also need to select much closer sized sample populations and usage hours. Backblaze reports ‘Hours in Service by Manufacturer’ per brand as follows: HGST 51.1%, Seagate 45.3%, WD 3.4%, and Toshiba 0.3%. By that metric a straight up ‘Toshiba to Seagate’ comparison for example seems a far less fair & relevant comparison.

Kodiak and Grizzly Bears says:

Your stats are based on what reliable source?

Neoclassical Nerd says:

Im lucky i have a Toshiba one thank you for sharing

Paul Harrison says:

I agree with graph I’ve lost a few Seagate & Western Digital fail’s over the years.

Simon Vance says:

Thankyou, I’d never even heard of HGST but now I’ll be looking for one..

이우석 says:


Jason Charles says:

Sorry this is BS, HGST drives fail like crazy, 90% of the time over the past year when I have to replace a dead HD it is an HGST.

SuperWolf1964 says:

I’m shocked at WD drives having that failure rate. Trouble is, now HGSThas been bought-up/merged with WD so will that adversely affect their failure rate? (And I thought WD were the best – my current PC has 2 WD Black drives, and I was intending to purchase WD Red for the NAS I will be buying soon.

dimmu borgir says:

hgst is hitachi?

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