Don’t Buy The Wrong Drive -HDD Buyers Guide 2018

Looking for a new hard drive? well this video is for you as we will cover what you need to look for when buying a new hard drive


WD Blue:
WD Black:
WD red:
Seagate Barracuda:
Seagate iron wolf:
seagate fire cuda:

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eddy smith says:


Drew g says:

You could have covered form factor in a few seconds. Was hoping to get info in regards to 5400 rpm vs 7200s, external drives taken from box , or even in. My seagate expansion 6 Tb gets about 175-180mbps

Your obviously very knowledgeable would like to see more from ya!

Edit – not hating at all once u got going some good info. I’d like to see some modern comparisons between like wd blue and barracuda competition. Seems barracuda has still been 7200rpm while blue went 5400. Sure gate will be or already is gonna change but if your still doing reviews would love to see basically a 2019 redo.

3212Dre says:

I only buy WD Black drives.

Bernie Parent says:

I am looking at speeding up my gaming computer. I have a 256GB NVMe SSD as my primary storage and a 1TB HDD as my back up or overflow. My question to you is: Would I see much or even any speed difference if I upgraded my HDD to a SSDH keeping in mind that my boot up is with my SSD?

Mathew Schau says:

Watching this after my hard drive just failed… I never really cared about reliability before

Steve T says:

one massive HDD or one speedy SSD… I would have to say.. it depends…¯_(ツ)_/¯

Birsp says:

5400 rpm and 7200 rpm are not different technology, just different speeds the hard drive spins at. Nitpicking but still
Also you should mention you can buy ssd’s and use software like primocache where you can get a hard drive and a small cheap ssd for caching (or fuzedrive on newer ryzen platforms) to make an even better hybrid drive

schaef87 says:

I’ve watched a couple of your vids starting with the Windows Storage spaces vid. You’ve got another subscriber. Keep up the awesome videos!

MiniDonut says:

so which one is good for gaming?

Bogdan X says:

a lot of talking but little to no useful advice

marcelo alvarenga says:

just buy a FIRECUDA FOR secondary and a BPXpro mydigitalssd as main * amazing value *amazing performance

Hazza Alqubaisi says:

You just explained what is a hard drive

Laymans Tech says:

Thanks I’ll check out the black


sorry but u gave us zero information ,all what u said is go to the segate or wd sites

Fetus PC-TECH says:

How you pulled that off without knocking all those drives onto the floor is unreal bud …. no way in hell i wouldn’t have biffed those multiple times . Good job m8 cheers .

John Lupo says:

Come up for Air!!

uriah jensen says:

He hits the hard drive at 7:10

lee x says:

The sshd are learning drives, the new sshd (I think firecuda is 3rd gen sshd)
The new seagste firecuda splits up 8gb NAND into 3 blocks persistant accessed files (like constant accessed files like os/browser/boost up program) accessed often files and 2x accessed (2gb/2gb/4gb) unless you used one it’s hard to test for as benchmark software will only give you results for the spining part of the disk (unless You can make it readtest the same part of the disk more then 3 times in a row) overall the seagate firecuda will be the fastest but only 2tb is largest I believe (laptop ones are 5400rpm the desktop ones are 7200rpm for firecuda) I use wd red 6tb for storage as 2tb is to small

llOPPOTATOll says:

Wd black isn’t big enough i need an 8tb

billy ELEGBEDE says:

14 mn to say what? To say i can’t recomande you anything… What a time lost


the entire time i was just waiting for u to give them drives a small nudge so they would all fall

pimpmasterx7 says:


PC-Broke says:

I am using a WD generic 1tb HDD and it works perfectly fine. Booting in to Windows takes just 15 secs in UEFI boot…

Farhan Akhtar says:

What about cache memory in hdd. In some drive only 3mb and some 128mb does it really matter…?

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