Best WD Drives for Gaming? Black vs Blue vs Green

Today we take a look at WD’s hard drive line and see which is best for gaming and general usage
WD black 4TB:
WD green 4TB:
WD blue 4TB:

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Rootkit – Real Love
Rezonate – Rebirth


raymond villaraza says:

i downloaded hdd 1tb now its 3tb i will download more tb. LOL i have gtx 1050 2gb gddr5 i downloaded 10 series 10+.exe my gtx 1050 became gtx 1060 i will download later the 20 plus 1060 + 20 it will become 1080 after i downloaded it LOL.

Sagara Sousuke says:

Question comes down to durability then.

Karisse Grant says:

you misspelled the name of “THE DIVISION” game. i guess thats why you only have 9 k subs

Averyzalia Sylvia says:

I see no point on getting the BLACK unless u are a rich person and just do sort by price

カネユキ推しのにゃんマメ says:

nice wall awsome

Ahed Fares says:

sh*t microphone , drove me crazey , plz get a better one or remove noise

0SIPR says:

Green WD HDDs are shit..never buy one..even if they offered you money! Bought 3 of them 2 for my work and 1 for me..all failed within a matter of months with entire data unrecoverable..I ended up dismantling it and using it’s magnets as a screwdriver holder ..

TheBestestBacon says:

WD blue is the best for the price for anybody wondering

Toto Geenen says:

You deserve more subscribes

NinjaGamer says:

Ok I don’t feel bad using this spare WD green drive for a spare build I have now. Thanks for these tests.

Melvy says:

i dont give a shit about storage or speed i just want to play games without stuttering

A Dogs Diaper says:

I got two HDDs, one WD 1 TB blue and one WD 2 TB blue

カネユキ推しのにゃんマメ says:

is wd SSHD 4TB good?

Saad Maqsood says:

FPS depends on GPU Not the drive in which game is stored. First Learn something then make videos. Load time is main thing.

nanaya says:

wd green (hdd) is no more. They’re all blue now.

Mason M says:

why on earth are you comparing hdd to Frames rather than speed…. i mean you sound like you know what your talking about but that just threw your credibility right out the window…you do know what a gpu is right?…

MANIK Sadh says:

dat backdrop tho

Dxhlz K says:

960evo 250gb and HGST Travelstar 7K1000 HDD 1TB

Plarage says:

nice wall

Aakash Vijaya says:

i would like to know about the sound issue for black???

CRaZyKSAlol 7200 says:

Good vid!

Am Nino says:

what is different between 4 wd and 2 wd.?

Román Zorrilla says:

The answer is… what is better? Blue or black? why?

A7mad Gamer says:

I have a dw blue 1tb that my pc cant detect it :/ idk why

Shubham kainth says:

Is this his shop on back????

RetroSteve says:

blah blah blah blah blah

0to says:

WD Green 500GB right here. I don’t see a performance difference. Plus, since I’m using a i5 2500 and a gt 740 slightly OC’ed(both power hungry).. I’d thought I’d save a bit of power and opted for energy efficient ram and HDD

Rogerio Duarte says:

My old Seagate barracuda has 7 kk badblock, i’m going to buy a New. I liked WD BLUE.

Damian C says:

WD Gold all the way. I’m tired of failing drives, so no more Green and Blue garbage.

Miguel Guevara Soto says:

Why you compare the hdds based on fps instead of comparing the loading times that should be better on some than others

Insomnia Sapien says:

1tb Ssd wd or Samsung evo ssd are the only way to go. silence and speed is bliss.

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