Best Hard Drives for Editing! Hard Drive Tips

These are my favorite drives we use to store and edit all our footage! Let me know what you use in the comments and don’t forget to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FOOTAGE! 🙂

G-Technology Drive we use:

EV series:

Here’s almost all the equipment we use:

This is the Glidecam I use to get all the smooth shots! 🙂
Devinsupertramp Signature Series Glidecam:

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Jeremiah Jones says:

Hey Devin! I have a 2 tb G-Technology rugged drive and one day it just randomly stopped mounting to my computer. Any suggestions as to what to do to fix it/or replace it?

Samuel Crichton says:

Mate, get in contact with Linus tech tips. They have been helping out other youtubers with their storage systems and they have a petabyte of storage.

biocybernaut says:

So you’re running RAID5 when you should be running RAID6

DrunkMeteor says:

you should make a video about how to turn your hobby into a business, like what you need, insurance, and every thing most people dont really think about until they try

Patrick Kendall says:

4:13 my Box Opening OCD just kicked in.

CH1 audio says:

Hey devin you can contact linus tech tips and then install a server

deaniweenie says:

Shooting 8K? LOL!!! You’re only shooting 8K because of pseudo kudos! Why ‘pseudo’? Well because in the real world, ya know, where sensible sane people live, they don’t give a shit about pixel count, all they care about is picture quality and colours. Most cinematographers worth their salt, those who actually know what they are talking about and properly understand cinematography and digital cinema would laugh at you shooting 8K. Because of your ego you’re shooting 6K above what they eye can realistically perceive. So, your workflow is increased, your drives have to be bigger, your render times are much longer and for what? To process resolution you really, REALLY don’t need. Dude this video proves my point. You are insane shooting 8K. Ok, I can just about buy someone shooting 6K for a 4K output but even then it’s way too much for the human eye. No-one is impressed when you tell them you’re shooting 8K (ok, maybe the stupid masses who are influenced by the marketing and who genuinely believe that more = better). 8K? Plain dumb!

Laurent Truong says:

Why have 4-6 drives and if 2 fucks up all of them get corrupted?


Love the G-Technology Drive system. I’m using Seagate 4TB SSD Hard drives and will upgrade later this year to the G-Tech Drives. Thanks for the advice

Niels Treffers says:

You should do colab with linus tech tips and get a network storage base. Then everyone cann access Itfrom their Personal computer

TECH 3 says:

Why you guys don’t use a server with some ssd cache …. And you guys should use unraid ( it does not strips the data like raid 0,1,5)

DaysWith Chris says:

yeah no way i’m paying thousands of dollars for a hard drive

Carter Douglas says:

Have you considered doing a collaboration with Linus Tech Tips and getting a 45Drives server?

HelloHa says:

Learn to use ZFS, much safer instead of relying on “g-technology”. Also, ever heard of proxy’s? You don’t need the massive storage space in so many duplicates. You can fit it on a 2,5″ drive so you don’t have to run around with a pelican case when you edit at home…


Do you ever back up your files onto a Blu Ray disk?

Fotos y Video el Paraiso says:

Lol im laughing right now

bulcub says:

What raid are you using in that 78tb enclosure? I assume you are using some type of raid? unraid? zfs? If you are using raid 0 shame on you!! I would still be using RED DRIVES for all of that.

Daily_Motion says:

I’ve got couple questions: –
MAC vs PC when it comes to video work?…and why
-What video editing software your using?
Thanks a lot, Love your work! #oneminutevideo

Holt Hamilton Films says:


dudekiwi says:

how much they cost handsome ?

ParisLondonRoma says:

Apple admitted that the “trash can” was “over designed” and not a good product. A good system lends itself to upgrading and the trash can didn’t, You could tell that from looking too. I love that Apple is into design but if an Apple is using the same guts as other computers why pay more just to not be able to upgrade and be stuck in the Apple sandbox? I understand there is the software angle but Apple said they made mistakes there too. I hope Apple does well and hope its consumers become more demanding and stop treating everything Apple sells as something super.

Achilleas Labrou says:

This backup system looks extremely expensive but as long you have profit only the best is good enough. At the end of the day you gain money, you don’t loose money.


I use Pelican cases too. Love the build quality

whoopn says:

For goodness sake, BUILD AN ARRAY! I’ll help you! You’ll love it much more than your current solution, I promise! And it will have a lot more capacity!

Michael Accorsi says:

I’m not at this point to afford these drives. Instead, I have 4 8TB drives. Dizzying keeping it all straight – crazy how expensive it is. And how friggin’ risky it is to lose all of it. So worth every penny and minute.

Matthew Zefi says:

I wouldn’t mind one of those

kenandzen says:

Thanks for the video, I have a question: How is the noise level when they are on? can you hear them or are they pretty silent?

BillNicholsTV says:

These look like coffee travelers.

Energycatz says:

Ok I’m a bit late but I don’t care, what I have been reading in the comments “Get LinusTechTips” and “They need the hard drives on set” now they do preferably want a server so multiple people can work at once so for example somebody can be color grading and the other editing and not be waiting for the other to be done on the external drive. So what you do is take a portable drive on set and when you get back to the office you immediately put it onto the server so multiple people can edit and it backs up automatically (if set up). Also normal hdds are a lot cheaper that portable hdds as well as being that you can access all your files at once and not have to go through a big pile of hdds to find a 3 second (obviously it can be longer) clip

superjet2771 says:

I am using 20k, this gear is worthless.

pimeto says:

Hey Devin, can you share how you guys back up your footage ON SET ? What hardware, software you use ? Do you use Gnarbox or something else ?

Han Solo says:

This just sad. You live in 20th century. No 321? Even 32 would be enough. Also hsgt and toshina are way better than othet brands.

Sinyo Alexander says:

Linus please help them

Don Gato says:


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