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SRAVAN S says:


Gouvas Gaming says:

What about the Green Caviar???

Kymond Fang says:

raid 5 lmao

FatalOnPC says:

which is the best for gaming?

Toby Port says:

why blur the fine print on the disks? it is not like your credit card. what can i do with that that warrants blurring?

Roller Coaster Maniac says:

You forgot to say to never buy Western Digital because they are slow, too expensive, and die within 2 seconds.

securitycountercheck says:

Absolutely not useful. Data is data, if a disk spills it on the floor, it’s called crap. I expected a professional like you to explain to us past marketing soap bubbles we can already see on the website. Like, cache ram for each disk, maximum throughput, sustained transfer rate, power consumption, AAM features, we-don-t-want-the-disk-to-go-to-sleep-every-5-minutes, etc. etc. So, marketing bubbles.

SquarerFive says:

Can you give me one of those Hard drives, mine died 🙁

Alexander Van Do says:

Can you find help me some good hard drive 4 TB fit with size of ps4 slim.

0dixib0 says:

Stupid video for stupid people…

Dr. Etzor says:

Gold and Green missing.

Also the SSD including Black & Gold is missing, though WD doesn’t produce those anymore.

SRAVAN S says:

WHERE is yellow?

0pTicaL823 says:

What I would like to know is what is mechanically different between the drives, what makes a “datacenter” drive and “surveillance” drive different.

menmencrafter says:

hä where is the Gold version from WD ?

AllAroundBang says:

What about Seagate’s drives?

Ashley Mey says:

The only brand that beats WD in terms of HDD failure is Seagate.

Illumation Streambutler says:

This is a Western Digital ad.

Noah Franta says:

This might be a dumb question, but whats he referring to when he says raid?

Cookie Kookie! says:

xD I thought it said ‘Hand Drives’ I was like “WHAT? *Flips table* WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN” Then i realized its Hard Drive xD

morrow says:

sponsored by WD

mujjuman says:

u forgot green

SRAVAN S says:


Technogramps says:

this is straight up geek porn XD

WizardNumberNext says:

RAID1 is not backup
It is a copy of your data, but it is not backup
I cannot stress it any more – I almost lost all my data – I have it RAID1 and 1 HDD have failed catastrophically (simply stopped reading itself). I have lost normal read write access to my data and without jumping through loops I cannot even read it. Now it is READ ONLY and I cannot even make a snapshot of it anymore, because filesystem is read only.

Rattacko says:

I’ll just save $100 and get a NAS drive for storage and games 😛

Marty Lee says:

so i shouldn’t get a purple (even tho i found one dirt cheap) for gaming / video rendering? >.> i think i need more info!

Gary Meyers says:

You’re missing Gold, or otherwise known as enterprise level drives.

SRAVAN S says:

Where is green

OhPervyOne says:

Pure HDD PORN! I wonder if that WD NAS can run on linux. FreeNAS?

DR Paquette says:

Good information on the drives.

Somebody says:

Lew looks kinda high in the video.

uthayan smkdob says:

hey Lou! what will happen if I put both WD black HDD and WD blue HDD in one desktop pc?

Čคя Łǿȼǿ says:

i have the older WD blue in my dell i5 and it runs mint still

Mac says:

I’m gonna splash out for that Black FUCK IT!

UMTomaS says:

You forgot about green and gold drives.

Dial Ve Tor 338 says:

Thank you very much, you saved my money.

statikreg says:

Once again, another video on this topic, just repeating the bullet points on the box….I want to know what the technical and physical differences are between these drives, if any.

underground-hip hop channel says:

Missed green and gold ones

Nepu-Tech USA says:

This guy drank the marketing Kool-Aid
WD don’t come at me with this color bullshit! This is 98% marketing and 2% functionality and if you think going from a red HDD to a black HDD deserves a 100$ premium then you lost your mind!

Fuck WD and Seagate, go Toshiba (Hitachi) or Samsung

Temmo Rijken says:

Why has my 5400rpm higher read speeds than my 7200rpm drive?

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