Best Hard Drives for Video editing and Storage? — SSD VS. HDD

Quick overview and tips on how I setup my hard drives for video editing and the difference between SSD and HDD drives. Check out the WD Blue solid state drives on Amazon here: ***** Check out more tips on video editing workflow in this playlist here:

*** DISCLAIMER *** Big thanks to Western Digital for sponsoring this video and sending out a WD Blue PC SSD drive to test out!

**** Show Notes and List of Hard Drives Mentioned in the Video ****

1. WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB (The 1 TB SDD I’m Using)

2. WD Blue SSHD 4TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive (4 TB Drive for Storing Files that is a hybrid of an SSD and HDD)

3. WD 20TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID External Hard Drive – USB 3.1 (Large Capacity External Hard Drive)


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About This Video:
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares tips on the best hard drives for video editing and the best external hard drive for video editing. Using a ssd for video editing is smart and ssds are the best drives for video editing overall. If you are researching hard drives for video editing or looking for the best hard drives for video storage or a hard drive for video editing, check out this video. In this video I also do a WD blue review for video editing storage. Check out my video editing storage workflow and video editing storage setup in this video and check out out playlist for more video editing storage solutions, tips on solid state drive vs hard drive, and additional info about my video editing hard drive setup!


PierreG ASMR says:

You are reading my mind, Sean. I have been thinking about changing the second drive of my laptop to have two SSD drives and improve editing speed. Sometimes, when I edit videos in 4k, my HDD seems to suffer a bit 😀 I could also use my external SSD then to edit everything with SSD only.

Ronald Malcolm says:

I’m fond of the WD Passport for long-term storage.


thank you …what is my best bet for this computer _ serial number C02Q3AGUG8WP… ? shoul i rebuild a computer… or should i just build a new computer

jyoti Laddha says:

Superb one

vilkkuthegamer says:


Cypress Soundz says:

awesome vid thanks.. im new to editing just invested in a macbook pro 15 i7 2012.. looking for a mobile power house.

Parker Hero says:

Sponsored…. No thank you.

Michael Smolski says:

I see you have Crush It! in the background! I’ve been enjoying reading my review unit of Crushing It! I recommend checking it out once it’s out!

Jon Boll says:

Is he going for the GUMBY look, the Miley look, or the Kid ‘n’ Play look?

Kapunology says:

How do I enter your GiveAways.. I wish you do a Giveaway for a Video Recording Camera to start Youtubing.. because I want to start a Tech Channel but don’t have enough money to buy a nice Video Recording Camera and I’m hoping to win the giveaway IF you ever do one… that Notification I’m waiting for

Aquarium Sunshine's Valley says:

How to explain shit in very plain english… Well done, even a monkey can understand this!

Strathpeffer Junction says:

I normally enjoy this channel, but this is a great example of a sponsored video skewing things. WD Blue is just one option and, when the chips are down, is probably not the best option for the money; there are plenty of objective videos that show that. You’re better going for Samsung Evo 860 if you have the money, or considering Crucial MX500 if you’re on more of a budget.

Antonio Santiago says:

Thank you for the advise. Just one thing for people to have in mind when considering solutions like that 20TB drive: RAID is NOT considered a real backup solution. Among other problems, it’s absolutely vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Rizki Ramadhan says:
if you need any software for editing all of your video easy for beginner. thankyou!

Rebecca Stout says:

Thank you so much. My YT channel is going on 12 years now. Im paniced about storage now that Im working with 4K and now that Onni The Baby Cockatoo is slamming the internet due to 2 viral vids on the net. I cant afford yearly fees for a huge cloud. Meanwhile, Im overwhelmed with content. This is a great help. Shout out from Onni

Shazia Riaz Khan says:

Which software is the best for video editing and back ground music

AquaSimplex says:

I would suggest a NAS for storage with super-fast network (switch 1gb and RJ45 cat6)

Jon Boll says:

Nice Tips!

vilkkuthegamer says:

fucking dumbass regular ssds arent that fast compared to m.2 nvme drive

Betty&Wayne Langy says:

Way too fast talking. Slow down. Take a breath.

nu outdoor says:

I have 2 ssds inside my pc and an usb3.0 external green drive. I am planning now to have a doubled external storage.

Solo says:

Still kinda shaky on why i should spend more money on external drives. Do they save space? Are render times reduced? Like whats so special about them?

Devam Banker says:

I agree

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