Best Hard Drive Brand, Seagate, Western Digital or HGST?

Know the numbers before you shop. There are other brands available but these are the biggest players and the most tested.

Hard Drive Reliability Update – Sep 2014

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Warndog says:

I’ve literally had nothing but problems with Seagate. Years ago I didn’t care which brand of drive I bought but15+ years later the only drives that are still working are my WDs, all my maxtors and seagates have taken a crap. an IDE WD 30gb from around 02 still powers my pfSense box to this day.

PrzeszczepiX says:

never more seagate. they produced very good and reliable hard drives until 2006. 2007 and newer seagate drives are piece of crap! don’t store your data on them

crisvaze says:

HGST is sh*t

Donald Trump says:

Hey I know the video is old but just want to alert you that there is a noticeable echo in the room that needs to be fixed.

CineRaphael says:

HGST and Hitachi!

fox trot says:

I know this was a year ago but you can get a HGST on ebay for 70 bucks 3TB 1 Year Warranty my western digital portable died rip
4TB used half of it dead well live and learn right

fralyx says:

Seagate will mostly fail after 1 year. Since I have two Seagate 500gb drives that both of them fails after the promised 1 year warranty, such a good play there Seagate.
Best drive in my opinion is WD, I have one 2.5″ WD Blue 500gb in my laptop and 3.5″ WD Blue 1TB in my pc. Both still working fine for 5 years until now.
I have one HGST 500GB drive on my laptop, just after 1 year use, it doesn’t fail, but slows down so much that it really kills the performance on the whole operating system.
Price to performance wise, those prices said the quality differences already.


IF YOU HAVE AN IDE DRIVE ….BUY a NEW COMPUTER!…I don’t think IDE drives have been standard tech in over a decade …SATA was introduced in 2003…and was mainstream by 2006.

MindForge says:

Looks like the higher capacity drives from Seagate fails less. Following that logic, the Seagate 8 TB HDD should do alright. Am i wrong?

king mannequin says:

Seagate is so different by a model.
Well, therefore Seagate is not a wise choice.

SRAVAN S says:

I dont know what to do?
i had seagate for 5 years on my old pc and it didn’t fail
Is WD much better?

Mr RudRud says:

Bad Audio. 🙁

Kaiser Wilhelm II says:

Wow dat intro

teaspoon says:

Toshiba. Fuck WD. I had 3 WD USB 3.0 backups that just got corrupted out of nowhere.

Dante says:

3 seagate 1tb failed in 2 years 1 bought after the other died . i will never buy a seagate drive.

Mikey C says:

I’d like to see this updated for current’ish drives. 1.5 years is an age ago for IT gear.

JNBD says:

My new WD Blue hard drive died after 5 months lmao

Silent Zoner says:

i still have a wierd unknown branded 15yr old 2.7gb drive that works lol.. i jus transferred it into a computer the other day also tryd fitting an old wd 200gb gues what the wd 6yr old drive didnt work but the old unknown 1 did lol..

Humsamuel says:


Mohamed Basha says:

so, uhh… what were you saying? I was too busy looking at the trippy background

Ben Nguyen says:

My seagate hard drive is 9 years old still working fine

Me Catalin says:

Seagate sucks, only time i intentionally bought one, it failed in 1 month, then 2 more failed in a couple of months, so i got pissed and somehow managed to get the online store i bought it from to change it to another brand, toshiba.. first one i got but at least this time its 2 years and no bad sectors or anything, also my laptop has a seagate drive… if i didnt get an ssd i would have turned it into scrap from how slow it is

MWB Gaming says:

i have 2 seagate drives, 3 western digital drives, 1 corsair drive and 1 toshiba drive
a 1TB seagate expansion drive (157hrs power on time, working perfectly)
a 1TB ts1000 drive (currently in a data recovery lab because it failed after just 22hrs power on time)

a 2TB western digital drive (brand new, replacement for failed seagate drive)
a 1TB western digital green drive (19,000hrs power on time, working perfectly)
a 750GB western digital black drive (7700hrs power on time, working perfectly)

a 1TB toshiba drive (9700hrs power on time, working perfectly)

a 480GB corsair neutron XT SSD, (13,000hrs power on time, 18TB written, working perfectly)

md ik says:

Hi whats is your intro music??

MrVitalic85 says:

Seagate always fail on me.

MrGashden says:

WD are the ONLY drive I ever buy. I currently use 6 X 8TB drives (RAID 6) in my Qnap NAS. To quote Tina Turner ‘simply the best’.

Grove_Archer says:

Has HGST ever been bad?

Silent Zoner says:

iv had 2 sata wd black 1tb drives and 2 segate 1tb both the wd blacks screwd up due to power cuts at diferent times where as the segates didnt im not a tech geek i just no what didnt screw up for me when all drives wer brand new within 2yrs old from today’s date

Andrew Melrose says:

Only ever had Seagate, the majority have failed relatively shortly. Gone with Western Digital instead this time round.

Nashaat Mena says:

thx for your video

360whiplash says:

So far I’ve had my Hitachi hard drive for over four years now and it’s still working great. I’ve used Western Digital and Seagate and those have lasted me no more than a year or two.

Clinton Hutson says:

4 Seagate Archive’s in a RAID array…over 20,000 power-on hours per Crystal Disk Info. Haven’t had as much as a hiccup out of them. But it doesn’t matter the drive, always the best bet to have some sort of backup solution as well (currently have an offsite backup).

Yasir Ali says:

which software you use for editing this video???

1sonyzz says:

well i have my files over 3 drives so that a lot of backups, 70% of files are on two drives only wd green 3tb and wd blue 6tb the rest of 30% is over wd blue 2tb and earlier mentioned drives, one day i accidentally formated wd green 3tb drive which had 1.5tb data on it, had to pay the price of 60 pounds to get Ease US data recovery wizard and about 23 hours of time to get them back, it got recovered – thoose files were kept for years and collected within years but gone i matter of seconds not to make same mistake again i now better have 3-4 copies but wont lose it.

ozamrani22 says:

Can some one please tell me why is WD above 1TB has no 7200RPM ?

Kodiak and Grizzly Bears says:

It ain’t Hitachi (that company went bankrupt). HGST belong to WD.

Yasir Ali says:

i want to buy portable hard disk. which hard disk i will purchase. i will use this portable hard disk for playing game like gta v etc
please tell me

Goran Pavlović says:

i have 320 gigs of WD sitting in my pc for 9 years and working like a charm

Elliott Gamer says:

simply proven…… $egate Drives are $hit


Best external hard drive is Western Digital. Best flash drive brand is SanDisk

George David says:

I used both WD and Seagate, I’m 36 year old and I use computer since the 386 came to market and I bought one. Not even one single Seagate let me down, instead 50% or even more of my WD drives had problems. Some made bad sectors on them some just died suddenly. Conclusion is yours.

Mike Quinton says:

wd x 3 failed in 3 months

Tech And more says:

I am lucky because my laptop came with an HGST hard drive

Sbu Lolo says:

hy sir plz I need ur help here I need hard how can I supposed to get it sir here is my phone number0760136233

Pieter Is says:

the 3tb and the 1.5 are the worst possebly candedits for seagate tge 1 and 2tb drives are better

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